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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 – A Feature Pack Watch with Intuitive Design!


Although the Apple Watch 7 is currently the greatest smartwatch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is well worth your time and attention. The Galaxy Watch 3 isn’t the perfect smartwatch. However, it boasts a stunning design, a vibrant display, and a slew of additional fitness functions to help you track your progression and remain inspired across a number of sports.

Samsung has kept the traditional-looking circular display design, a movable raised bezel that allows you to physically cycle between on-screen menus. It’s tactile, and the delightful click, click, click as you browse the circular UI. It also looks better than the first-gen gadget. The design is thinner, resulting in a more svelte-looking device. This might compete in a beauty contest with the likes of the Apple Watch 7.

The new fitness capabilities expand on the activity tracking that you’d expect from a wristwatch and include an electrocardiogram. However, that wasn’t so popular back then – as well as fall detection.

The battery life of the Galaxy Watch 3 might be better. However, it’s not a deal-breaker if you’re willing to charge your wristwatch for a few hours every couple of days.

If you’re searching for the best smartwatch to link with an Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the way to go, but this is a close second. Also, possess an iPhone, this may even outperform certain earlier Apple Watches if you prefer a circular gadget over Apple’s signature squared appearance and like what you see.

Release Date and Price

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 - A Feature Pack Watch with Intuitive Design!

At the company’s virtual Unpack event for 2020, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was presented with the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. That occurred on August 6, making it far more difficult to locate the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Not to mention that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 line is already available.

The initial pricing of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 was $399 / £399 for the smaller 41mm model and $429 / £419 for the bigger 45mm variant. LTE connectivity increased the price to $449 / £439 for the 41mm model and $479 / £459 for the 45mm model.

Expect it to be considerably cheaper today. However, if you’re in a hurry, you might have to settle with a reconditioned model.

Design and Display of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 - A Feature Pack Watch with Intuitive Design!

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is more sophisticated than that of the first Galaxy Watch. The gadget is thinner, lighter, and more pleasant to wear than the original.

There are two sizes available: a 41mm model for those who prefer a smaller watch on their wrist, and a 45mm model for those who want a bigger watch on their wrist.

A 1.2-inch or 1.3-inch  Circular Super AMOLED screen with a full-color always-on display is also in the box. Based on the bigger watch out there, this is the ideal size, just as it was on the first 45mm device.

The display features a resolution of 360 × 360, which is ideal for seeing stats and scrolling through menus. Corning Gorilla Glass DX protects the device; for some reason, it’s not DX+ as on the initial Watch.

The display is bright and simple to see in all lighting conditions, so you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing it even when exercising outside.

The Galaxy Watch 3 is 14% smaller than the original Galaxy Watch while maintaining the same appealing circular screen design and size. The elaborate spinning bezel that serves as a means of navigating the on-screen menus continues, but in a less bulky form.

The 45mm and 41mm versions of the watch are both made of stainless steel, with the 45mm weighing 53.8g and the 41mm weighing 48.2g. There’s also a new extra-light titanium variant that comes in only 45mm sizes and weighs 43g.

Performance and Software

The Galaxy Watch 3 is powered by the same processor as powered Samsung’s original Galaxy Watch, which may surprise some. However, this isn’t an issue while using the smartwatch.

Apps loaded as swiftly as we’d anticipate, thanks in part to the 1GB of RAM provided here, which appeared to be sufficient. The LTE edition of the original Galaxy Watch had 1.5GB of RAM, but the manufacturer has decided to remove it here.

Processing power isn’t always an issue on a smartwatch – there’s less to run here than on a conventional phone – and the Galaxy Watch 3 performed admirably.

All variants of the gadget come with 8GB of storage, and the OS and pre-loaded apps are already taking 3.59GB of this space, leaving you with about 4GB if you want to fill your watch with apps and music.


The Galaxy Watch 3 comes with Samsung’s Tizen software, which has been a mainstay of the company’s smartwatches since it switched away from Google’s Android Wear platform a few years ago.

If you’ve used a Samsung watch in the previous few years, you’ll know what you’re getting. This is unique software, although Samsung’s ecosystem doesn’t have as many 3rd party apps as watchOS or Wear OS.

