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Get your Phone some grip with ShiftCam ProGrip!


Because of its simplicity and comfort of use, most people choose to use their smartphones as their primary camera. Despite this, several typical camera features are missing, which many people miss or would prefer not to live without. Many of these concerns are addressed by ShiftCam ProGrip, a DSLR-inspired battery cell grip that offers a variety of functions not available on the iPhone itself.

The ShiftCam ProGrip starting package gives any iPhone, even the latest iPhone 13 series, a more comfortable grip. It also supports additional ShiftCam items including pro-lens and pro-LEDs, as well as a simple-to-use Bluetooth shutter and Samsung battery cells for additional shot periods. The ShiftCam ProGrip isn’t for everyone, but it does provide a lot.

Price and Availability of ShiftCam ProGrip

Amazon and the ShiftCam website both sell the ShiftCam ProGrip. The $150 beginning set includes a soft bag, a 1.5-meter USB-C cable, a hand strap, a cold shoe attachment, and an adaptor. The ProGrip is available in two colors: charcoal and ash.

What’s good about ShiftCam ProGrip?

What's good about ShiftCam ProGrip

The ShiftCam ProGrip is simple to set up and use. After giving the attachment a quick charge, I inserted my iPhone 13 Pro Max using the built-in spring-loaded hooks on both horizontal sides. It has a secure fit, as it should for a high-end gadget like the iPhone.

The ShiftCam ProGrip works with every Apple phone since the iPhone 8, as well as several Samsung and Google phones. Moreover, the attachment works with both naked and non-bulky smartphones. The ProGrip clamp system, according to ShiftCam, can hold any mobile phone between 58 and 90 mm broad, with or without a case. The two provided guards that connect to the jaws may be used with smaller phones like the iPhone 13 mini.

The ShiftCam ProGrip’s jaws not only allow it to connect to the iPhone, but they also have a joint that allows for quick switching between horizontal and portrait modes. The rotation is a wonderful addition, however, in landscape orientation, the performance feels much more natural. It would be fantastic to have Face ID accessible horizontally on iPhone in situations like this, but it’s an issue that only Apple can solve.

You may capture a shot with a single push, or start recording a video with a long press. The camera takes less than 30 seconds to set up and involves only the use of the iPhone’s Bluetooth app.

What’s not adorable about ShiftCam ProGrip?

Both ShiftCam ProGrip and the iPhone are unable to be stored in the provided case. This limitation makes obvious from an engineering perspective because the device works with a variety of smartphone sizes, but it’s still a big letdown.

Apart from that, some people will object to the price, which is acceptable. The ShiftCam ProGrip is pricey for the average customer, while the best iPhone charge cases start at under $30. A better figure would be $100. The ShiftCam ProGrip’s various attachments would be more attractive at this price range, in addition to saving consumers money.

The ProLens and ProLEDs are now available starting at around $90 each. After only a few things are added to a basket, the ShiftCam ProGrip system becomes extremely expensive.

Battery Life of ShiftCam ProGrip

Although it’s always good to add extra energy on the move, iPhone battery life has become less of an issue in recent years. The ShiftCam ProGrip has 15-watt wireless charging that is simple to turn on and off. Recharge the iPhone or improve the battery life of AirPods or other connected devices with the 20-watt USB-C connector. Both the ShiftCam ProGrip and the accessories can be charged in parallel as needed. There’s a 6400mAh power bank inside.

When in portrait mode, the ShiftCam ProGrip may also be used as a wireless charging station. This position, with a 75-degree angle, is great for hands-free shooting, video calls, and everyday iPhone usage while allowed to sit at your desk.

According to ShiftCam, the battery “allows you to shoot up to 3 times more footage” compared with only the iPhone. It is not sure how it came up with this figure or what kind of smartphone it tested with. Let’s just say the ShiftCam ProGrip is an officially amazing method to extend your battery life when you’re away from your home and its power outlets!


Many iPhone camera grips, such as the Sibosz Smartphone Grip and the ShutterGrip 2 Secure Camera Handle Support, are available. Now also has a large selection of iPhone accessories, including lenses and connectors.

None of these items is completely compatible with ShiftCam ProGrip’s features. For certain users, this may be acceptable, and some of these may be a superior option.

Reasons to Buy

The ShiftCam ProGrip is well-made and delivers on its promises. Moreover, some of the current add-ons might help you take your photography to new heights.

  1. Need to better grip
  2. Are looking for extra battery life
  3. Consider adding more lenses or LEDs.

Reasons to Avoid

  1. Want to save money
  2. Don’t like bulk
  3. Won’t add camera extras


The ShiftCam ProGrip is highly recommended for anyone who wants to enhance their photography and videography but doesn’t know where to begin. It comes with a comfortable grip and shutter, as well as portrait and landscape modes and a battery system. However, it can be costly. So, before you go out and buy something, consider whether you really want to take more images with your iPhone this year. If not, you should save your hard-earned money.

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