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Best Apple Watch Bands for kids in 2021- Add a new style!

Choosing an Apple Watch band for your kid might be difficult, cause you have to look out for so many factors. You have to get something comfortable to wear and find something that your child actually likes. Moreover, you have to get a watchband that is durable as you never know what will happen when your child plays with the watchband. Here are the best Apple Watch Bands for kids in 2021 keeping all these factors in check.

PLUSYARD Apple Watch Band- Cute and colourful

PLUSYARD Apple Watch Band

If you are looking for a cute and colourful watchband for your child, then PLUSYARD is for you. PLUSYARD is known for making the latest Cartoon Replacement sport Wristband for Apple Watch. With the colourful cartoons on the band, your kid will definitely love it. It is made of high-quality soft silicone material, thus is comfortable to wear. Moreover, you don’t even have to worry if your kid one day decides to taste this band, as it is tasteless and non-toxic. Also, the surface is treated with special oil spray and anti-fingerprint. If the band gets dirty, you can clean it with water. It is dustproof, shockproof and scratch-resistant. Also, it would not loosen up or deform during long-term use.

JimBird Stretchy Apple Watch for Kids- Best for girls

JimBird Stretchy Sport Loop Strap- Best Apple Watch Bands for kids
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If you are looking for a colourful gift for your child, the JimBird stretchy band is a great option. It has a Scrunchie elastic pattern that is made of ultra-supple Nylon material and first-level cotton. Moreover, it is lightweight, comfortable to wear and gives a secure fit to the Apple Watch. Also, if it gets dirty you can easily wash it. The fabric is so durable and soft that your child can wear it every day and sleep with it. It is a slip-on elastic band. The woven polyester elastic is sewn onto stainless steel adapters. These bands are compatible with all the Apple Watch Series. You can even choose from different colour patterns.

Moolia Double Wrap Band-For fighter kids

Moolia slim double tour leather bands are made of genuine leather which is comfortable to wear. It is available in different colours and patterns, so you can choose a colour that your child likes. It has bling studs and gently wraps twice around the wrist. Moreover, it gives a delicate yet stylish look. The leather bands come with stainless steel adapters on both ends, which gives you a secure fit. Also, it is easy to install or remove the band. You get a refund or replacement warranty with this band if you have quality problems with the watch strap in one year.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian -For Cartoon lovers

Star Wars: The Mandalorian - The Child Bounty Smartwatch Band

This is one of the most popular Apple Watch bands among all age groups. You will find a desert-inspired design in this band. In this desert is the cute 50-year-old Kid in his hovering pram. Moreover, you will find the Mandalorian text on the free loop. You get a simple pin-and-tuck buckle to keep the watch securely fit. It is made of UV-resistant silicone and is comfortable to wear. Moreover, the band is tough yet smooth, making it durable for your kid’s playtime. Also, you can unlock 20 exclusive Watch Faces with the MobyFace App and scan the in-package QR code.

Bandiction Apple Watch Band-For durability

Bandiction Apple Watch Band

If you are looking for a durable and comfortable to wear watchband for your child, then Bandiction is for you. Moreover, you can choose from the wide range of available colour options and get your kid’s favourite colour. It is made of premium soft silicone and has a pin-and-tuck closure buckle for a secure fit. With Bandiction, you get a flexible, waterproof and dirt-proof band that is durable, smooth and comfortable to wear. Also, it has easy and direct installation and one button removal. Bandiction provides a free replacement or full refund within 12 months.

Muranne Sporty Apple Watch Band-For sporty look

Muranne Sporty Apple Watch Band
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If you are looking for durable wristbands that are made of high-performance silicone and hypoallergenic nickel free stainless steel buckle, then Muranne Sporty Apple Watch Band is for you. The soft and flexible material prevents the skin from any kind of irritation. It is lightweight, breathable, sweat-resistant and water-proof. It is the best companion in a daily time for your child. The band becomes more breathable and comfortable with the ventilation holes in it. This allows your wrist to breathe better and cause less sweat action while playing. Moreover, you can choose from the various cute and fun colours. Lugs on both ends give you a secure fit.


While choosing an Apple Watch band for kids ,you have to keep an eye on various factors. If your child is a fan of Star Wars, then the Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Child Bounty Smartwatch Band is the best choice. It has a cute design of baby Yoda with funky colours and is made of durable yet comfortable-to-wear material. Whereas if you are looking for a trendy sports band, then go for Muranne Sporty bands. It is made of silicone and hypoallergenic material. The holes on the band make it trendy as well as breathable. Thus making it comfortable to wear and cause less sweat while playing.

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Which is your favourite Apple Watch Band? Tell us in the comments section below.

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