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Best free WordPress themes to give your site a better look!


Your profession may greatly benefit from the website theme you choose. A decent theme may draw users to your website and your business, whether you are overhauling an existing site or creating one from new. While many themes are available online, choosing the finest free WordPress theme can be difficult and time-consuming.

Over 8 million results are found from a straightforward Google search. The ability to choose from a slew of free and paid themes created by groups all around the world is fantastic, but it can also make it more challenging to make the best choice.

These top free WordPress themes are a great place to start if you want to construct your WordPress site on a tight budget.

The fact that you’ve limited your search to those that will not charge you is a good first step because WordPress has many themes accessible to customize the appearance of your site.


Best free WordPress themes to give your site a better look!

With an emphasis on speed and a tiny footprint, GeneratePress stands out. Although it has a premium edition with more capabilities, people with more simple needs should stick with the free version.

You can easily create your webpages using drag and drop thanks to its blocks and elements, which are compatible with the Block Editor in WordPress. You can change the typography, colours, and layout to give your presence a more distinctive look. If you enjoy reading blogs, you can choose from the standard display options, including columns, masonry, and endless scroll.

It is search engine optimised, as you might expect from one of the top free WordPress themes, but maybe more intriguing is its focus on accessibility and is pleased to follow the WCAG 2.0 requirements. Additionally, RTL (right to left) languages are supported.



Mesmerize claims that because of its customizability, no two websites will be the same. It has numerous pre-designed sections that you may use to quickly build your page without knowing how to code, as is typical for the best and most adaptable themes out there.

We adore its live content feature, which enables you to alter the pieces of your website and examine the changes immediately without having to use the preview button.

Additionally, you can select the navigation arrangement that works best for you from a variety of options that are included. It is totally responsive, as you would expect from one of the top free WordPress themes, and you can even use it to give your page a video background.

Zakra Free

Best free WordPress themes to give your site a better look!

Zakra is a responsive, modern, multipurpose theme that includes several starter, free websites that you can utilise to create a stunning, polished website.

With these incredible 30+ pre-made samples, you may set up your website. It was constructed using Elementor, so you can customise it in a number of ways.

This theme is supported with all browsers and incorporates SEO elements as well. Additionally, the Customizer and Individual Page Settings make it simple to make modifications to the website.

Astra Free

Astra Free

With the quick and responsive Astra theme, you can easily customise your website without knowing any code.

Astra gives you a wide range of layout, header, and font options so you can completely personalise your WordPress website. Astra employs Vanilla JavaScript rather than jQuery and has an extremely small resource footprint of only 50 KB, allowing it to load pages quickly. 

Deep Free WordPress Themes

Deep Free WordPress Themes

A scaled-down version of the expensive Deep Pro theme, Deep Free nonetheless has more than enough functionality to appease website designers on a budget. It includes 28 free demos and website layouts that you can instantly adapt to your own website.

We like the variety of specialised builders offered, such as the Header Builder, which allows you to completely tailor the header to your requirements. The footer and, of course, the body of your website follow the same rules. To further customise your website, Deep Free also includes a variety of widgets and even some tools for an online store.

It uses adaptive pictures, which automatically resize your photos to meet the optimal resolution for any screen your site is being viewed on. This not only maintains the aesthetic quality of your site but also uses less bandwidth.

Hestia Free WordPress Themes

Hestia Free WordPress Themes

Although Hestia Pro is a theme with incredible power and variety, its free brother is also very capable. It’s a good theme for both novices and experts, and since you don’t need to learn how to code, you can start working on the creative side of website design right away.

The ability to add parallax photos to the header made for a more aesthetically appealing website and was one of the elements we loved about the flexibility of the design. Hestia offers a variety of layouts and the option to categorise your entries if you want to start a blog.

The theme is responsive, meaning it will adjust to whichever screen it is being seen on, and if you want to start a small online store, it even works with the WooCommerce plugin.

Sydney Free

Sydney Free WordPress Themes
Best free WordPress themes to give your site a better look! 9

For business users wishing to advertise their goods or services, the Sydney theme has a tremendous aesthetic appeal. All Google fonts are accesible with this theme, and you have the opportunity to change the layout and colour scheme.

Sydney is responsive and looks fantastic on a variety of computers, cellphones, and tablets.

Sydney Free has responsive layout, Google fonts, social sharing, translation-ready, front page blocks, parallax, and slider header among its features.

Optimizer Free WordPress Themes

Optimizer Free WordPress Themes

Using Optimizer Free, you may create a solid website that will advance your profession, regardless of whether you are a manager at a small company, an agency, or simply a knowledgeable freelancer.

Optimizer is among the best if you wish to stand out from rival websites with a traditional and clean design. You can design any style with this responsive theme because it was built with HTML 5 and CSS 3. Create stunning landing pages with the help of image sliders and theme settings.


Even though we’ve narrowed the selection of free WordPress themes, there are still a tonne of other options that WordPress users may utilise for no additional cost. Therefore, it’s important to reiterate that a website’s appearance and style are completely subjective. As such, anyone searching for a new theme should start by looking at the working demos that are offered with almost all themes.

That should offer you a general notion of the appearance you want for your website. This brings us to the next point: personalization. A free theme without a wide range of layout and display-tweaking functionality may be sufficient if you desire a very low-maintenance design approach and are OK with only minimally altering the demo of your selected theme.

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