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F-Secure- To protect your identity from identity theft!


F-Secure is a global cybersecurity corporation that is still in business since 1998 and is still in the identity theft protection market since 2020. It presently has over thirty offices worldwide. It is also registered on NASDAQ OMX in Helsinki. Also employs over 1,700 people, It boasts 12 globally famous accreditations and over 250 system administrators. Also, about 300 publications each year from its universe F-Secure internet security Labs.

This article on identity theft protection applications will evaluate each app’s features, price alternatives, competition, and overall worth. However, because evaluating identity theft prevention software is very hard, they are not comprehensive hands-on assessments.

Plans and Pricing:

F secure  internet security

F-Secure internet security has certain plan alternatives, but there is no complex tier structure, nor is there any ransoming of the biggest qualities to the top tier to push consumers to register for the most costly plan available.

Rather, you have a unique selection of characteristics for the F-Secure ID Protection package, with the option of subscribing for 5 or 10 devices. The second option is to join up monthly or for a yearly discount. This works out to £5.49 a month for the 5 device plan or £49.99 per year. The 10-device package is £6.99/month, which is presently discounted to £5.49/month, or £69.99/year, which itself is currently cheap to £49.99/year. Please keep in mind that the reductions exclusively apply to the very first 6 months of a monthly plan the first year of an annual plan.

To make it simpler to try, there is a 5-day, without credit card necessary trial period as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Features of  F-Secure  internet security

You’re buying for something other than virus protection with consumer anti-malware suites, and F-Secure offers a respectable set of features for the money. Parental controls are given during the installation process. Also, with choices for quickly setting up time restrictions including web filtering for kids of varying ages. The program can be downloaded for usage by a younger member of the family.

There are, of course, real-time as well as on scans available, though your selections aren’t as granular as those offered by competitors such as ESET Internet Security. For example, if you wish to scan the boot sector, you must first conduct a full system scan.

F-secure ID Protection monitors several gadgets, although, with the 5 device membership, a device can identify as an email address to check for data breaches. Online identity monitoring, which includes the Dark Web, and breach warnings plus notifications for both the iOS and Android platforms are among the capabilities. There is also support for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS 10.14 and later, Android OS 6 and later, and iOS 13 and later.

There seems to be an auto-fill password manager. It works with the major Chrome as well as Firefox browsers, but not Microsoft Edge or Apple‘s Safari.

The F-Secure lacks bank account protection, which is a severe disadvantage. There is really no protection for credit score fluctuations or yearly credit score reports, in particular. Furthermore, this service doesn’t really check for residential mortgages and loans, so individuals wanting more complete protection should go elsewhere.

Performance of F-Secure

Performance of F-Secure

F-detection Secure’s engine has a perfect defense grade. However, it was one of the lowest performers in recent SE Labs tests, with an overall protection grade of 96%.

While this isn’t horrible, its protection test performance is noticeably inferior to that of Microsoft Defender. Which is incorporated into Windows 10 and 11, and which F-Secure SAFE intends to replace.

How to use?

Interface and use

F-Secure internet security is available for Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS, however, there is no client for Linux. It just took us a few minutes to download the program, register a device, and begin using F-Secure ID Protection. To safeguard your account, you’ll also need to set a master password.

Despite the fact that the Mac client is labeled ID Protection. It appears to be more of a password manager than just an identity theft protection suite. If your identity is in danger, you will get a notification, but it isn’t much you can do in regards to settings or functionality. In comparison to some competitors, the program itself feels a touch old.

Customer Support

F-Secure internet security offers a very well support strategy, with many avenues for interacting with them. This involves direct phone help via a local telephone accessible in hundreds of locations. You quickly found a toll-free number for the United States, albeit the hours of service have a limit to 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Nonetheless, we value the ability to engage directly since it is frequently the best way to communicate with a more intricate topic. Also, there is a live chat option, which appears to have comparable hours of operation and which some users prefer.

There is also a lot of self-help material. This contains a user Help forum, a User Guide for new users, as well as a number of articles that address a specific topic, such as “How do I update my F-Secure ID Protection Master Password?”


F-Secure ID Protection focuses on email addresses for identity protection. The inexpensive cost, many support choices, multiple compatible systems, and several password monitors are all advantages. Some drawbacks include minimal service hours and days and limiting browser service for the password manager. A brief free trial period, and a minimum period during which the reductions apply to pricing. Perhaps the most significant drawback is that this product doesn’t really cover credit or financial data. A requires customers to purchase a separate plan for more extensive ID protection; yet, even with that constraint, this is still a tempting option.

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