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Brother MFC-J6957DW- An printer that can beat the laser printer!


The Brother MFC-J6957DW serves as the line’s flagship and is part of Brother’s premium X Series of small commercial inkjet printers localization method at the workplace. It’s the quickest and most highly business inkjet in the market. With a printing speed of 30ppm, it prints more quickly than many laser printers. Which often serves the purpose for which this inkjet has to be in a busy workplace.

An inkjet such as this is superior at a lot of things. To begin with, it can copy at A3/tabloid size in addition to printing on that size of paper. This would require a significantly bigger laser, which would also inevitably be unable to print on glossy picture paper.

Every function you can imagine has space on board this high-end four-in-one. There are three different paper trays, each with space for 750 pieces of paper and an upgrade option. ADF, a large display, NFC for secure print jobs, as well as a fax capability are all available. The drawback of inkjets is that they are more expensive than toner cartridges and always have smaller cartridge capacities. Although even this difference is lost in translation by the unusually big inkjet carts used here.

Brother’s high-capacity cartridges are having productivity of 6,000 black and 5,000 color prints, making them more affordable than many lasers. Let’s see which is better as it costs around the same as a similar laser at £670 (roughly US$810, AU$1,189).

Design and Build

Design and Build

It takes two people to move this desktop device because it weighs 31 kg, however for a multifunctional printer that can duplicate A3 paper, it’s actually rather little. A3 laser printers are often free-standing devices since the equipment requires greater space. The Brother MFC-J6957DW has a little smaller footprint than the typical A4 printer thanks to a slight taper from the waist down. The trays must be long that they protrude a good several inches whenever you insert A3 paper into them. It’s unlikely that it will ever appear as orderly as it is in the store.

It has strong flaps and drawers that feel solid, as well as superb network cables for your Ethernet and USB connections. Which plug into ports within the device where they can’t accidentally be out. The huge touchscreen is easily accessible thanks to the tilting control panel, and the NFC screen and USB Host port are neatly available next to it. A3 printers are seldom visually appealing, but it is evident that this model’s design has some care.

Features and Specifications

Brother MFC-J6957DW- An printer that can beat the laser printer!

The Brother MFC-J6957DW, a top-of-the-line machine, has all the features available and some outstanding characteristics. It can accommodate 750 sheets of paper inside its three paper trays and an additional 100 sheets inside the rear multipurpose tray, printing more quickly than the previous MFC-J6947DW that it replaces.

ADF (automatic document feed) capacity is 50 additional pages, all of which may be A3 size. The scanner bed can produce high-resolution copies and is also paperback size. The highest ADF’s dual scanning capability allows you to automatically scan both edges of the page while utilizing it.

Naturally, there is the availability of Wi-Fi, and you can use AirPrint and many other wireless protocols. The iOS/Android companion app for Bother makes it incredibly easy to print and copy when gone from the printer. Additionally, it features an NFC module, which is usually a good feature in a sharing workplace, allowing you to download delicate printing using your smartphone.

Although reusable ink tank alternatives have cartridge inkjets obsolete, Brother has undergone extremely big cartridges as a sort of workaround. With their larger capacity, they can print up to 6,000 black and 5,000 colored pages due to their ability to hold enough ink to fill tiny reservoirs inside the printer. However, as one can see from the images, the accompanying cartridges only have enough ink for 975 pages of color and 2,250 pages of monochrome.

Set-up -Brother MFC-J6957DW

Brother MFC-J6957DW

The wide 8.8cm color touch interface makes it simple to install your Brother MFC-J6957DW. The on-screen instructions will let you connect to your wireless connection and indicate when and how to reload the ink cartridges as soon as you switch them on. The cartridges put in that protruding panel drawn Innobella. Before you can start printing, the ink needs to run through into chambers for three minutes.

To make sure the printer is configured for the best printing, you may perform two diagnostic checks. The first produces a test page that you may use to visually inspect the printing alignment and, if applicable, do a recalibration. The second generates a test page for such a printer to examine itself. Which is then placed on the scanning surface.

By providing you with a highly practical method to print, scan, and manage your ink levels virtually via the cloud, Brother’s companion software for iOS and Android, which is MobileConnect, increases the simplicity of use.


Brother MFC-J6957DW
Brother MFC-J6957DW- An printer that can beat the laser printer! 5

The Brother MFC-printing J6957DW’s speed is the first aspect of the device that stands out. The speed test confirms the FPOT (first print-out time), which is less than 4.6 seconds and faster than its predecessor. It prints monochrome pages at a pace of 30 ipm, which is accurate and near to certain laser printers’ speeds, making it the fastest inkjet on the test bench. The draft mode, which produces paler prints, is the only mode in which the maximal speed is possible. The print pace decreases once more while using auto-duplex mode.

Although laser printers can often provide a finer finish with plain text sheets, the print quality seems to be quite high in standard mode. Although the Brother’s pigment black ink is given access nicely. The toner’s crispness and consistency are superior. The converse is true for papers that are in color. The Innobella inks from Brother produce vivid, well shading without banding, unlike other laser printers.

It also prints images rather well, particularly those that are on glossy photo paper and higher paper sizes. The high-resolution images in print at 1,200 x 4,800 dpi had a striking appearance when it goes into A3 prints. The comparatively modest colors, however, cannot match the polish you might anticipate from such a photographic print service because this is not a professional picture printer.

What distinguishes the Brother DCP & MFC?

All of the Brother DCP printers are all-in-one printers, much like all of the MFC printers. The DCP printers are ideal for rigorous use, which makes them different from the MFC series. Undoubtedly, the printer belongs in a big workplace. In this series, Brother offers printers in both black and white and color.

Do Brother printers work well?

Through their selection of printers, Brother is a famous company that provides useful and effective business solutions. They often provide reliable printers with good page yields at a reasonable price, and their ink or toner cartridges need to be taken less frequently.

Which printer is superior, a Canon or a Brother?

In “draft” (rapid) mode, the Canon does provide higher print quality than the Brother. Possibly crucial also for those you who print in draft mode to conserve ink but still need a functional product. Canon triumphs if you like color and quickness. While printing, either printer can be heard, however, the Brother is quiet.

Conclusion: Brother MFC-J6957DW

This high-end four-in-one offers all the qualifications necessary to do a difficult job in a hectic office. Where speed, capacity, and efficiency are essential, we often advise a laser, but this inkjet offers all three and more. Compared to a laser, it prints faster and consistently on a larger range of materials. Due to the high-capacity consumables, you may anticipate a page yield that is comparable to the cost per page of an ordinary laser because it is completely compatible with A3/tabloid paper. Given the number of features, it seems reasonable, and the crucial print quality is also excellent.

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