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Dyson Lightcycle Morph: A lamp that can function as both a spotlight and a reading light!

Dyson Lightcycle Morph
Dyson Lightcycle Morph

Dyson’s Lightcycle Morph Desk Light lamp enters the list because of its creative design and the technology it literally brings to the table! When linked to your smart device, this lamp adjusts its brightness based on the time of day and can be modified in terms of temperature and brightness using the settings under the lamp head. It has 3-point revolve motion. It provides a lot of versatility, and the head can even be locked into the stem for storage or to lessen ambient light.

Using the Dyson Link App through Bluetooth, you may select from pre-set programs like Study, Relax, and Precision, or you can build your own by adjusting the temperature and brightness. The light also has a motion sensor. Which, if activated, will turn it back on when you sit at your desk. The only disadvantages of the Dyson Lightcycle Morph Desk Light are its high price for light. So you have no control once you leave the house.

Price and Availability of Dyson Lightcycle Morph

Price and Availability of Dyson Lightcycle Morph

The £649.99/ $849.99/ €749.99 floor standing cycle Morph is available from Dyson in the UK, the US, and France.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph desk lamp costs £699.99 in the United Kingdom, $649.99 in the United States, and €549.99 in France and other European countries.


Design of Dyson Lightcycle Morph

The floor light is silver and white. It is also available in brass with black accents and in black in the United States and other areas.

It’s simply designed and lovely in a manner that grows on you the more you look at it. When you take it out of the box, it may appear tubular and boring. But the more time you spend with it, the more wonderful it becomes until it begins to make all of your other items appear bulky and out of date. The floor light is silver and white. It is also available in brass with black accents and in black in the United States and other areas.

As a result, the Dyson Lightcycle Morph is actually multiple different types of lamps in one. It might be used as a reading light or task lamp. It has the potential to be a highlight. The bulb then latches into the perforated metal core column with a magnet and lights it, changing it into a muted, ambient light.

You may also program it to mirror the natural lighting cycle using the app.



The lifetime of the Lightcycle Morph’s LED is one of its features. With eight hours of use every day, it should last 60 years without dimming or color loss.

Among the most intriguing aspects of Dyson, goods are the technical tales behind them, such as the fact that the Airwrap uses the Coandă effect and that the cordless vacuums retain suction owing to cyclone technology. A handful of drops of water are the key to making the un-dimmable 60-year LED in the instance of the Lightcycle Morph.

LEDs are damaged and discolored by heat, thus Dyson has placed a few droplets of water in a closed chamber next to the LED. As the water warms up, it cools the LED before evaporating, collecting at the top of the tube, condensing, and running back down to cover the LED once again. 


Dyson Lightcycle Morph: A lamp that can function as both a spotlight and a reading light!

Just didn’t know how much of an influence light can have until you experience it with the Dyson Lightcycle Morph. The cold and warm LEDs provide the ideal combination of light and heat. All thanks to the attacks reflector and PMMA diffusion film, and provide a consistent stream of light regardless of the temperature you specify.

 The Lightcylce Morph has helped to smooth out the day. It provides just the correct degree of light and so making it a lot more comfortable to spend time at the computer.

The greatest effect is made by the flexibility on offer. If you need to concentrate on anything, You can rotate the lamp head and cast a strong light on it; otherwise, the diffuse mode against a wall is great. In addition, if you just resting, the stand mode produces a soft background light.

Set up

Set up

It is made up of three major parts: the (heavy) base, the column, and the power cord that attaches beneath. It’s strange to move it after it’s set up. This is due in part to a knowledge of its expensive amount. And in part to the fact that its flamingo-like structure appears rather bulky.

The floor-standing Dyson Lightcycle Morph lamp is not suitable for children. In fact, if you have small children, get a desk lamp and keep it out of reach. The middle column appears to be the kind of thing a toddler might try to grip and lift himself or herself up with, but not confident that either the child or the lamp would do well in such a clash.



Nothing irritates more than a smart device that can only be run via an app. However,  not all of us are as organized as companies portray. Despite scheduling and remote access, even occasionally find up racing around the premises 10 minutes after leaving, turning off lights.

Dyson lamp has wisely added controls to the Lightcycle Morph. In addition to the large on/off switch above the lamp, there are two innovative sliding controls next to it, on top of the light arm, that enable you to change the strength and brightness of the light simply by bypassing your finger over them. Along the side are buttons for turning on the daylight setting, auto-brightness, and motion sensors.

The auto-brightness feature considers the ambient light in the room and adjusts the lamp’s intensity to compensate. The motion sensor is a power-saving function that turns off the light when it is not in use. Keep in mind that if you’re sitting very still and reading, you may need to wave an arm around every now and then to keep it turned on.

The app is useful, and you’ll need it to set up routines and daylight settings, as well as fine-tune brightness and color. However, the fact that you can accomplish all you need to do on the light itself indicates a more realistic way of life. Other family members and guests can adjust the light settings without downloading the app.


The Dyson Lightcycle Morph is the greatest lamp. That’s because it does so much. Instantly, it may be whatever sort of lamp you wish.

It cannot, however, be in many places at the same time. If you’re thinking about purchasing it, consider how and where you’ll utilize it. It makes sense to keep it in the bedroom if you want it to help you get up in the morning and relax at night. Would you, however, use a task lamp or a spotlight in the same location?

The light quality and adjustments make it a good choice for both work and relaxation. Before you spend, consider if you want one really costly light that can do everything or two or three that are perfectly suited to a single purpose.

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