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Save an Email as a PDF on your iPhone, iPad and Mac!

The Mail app is filled with helpful tools for your regular day to day existence. Furthermore, presently you can even utilize it to save an email as a PDF on iPhone or iPad, without utilizing your Mac. In case that you need to save the content of an email outside of your inbox, the best option to save a document in the best form is to pick it as a PDF. As it is broadly utilized and tends to be shared and viewed across all stages, including Windows PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices. It’s anything but a couple of seconds yet it can save you a lot of time and problems. You can save an Email as a PDF on iPhone , iPad and Mac with an inbuilt Mail App. You can also save email as pdf using a third-party app and the Shortcuts App.

Convert an email text to a PDF

  • On your iPhone or iPad, select the email you need to save as a PDF document.
  • Hit on the forward button, and select Print.
email as pdf using a third-party app and the Shortcuts App

email as pdf using a third-party app and the Shortcuts App
  • You will currently be given a preview of what your email would look like if you somehow managed to print it. Do a pinch-to-zoom motion on the picture preview of the email. On the other hand, you can press firmly on the preview in case you’re utilizing an iPhone.
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email as pdf using a third-party app and the Shortcuts App
  • The preview will currently take the whole screen. What you are seeing is presently a PDF. Tap the Share symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. You would now be able to share the PDF file created by SMS, email, and that’s just the beginning, or save it to iCloud Files, Dropbox, and then some, depending upon the apps you have installed on your device.
email as pdf using a third-party app and the Shortcuts App

Convert an Email Attachment to a PDF

  • Open the required email.
  • Tap and hang on the attachment symbol.
  • Select Convert to PDF. On the off chance that you can not see this option, swipe right, tap the More symbol, enable the switch Convert to PDF and tap Done.
  • Wait a few seconds until your file is converted. Tap Go to File to see your PDF in PDF Converter.

Save email as pdf using Shortcuts app

Apple transformed Shortcuts into a default app on your iOS gadget. This implies that there isn’t anything extra to download from the App Store in order to get these to work.

Thanks to the magic provided by the Shortcuts app, you can really transform emails into PDF’s a lot simpler. On the whole, you’ll need to find the right Shortcut and afterward add it to your Share Sheet.

email as pdf using a third-party app and the Shortcuts App
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Save email as pdf using Shortcuts app as below:

  • Start the Shortcuts app on your device.
  • Tap Gallery in the base right-hand corner
  • Snap inside the Search box and type Make PDF, then, at that point Select the first option, then, at that point Tap Add Shortcut.

Since the Shortcut has been added to your Gallery, you’ll need to add it to your Share Sheet.

email as pdf using a third-party app and the Shortcuts App
  • View the Shortcuts app on your device.
  • Tap the three-dot flood button in the upper right-hand corner, then, at that point Toggle Show in Share Sheet to the On position.
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From that point, Shortcuts will do something amazing and make the PDF automatically for you.

Convert an email to PDF on Mac

  • On your Mac, select the email you need to print to PDF.
  • In the menu bar, select File, then, at that point select the Export as PDF…
  • Select the area where you need the PDF file to be saved. For our situation, we decide to save it to the Desktop. Hit the Save.
email as pdf using a third-party app and the Shortcuts App
  • Once on your Desktop, you can clearly share it to somebody via email, or leave it’s anything but an folder on your Computer as some kind of backup.

Save email as a pdf using third party app on your iPhone and iPad

As many power clients know, the default Mail app customer just doesn’t fill the bill for the requirements of many. In spite of the fact that there have been significant updates and highlights additions, there are still some different features missing.

That is the place where the beauty of the App Store comes in, as there are so various email customers to choose from. One fan-most loved is Spark by Readdle, which comes from the organization who makes apps like PDF Expert and Calendars 5.

Since these third-party developers can add and delete highlights as they see fit, that makes the ways for more built-in abilities. With regards to Spark, that is actually what you get, as the way toward saving to PDF is a lot simpler.

Save email as pdf using third party app as below:

  • Launch the Spark app on your iPhone
  • Discover the message you wish to save and open it
  • Tap the three-dot overflow menu button at the bottom, then, at that point Scroll over and select Save as PDF
Save  Email as  PDF

From here, you can include comments (another component of Spark for cooperation) and the history of the email. Then, at that point simply tap Save and it will provide you with the Share Menu to send or save the new PDF document on your iPhone.


At the point when you save email as PDF, it turns out to be quickly open on all stages, regardless of whether you’re utilizing your browser, Mac, Windows, Android, or iOS. PDFs are universal and display the content inside them simply the manner in which it was originally created. 

Saving an email as a PDF may not be something that you need to do a lot, however when you do, it’s important that the functionality is there. We are hoping to see Apple push the envelope in future iPhone updates to make Mail simpler to utilize and less of a headache.

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