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Recover, Restore, Rejoice: The Power of Stellar Photo Recovery!

Stellar Photo Recovrey
Stellar Photo Recovrey

Stellar Photo Recovery Software. What is it? The saving grace of countless photographers and videographers, that’s what. Let us give you a scenario. You are nearing your deadline, your boss is breathing down your neck, and you click on a file from your memory card to download it. One of the worst things that could ever happen to you occurs. You see a “corrupted file” notification on your bar. The readers would agree when we say it is the most panic-inducing and gut-wrenching feeling, which can be terrifying. 

Now, let us add another bad point there. What if the file was for something like a wedding or birthday of a very high-end client? As a sprinkle on top, it gets even more traumatizing if the lost images are a backup of precious memories of the same high-end client from a long while ago. Maybe their dead grandmother or something. You can kiss your career goodbye. 

Data Recovery Services can be another significant stress and an expense that no one wants to deal with; thank you very much. That is where Stellar Photo Recovery comes in. Like a knight in shining error, it has an incredible ability to restore deleted and lost files, even having the potential to recover them from a formatted memory card! Read more to find out all of its juicy details and features.

Overall Summary

Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo Recovery's capability to retrieve Photo, video, and audio file types makes it a top performer in the world of recovery software. 

Besides, all the features you get for the annual subscription make it have great value for the price, at least better than the other recovery formats that cost more than a few thousand bucks. 

Whether you are an industry professional or someone who deleted cherished images from years before, Stellar Photo Recovery can help you retrieve the items that you thought were deleted forever. 

  • Stellar Photo Recovery has effortless Recuperation in 3 simple steps to recover data that was previously lost.
  • The interface is user-friendly and has an environment that is easy to follow.
  • With the free version, you can recover up to 1 gigabyte of lost data.
  • You are given the option to choose a specific folder for the scan.
  • It has excellent capacity to deal with hard disks that are damaged.
  • It has the functionalities for comprehensive disk examinations as well as cloning.
  • Stellar Photo Recovery can support all common and uncommon file types.
  • The users can pick from many variants.
  • It can support numerous gadgets.
  • The pricing schemes are dependent on subscriptions.
  • The slower mode of scanning is the deepest.
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

How does it work?


Stellar works similarly to most other data recovery programs, but with this application, the workflow is straightforward to follow with its straightforward interface.

All the users have to do is point it to the location or drive on which they want to run your scan and then start the recovery process. 

It is relatively uncomplicated, showing you the drives and connected cards that are available to recuperate from, and then the user can choose the device and tap on the scan. Scanning can take a long time and chew through your resources. But it is a small price when trying to find precious corrupted files. 

Once the scan is complete, you will be shown how many photo, video, and audio files have been found and are available for recovery. The users can even preview the files individually if they don’t want to have to restore everything and are only seeking a singular one. After that, press the button for recovery and watch as your files are restored.

Modes of Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo Recovery users can choose between 3 different tiers of data recovery software. We want to take you through the other features of the standard, professional, and premium levels of stellar Photo Recovery. 

Stellar Standard

The standard subscription of Stellar Photo Recovery software will provide you with the basic features of the Photo Recovery tool. The Standard level allows the users to recover lost data and deleted files. They can recover photos from nearly all file formats, including JPEG or RAW. 

The users can even recover files from devices encrypted by BitLocker. It is a convenient feature that can keep your files safe. As a byproduct, you don’t have to worry about locking yourself out when you want to recover deleted photos. 

Stellar will give an estimated time frame before recovering your files. This will help the users get their priorities straight. With that, you are not wasting your time recovering files you do not need.  

Price: $49.99*

Stellar Professional

Photo Recovery

Stellar Professional is the middle-level tier of the Stellar Photo Recovery software designed with photographers in mind. 

The users get all the features included in the standard package, with the professional having the ability to recover lost photos and even repair corrupted photos. 

Using Stellar to repair corrupted files will repair the photo and restore the primary thumbnails. This makes organizing your work a piece of cake. 

