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Best converters for PowerPoint to PDF (ppt to pdf) in 2024!


Do you require the greatest free PPT to PDF converter program? We’ve got you taken care of. While PowerPoint (PPT) files make it simple to develop, organize, and communicate visual ideas and information, you may need to convert your PPT files to other formats, such as PDF, on occasion. Most PPT files do not print exactly as they look on screen; around 30% of PPT files have problems when moved from one machine to another, such as words and labels shifting, Greek letters disappearing, misprints appearing, or graphics disappearing. As a result, before printing your PPT files, you need to convert them to PDF files.

Although PowerPoint is still the most fabulous presenting program, it isn’t the ideal file type for sharing papers with a large group of people. Because everyone reads a PDF document the same way, you don’t have to worry about whether the receivers have your favorite typefaces because they’ll be incorporated into the file. If you have Microsoft Office 2013 or later, choose Export as PDF from the File menu to convert Microsoft PowerPoint files to PDF. If you wish to convert many PowerPoint files simultaneously, merge PDF files, or modify PDF files after they’ve been converted, you’ll need specialist PDF converter software.

TalkHelper pdf converter

TalkHelper pdf converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter is the greatest PowerPoint to PDF converter available, and it works with all versions of Windows, even Windows 11. It is distinguished by its lightning-fast PPT to PDF conversion speeds while preserving the original style and formatting.

You can convert full PPTX files, or if that is not essential, you may convert only selected slide pages or page ranges to save time. Additionally, the much-desired batch convert option allows you to convert numerous PowerPoint documents at once. The user interface is straightforward and bilingual, resulting in a low learning curve.

  • Pros:
  • It can convert partial and batch data.
  • Conversion in a flash without sacrificing quality.
  • Simple to use.
  • Maintains the original layout and formatting.
  • This software supports All Windows versions.
  • Cons:
  • You may convert up to 10 pages each conversion in the trial edition.

Foxit Phantom pdf converter

Foxit Phantom pdf converter

This is a Windows-only application. Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor is a well-rounded tool with a built-in spellchecker, simple paragraph editing, and the ability to drag and drop images to build albums, all inside a simple interface for converting PPT to PDF files.

Foxit PhantomPDF offers two editions: Standard and Business, depending on the functionality requested by the user. Because it can be used on desktop, mobile, and web platforms to cater to online and offline use, reliability is also a middle name for this tool.

Overall, good performance with an Office-like UI.
Integrated multimedia files.
Processing in batches.
Multilingual and multiplatform to a large extent.
Provides a variety of document security options.
User assistance is dependable (integrated help center).
Several possibilities for sharing.

Version with a time limit
When working with complicated papers, performance degrades.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat DC is one of the most well-known PDF editors on the market, and it has been around for quite some time. The tool is polarising among users, with some claiming that it isn’t suitable for their needs, while others will defend it to the death and refuse to use anything else. Everything comes down to personal choice, and you must first understand your requirements before deciding on the best equipment.

  • Pros:
  • Direct conversions are possible because of the integration with Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Allows you to work with multiple PPT files at the same time.
  • It’s possible to utilize it both online and offline.
  • The original layout and formatting are preserved.
  • Quick and effective.
  • Cons:
  • The trial period is only a few days longer.
  • The premium edition is rather pricey.
  • Its intimidating UI and feature set may not be the greatest choice for novices.

Nitro Pro pdf converter

Nitro Pro pdf converter

Nitro Pro ensures that the layout and formatting of a PowerPoint presentation are preserved when converted to a PDF file. Fonts, pictures, margins, and other content will remain unchanged. You may use this application to convert PPT to PDF for unmodified document sharing.

Nitro Pro goes much farther, converting PowerPoint presentations straight from emails and attachments to the standard PPTX files. This PowerPoint to PDF converter’s middle name is efficient, as it allows you to convert multiple PPT files at once, saving you a lot of time and work. Adobe Acrobat is prohibitively costly, so It is the ideal replacement.

  • Pros: 
    • High-quality PPT to PDF conversion with format preservation.
    • The user interface is similar to that of Microsoft Office.
    • Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox are all supported.
    • Batch processing is supported.
    • You may sign and protect the output PDFs with this feature.
  • Cons: 
    • The free version is only available for a limited time.
    • Limited product documentation.

