JLab Go Air Pop: Wireless earbuds best fit for sound quality!


The JLab GO Air POP is a set of wireless earbuds made of plastic accessible in black, lilac, teal, rose, and slate colour schemes. Since every earbud is compact and light, wearing them is pretty straightforward. You may acquire the best fit for the best isolation and sound quality by choosing from the small, medium, or large ear tips. Some often have trouble finding ear tips that are comfortable for me, but the little ear tips exactly suit my ears. The modest size could be a significant bonus for those with tiny ear canals.

 Style and comfort

JLab Go Air Pop are delivered in a pleasantly plastic-free, 100 per cent recycled paper box. However, it’s hard to envisage how a pair of headphones, their charging case, and a quick-start guide. And additional gel cushion tips could fit in. They are there—and they’re remarkable. JLab is an expert in creating tight, efficient, and aesthetically exciting buds. The Go Air Pop is no exception, keeping the brightly coloured, basic design 15% smaller than earlier models.

The adhesive top of this diddy case can be flipped up with one hand to reach the headphones since it can stand independently. This case was in my bag next to my keys for a week. The design has no removable metallic embellishments, and the hinge has no evident weak spots. This object desires to make it through a commute unharmed.

Sound performance

Despite having few functions, the Go Air Pop allows for audio customization with EQ settings that may be used without a companion app. On each bud, you may manually accomplish this with a triple-tap motion. JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost are the three EQs included on this device, and each has seen significant improvement since the firm initially used it on prior products.

The most popular of the three, JLab Signature, is suitable for most musical genres. It would be impertinent to demand too much more from these earphones, knowing how well they can play music. If you were wondering that JLab has managed to achieve sound perfection for the princely amount of $20, you might need to reconsider. Rather than aptX HD, LDAC, or hifalutin higher-res codecs, you receive SBC vanilla Bluetooth provided at dirt-cheap costs.

Price and availability

The JLab Go Air Pop wireless earbuds is available for pre-order through JLab for $20, with shipment set to begin in late August. Five hues are offered for purchase: Black, Lilac, Rose, Slate, and Teal. With the purchase, you receive three different sizes of ear tips, a quick start guide, and a charging case with a built-in USB port for charging.
The market’s ultra-affordable end is dominated by fierce competition and tiny profit margins. There is always a race to pack dependable connection, good endurance, and on-device controls into ever-smaller different prices while continuing to make a profit. The fact is that JLab has created a particular set of new earphones that do this for $20.

Digital assistant and controls

It’s impressive that JLab could implement a complete set of media controls on such basic hardware. You may control calls, playback, volume, EQ activation, and digital help at the touch of a finger. The auto-pause/play feature for on-ear detection was rejected.
Although the control method is original, it is not the most trustworthy, especially for the right bud. Almost 90% of the time, volume up is confused for play/pause, which doesn’t respond well to its intended input. To activate Siri or Google Assistant or to cycle between the EQs, many taps also didn’t work very well.

Battery life 

It’s extraordinary to get 8 hours of playing out of a $20 pair of wireless headphones. Realistically, it lasts for around 7 hours when volume, streaming, and the EQ modes are taken into account, but that is still longer than the 5 hours of both the basic AirPods and the AirPods Pro. Before placing JLab Go Air Pop in the charging case, which has a total capacity of 32 hours when ultimately charged, And got roughly four days of moderate use.

Does JLab have high-quality audio?

The JLab Go Air Pop sound quality is superior to the headphones that most likely arrived with your smartphone—but not very noteworthy. You may choose between the Balanced, Bass Boost, and JLab Signature equalizer settings.

How long does it take a JLab Go Air Pop to charge?

The combined battery life of the case and earphones is 32 hours, with 8 hours in each earbud and 24 hours in the case. Each earphone in the case has to be completely charged for 2.2 hours. In addition to the 2 hours, it takes to prosecute the case. The charging case has a USB wire that is directly linked to the bottom for charging.

Is JLab Go Air Pop available as an app?

JLab now operates on the move! You can now shop for all of your favourite things and break in your brand-new headphones. Presently accessible from both the Google Play store and the App Store.


The fact that JLab Go Air Pop wireless earbuds are generally relatively decent and unbeatable for this price is what you need to know. However, it’s crucial to remember that there isn’t much competition for them. You can locate a trustworthy product if your money is at its maximum for non-essentials like genuine wireless earbuds.
JLab Go Air Pop are more expensive than it should be. They are not trash. And if more of us could afford to purchase portable wireless music instead of having no music at all, wouldn’t that make life better?

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