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Send and transfer large files now with easy steps!

large files
large files

Have you ever tried to email a file to anyone? Only to be told that it is too large by your email service? It’s a troubling but common issue. The size of document attachments is typically limited by email services and software. Gmail and Yahoo, for example, shrink the size of the attached document to 25MB, so a 100MB video won’t be accepted. However, email is not your only option; many self-contained file-transfer services are available. Here are a few options for sending large documents over the internet.

Store files and data online


large files

The attached files in G-mail are limited to 25MB; anything larger is automatically stored in Google Drive. You can follow the steps by creating a new email in Gmail and trying to attach the file you want to transfer. If it’s too large, Google Drive will create a link to it.

When you attempt to send your email. You are prompted to give your recipient access to the document. The file is only available for viewing by default. You can allow a person to analyze or edit the document, but they will need a Google account to do so.

Send the email to the recipient after you’ve set the permissions. The individual then clicks on the link in the email to access the document in Google Drive. Google Drive’s free tier may limit you to 15GB. But any paid scheme will allow you to publish up to 750GB per day (though larger than even this will still be accepted), with an overall file limit of 5TB.

Yahoo mail

large files

Yahoo Mail can do the same thing, but it’s a less user-friendly alternative. When you start sending a large file through Yahoo, an alert directs you to save it to Google Drive or Dropbox. Select your desired service and manually upload documents there.

Return to your email, click File Attachment, and then transfer files from Google Drive or Dropbox. When you select the document, it appears as an email link. Once your email is sent. Your recipient can view the file attachment in Google Drive or Dropbox by clicking the link in the email.


out look

You can attach files up to 33MB in size to Outlook. When you try to send a larger document, the program prompts you to upload and start sharing it via OneDrive. Select that option before composing and sending your message. The recipient will then be able to open and visualize the document from your OneDrive storage space.

Make use of File-Transfer Sites

You can use a third-party data transfer website instead of email. Upload the file you want to send and enter your email address, as well as the recipient’s name and email address. The site hosts the document online and sends a download link to your recipient. How big can the file get? That is determined by the service and the price you are willing to pay.


large files

You can use the DropSend file-transfer site to create an email to your receiver and bind the file you want to send. The person receives an email with a link to the file, which they can view or download. DropSend has three plans, all of which require a paid subscription.

The Basic plan costs $5 per month and includes 10GB of online storage with up to 25 monthly sends. The Standard plan, which costs $9 per month, includes 25GB of storage and up to 50 sends per month, as well as other perks. The Professional plan, which costs $19 per month, includes 25GB of storage, an unlimited number of sends per month, and a slew of advanced features.

File Mail

large files

Filemail provides an easy-to-use website. Fill out an email form with your address and the destination address, build your message, attach your file, and send it. Your recipient will then be sent a link to the document, which they can download or view online.

The free option allows for files up to 5GB in size, the $10-per-month Filemail Pro plan allows for files up to 25GB in size, and the $15-per-month Business plan allows for unlimited file sizes.


we transfer

WeTransfer is a customer-friendly service that is well-liked by many people. Simply select the file to send from your computer, then enter the email addresses and write your message. To send your document to the recipient, click the Transfer button.

File sizes of up to 2GB are permitted with a free ad-supported WeTransfer account. You do not need to create an account, but each transfer requires guests to enter a written email verification code. A WeTransfer Pro account costs $12 per month and includes document sizes up to 20GB, as well as other perks.

Bitwarden Send

bitwarden send

You can securely share messages or files with others using Bitwarden Send. Sharing text is possible with a free account; however, sharing files requires a $10 yearly membership. To share a file larger than 500MB, go to Bitwarden’s Send page and click the Generate a New Post button. Fill in a name for the file you want to communicate, then attach it.

You can share the file with certain restrictions, such as a deactivation date, an expiry date, and passcodes. When you save the new Send, the document is uploaded to Bitwarden. You then distribute the link to others, who use it to download the file.

Selecting a file-sharing application

Security and speed are two critical factors when transmitting, sending, or communicating any file (regardless of size or type).

To ensure security: Always use encrypted messaging mechanisms embedded in HTTPS, SFTP, or VPN. When sharing anything over the Internet, authentication is also essential. These mechanisms are used by the vast majority of cloud services.
To ensure quickness: Always compress your document before uploading folders to cloud storage. Make use of free compression software such as 7-Zip or WinZip. FileSync and peer-to-peer (P2P) are two excellent methods for sharing large files.


That ends our article here!

If you really need to store complex Cad files, big media files, or give a superior texture, these online storage systems have you covered. By avoiding document size and transmission constraints.

Both File Mail and Wetransfer are excellent options for any fast runners out there. If you don’t care about your confidentiality, you can go with G-mail

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