Smallpdf pdf converter

SmallPDF pdf converter

The Smallpdf Chrome addon has over 3 million downloads and has shown to be rather dependable when saving PowerPoint presentations into PDFs. With tools that help you complete numerous activities like converting Word, Excel and PPT to PDF, you can boost your productivity right from the Chrome browser.

The plugin also connects directly with Gmail, allowing you to convert Excel, Word, and PowerPoint files to PDF format with a single click. Surprisingly, this plugin also has OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality. Furthermore, you can protect, sign, and compress the final, high-quality PDFs.

Smallpdf is an online PowerPoint to PDF conversion tool that is quick and easy to use. You can divide, compress, password secure, eSign, and combine PDFs in addition to converting them to and from PDF format. Smallpdf is more of a PDF conversion toolbox than a full-fledged PDF editing application, and it’s less complicated than our other options.

Converts Gmail PPTX attachments directly.
Simple to use
Google Drive and Smallpdf cloud services are integrated.
PPT to PDF conversion that is quick and high-quality
There is no need to install any program.
The free edition has several limitations in terms of features.
Poor Multiprogramming skills. 

Soda pdf converter

Soda pdf converter

Soda PDF is an easy-to-use PDF converter and editor that can convert PowerPoint presentations to PDFs and a variety of other file formats. Conversion features are included in the least priced tier and available at all levels. Soda PDF comes in both desktop and online editions, but the Home version will suffice if you don’t need internet access.
The program supports PowerPoint conversion, combining several Microsoft Office files into a single PDF and batch production of PDFs from multiple PowerPoint files. You may even convert specific pages or ranges of pages.

Soda PDF is a fantastic all-in-one PDF conversion and editing application if you need to batch convert PowerPoint files to PDFs.


  • Users may convert PPT program files and webpages into PDF using Soda PDF.
  • This utility is designed using OCR technology, so it can effortlessly convert a scanned document to PDF.
  • This program supports eight languages and has flip-page options, giving it an extremely user-friendly interface.
  • Soda PDF includes the ability to generate forms and export and gather data from completed forms.
  • This is a well-designed and simple to use PowerPoint to PDF converter.


  • Ads are annoying during the free trial.
  • eSignatures, for example, are an additional charge.
  • Soda PDF does not allow you to insert sound or video elements into your papers.

PDFelement Pro PDF Converter

PDFelement Pro

Wondershare PDFElement is a Windows and Mac OS PDF editor with a comprehensive range of converting features. It allows you to convert between PowerPoint and PDF and a variety of other Microsoft Office document and picture formats. A yearly subscription or a one-time cost are options for purchasing a license; however, PDFElement is one of the most expensive converters on our list.
The editing capabilities were among the most intuitive and powerful we’ve seen. If you want to make major changes to your documents after converting them from PowerPoint to PDF, Wondershare PDFElement is the way.

PDFelement Pro is one of the best PowerPoint to PDF converters available. This program converts PowerPoint presentations to high-quality PDF files that retain all original pictures, tables, text, images, hyperlinks, graphics, layout, and formatting. PDFelement Pro for Windows allows you to modify PDF pictures, pages, and sentences before converting them to another format.


  • Support for cloud sharing services is integrated.
  • PPT files may be converted to PDF files while maintaining their original layout.
  • In a secure environment, you may edit and exchange PDF files.
  • Complete control over PDF page settings; compress, merge, and divide PDF files.
  • Allows you to convert multiple PPT files to PDF and modify pages for simple conversion.
  • You may easily convert and modify scanned PDF files with the powerful OCR feature.


  • Regrettably, the license is somewhat costly.
  • Software upgrades are not included in the license.


The finest PowerPoint to PDF converter software can save you time and effort when converting editable PPT or PPTX files into solid PDFs for easy sharing and printing. Now that you’ve learned about the top PPTX to PDF converters, choose the one that best fits your needs and gets to work. This article puts an end to your search by introducing you to a slew of PPT to PDF conversion apps that ensure 100% format and layout conservation and additional capabilities like batch processing, online or offline use, and more.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the ultimate PDF software.  Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is the tool you use if you need to convert something to PDF format. It allows you complete control over creating PDFs from scratch and editing existing documents on your PC or mobile device. It also comes with a wide selection of converters and is the best PDF program available.

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