Instead, you’ll be utilizing many of the smartwatch’s built-in functions, as well as downloading certain third-party services through the Tizen store. Some well-known programs, like Google Maps, are absent. However, Samsung has provided a plethora of alternatives, ensuring that the entire experience is satisfactory.

Navigating the watch is simple, and owing to the spinning bezel, scrolling through options is a great pleasure. You can use your finger to touch and swipe on the screen if you like. However, it’s preferable to use that bezel instead.

In terms of interoperability, the Galaxy Watch 3 is compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones. Certain functions are tailored for Samsung handsets, and similarly, some components work better on Android devices than on iPhones, although Samsung watches typically operate as well as iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 - A Feature Pack Watch with Intuitive Design!

However, it will not integrate as seamlessly as an Apple Watch. You won’t be able to react to iMessages, for example, but message alerts will appear on the watch face, and services like ‘Find My Phone’ will be unavailable.”

Fitness Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

While the Galaxy Watch 3 isn’t a successor to the Galaxy Watch Active 2, it does bring many of the fitness-focused features seen on that device to the main series.

Seven actions will auto-trigger Galaxy Watch 3 fitness monitoring, even if you forget to start it, which is really convenient. Running, walking, swimming, cycling, rowing, elliptical exercises, and dynamic workouts are examples of these.

Running, walking, and cycling always work — it’s razor-sharp on kicking in 10 minutes after you start working out, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your watch is monitoring even if you forget to schedule a routine.

The Galaxy Watch 3 also appears at the end of regularly tracked exercises, asking if you’ve finished when it believes you have. It was even clever enough to recognize when stopped pedaling and began walking. However, the Apple Watch simply rolls on, mucking up your cycling speed.

If you’re on a run or walk between sessions and stop to take a picturesque shot, it will automatically suspend tracking. It appears to keep you honest. There are 40 workouts in all that may be monitored, ranging from yoga to crunches, and deadlifts to pilates. You’ll want to set up those but didn’t include the above because they don’t track automatically, which you can do within the app or using Bixby’s voice assistant.


Fall detection, which you’ve seen on the Apple Watch 4 and above, and on-demand VO2 Max measurements are new features. The latter assesses the maximum quantity of oxygen your body can take in when exercising and has lately made its way down from high-end fitness trackers to common smartwatches.

However, this functionality is not available everywhere at launch. Both that and the SpO2 monitor – a tool for detecting sleep apnea – are already accessible in the United States. However, it’s unclear when they’ll be available in other regions.

Sleep Tracking

The Galaxy Watch 3 also has sleep monitoring. Samsung is promoting a collaboration with the National Sleep Institute in the United States, which is claimed to provide deeper insights into features such as REM cycles. The watch automatically analyses your sleep cycles and wakes you up every morning with sleep quality statistics and advice on how to obtain more restful sleep.


The Galaxy Watch 3 comes with only a leather strap, so if you want to exercise with it, you’ll need to get a silicone strap from Samsung or a 3rd party provider.

Battery life of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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Samsung controversially chose to reduce the battery capacity in the Galaxy Watch 3 compared to the first gadget. That’s most likely how the business was able to trim and lighter this gadget in comparison to the Galaxy Watch.

It’s a 340mAh cell – the original gadget had a 472mAh cell. However, despite the lower capacity, it performs remarkably well, but it won’t offer you the four to five days of battery life that the original device did. Instead, you should anticipate the Galaxy Watch 3 to last two to three days.

That’s with normal use; if you’re exercising frequently – and therefore utilizing the GPS and heart rate sensor even more. You may see battery capacity closer to a day and a half. However, if you’re happy to charge your smartwatch overnight, you shouldn’t have any problems.

A charging pad is included in the package, and the gadget is also compatible with Qi wireless chargers. It’s recommending using the charger included in the package for the best charging performance. However, Qi pads will also work great.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 continues to provide one of the best smartwatch experiences on the market. With a stunning design and cutting-edge specs that allow it to function as smoothly as any other wearable of its age while competing with newer devices. It isn’t flawless, and its upgrades over the original Galaxy Watch are modest. However, if the mediocre battery life and hefty price don’t bother you, this may be the right watch for you.

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