You can also repair numerous corrupted photos simultaneously. With the help of just one click, your handful of corrupted photos and files will be restored. 

Price: $59.99*

Stellar Premium

The premium tier of Stellar Photo Recovery is made exclusively for videographers and multi-media professionals.

The unique aspect of this subscription level is the ability to repair and restore multiple video files simultaneously. 

Stellar Premium is more expensive than the Standard and Professional levels. In our opinion, we would say that the Professional level is only worth the extra cost if you use a lot of videos and photos in your work. 

Price: $69.99*

Key Features

Stellar Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo Recovery has an intuitive layout that is easy to use for beginners while also catering to the more detailed needs of professionals by helping them recover audio files and more of various sizes. Below are some key features that we feel will help you in your research. We hope this Stellar Photo Recovery Review aids your curious minds about this fantastic software.  

Easy to use

Although both pros and beginners can have some benefits from Stellar Photo Recovery, as we have mentioned before, it possesses an intuitive layout that is straightforward enough for even the most inexperienced users to master, at least on a fundamental level. 

The methods are pretty easy to nail, allowing you to choose the location, preview, and recover. 

The interface is clutter-free and straightforward, so you would not need to explore an array of menus to uncover hidden options or need a manual to get through the photo recovery process. 

Once you connect an external hard drive or memory card through a card reader, Stellar Photo Recovery recognizes it immediately and asks if you want to start the scan. 

Restoration of various formats

The best feature of Stellar Photo Recovery is its ability to recover photos, videos, and audio files. You can retrieve deleted images, videos, and audio files from memory cards and hard drives. 

This software can be an oasis in the desert for users who rely very heavily upon SD Cards, such as professional photographers and videographers. 

You can also recover encrypted media files with Standard Photo Recovery. Allowing you to retrieve files with a piece of mind. 

If we want to get specific, Stellar restores:

Deleted PhotosJPEG, JPG, TIFF, HEIC, PNG, PSD, BMP, GIF, Adobe EPS, etc.
Lost camera RAW image filesCR2, RAF, NEF, SR2, ERF, K25, etc.
Video clips and filmsMP4, AVI, MXF, MOV, WMV, ASF, 3GP, etc.

Multiple View Options

Another helpful feature of the program is the ability to view recovered photos and media files via various ‘views.’ It has icons, lists, details, and a carousel. 

That allows you to see actual image preview recoverable items of the files you are trying to retrieve, which means you can select the right ones much more accessible than looking at a bunch of names. 

Free Trial

Even though you can’t get the full potential of photo recovery software for free, you can download and scan before committing to the purchase. It allows for a preview of what is found. 

Once your files are ready for recovery, you’ll get a pop-up message that will prompt you to register to get the key. So, while you can’t retrieve photos with a free trial, you can preview which data has been deleted and recovered with this recovery tool. 

One more important thing that we would like you to consider is that many entirely free software programs tend to perform subpar or fail to retrieve your photos correctly. 


Nobody ever wants to face the notification of a corrupted or missing file, and we can safely say that many would also not wish it on their worst enemies. But when everything goes in the ditch, and you need help in recovery, Stellar Photo Recovery gives you a fighting chance of getting those files back and doing so in an affordable method. While we admit that this software cannot work miracles, in most basic file corruption cases, this software has the potential and capabilities to rescue your pictures and videos quickly. 

If you are currently in a dire file loss or planning on that gloomy day when everything would feel wrong, and if this application fits your budget, we recommend trying it before experimenting with expensive and time-consuming file recovery services.

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Recover, Restore, Rejoice: The Power of Stellar Photo Recovery!
  • Easy to use
  • Restoration of various formats
  • Multiple View Options
  • Free Trial


Stellar Photo Recovery has an incredible ability to restore deleted and lost files, even having the potential to recover them from a formatted memory card! It’s capability to retrieve Photo, video, and audio file types makes it a top performer in the world of recovery software.





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