Fitbit Sense 2: A high-end smartwatch for all times!


The first Fitbit Sense launched in 2020 as the brand’s most technologically advanced smartwatch, packed with new sensors and the highest price point to date. Although it may not look or operate all that. Significantly from Fitbit Versa 3, the true Sense introduced new functions that had not yet been seen on any of its trackers up to that point. Even though the first edition model of the Sense series was merely an enhanced Versa, it’s challenging to imagine Fitbit discontinuing the line. It appears likely that the Fitbit Sense 2 will launch very soon, possibly as early as September 2022.

Release date

The Sense 2 is likely to be among the first non-Samsung wearables to receive Wear OS 3 when it launches in the “mid to second quarter of 2022,” according to Google. All indications suggest that it will be released independently of the impending Pixel wristwatch.

The most likely period of the year for the Sense 2 to launch in August or September, when Fitbit introduces new hardware.


Regrettably, there are no verified details regarding potential pricing at this time.
Fitbit markets Sense as their top-tier smartwatch and Sense 2 is anticipated to maintain this premium positioning.

The former Fitbit Sense was the priciest Fitbit product until it debuted at $329 (£299; €329; $329). This is essentially mid-tier pricing for high-end smartwatches.

Expected features

Enhanced use of existing sensors

The Fitbit app isn’t very effective at explaining how the EDA data collected affects your overall health or why a particular number is significant. The context is incomplete. Although the EDA figure, together with variability in heart rate, helps determine the total stress score. However, its inclusion doesn’t significantly improve the stress tracking process. Additionally, getting the ECG reading is a little too difficult, requiring users to open the Fitbit app first. The Fitbit app contains a PDF that includes the ECG results, which are not displayed on the watch itself. All of it is slightly clumsy, but Fitbit can quickly improve it by rethinking it.

Upgraded functionality of the Fitbit OS

Fitbit OS’s update provided a more enjoyable user experience, visible on the Versa 3 and initial Sense. However, the OS still feels jagged and unwieldy while navigating through the menu or opening apps. It requested that Fitbit address the wearable OS stutters. Fitbit OS isn’t perfected, but it has a few advantages over other operating systems, including simplicity and battery capacity, so this isn’t a significant concern.

Emergency features in the LTE model

Fitbit has always steered clear of full smartwatch functions to track health and encourage exercise. Users have liked this approach, but it’s left the rather expensive Sense without capabilities that competitors provide, including LTE compatibility.
LTE support is not a necessary addition, but it would provide smarts that active members would value. Spotify and Deezer music streaming without a phone is possible with an LTE model, and Fitbit might develop capable and dependable emergency features, including fall detection. The latter would technically not require an LTE model. But it would provide some tranquility for people who practice without their devices.

Physical button

Although the inductive groove results in a slimmer design, you eventually grow used to its quirks. It can be challenging to identify and tap while moving. Taps are frequently ignored by the groove when it’s not moving.


In terms of specifications, it is believed that the Fitbit Sense 2 would keep its “advanced” smartwatch slant. We predict Sense 2 will include the ECG, EDA, and body temperature sensors from the original Sense.
To determine whether using pulse data to track hypertension on the original Sense is a valuable method, Fitbit opened a community study in 2021. Fitbit’s pressure measurement technology doesn’t appear to be available for the Fitbit Sense 2 just yet. The Fitbit is not yet ready to offer implementation, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a blood pressure monitoring capability.


In the fall of 2020, Fitbit said it was concentrating on “Biologic Industrial Design Language,” a softer, curved aesthetic that mirrored organic curves in the human body for its industrial design and user interface/user experience. The Versa 3 and Sense side buttons were replaced by tactile strips that you squeeze to perform actions. Both devices also have similar squares displays with rounded edges.

It appears that the Fitbit Sense 2 will maintain the general aesthetic of the first model while reintroducing an actual side button. The Sense 2 or Fitbit Versa 4 appear to have the same design as its predecessors, except for a single button visible in the center-right of the display, according to a leaked image.

Is the Fitbit Sense water resistant?

Additionally, water-resistant for up to 50 meters and is the Fitbit Sense. Therefore, if doing a few laps in the pool is how you love to decompress, you can wear the timepiece there as well as when it can identify when you’re worried.

Do Fitbit Sense devices have GPS?

Fitbit’s leading smartwatch with a health focus is the Sense. It has a new EDA Scan app to monitor your body’s stress in addition to built-in heart rate, GPS, and ECG sensors. By far, this is Fitbit’s most sophisticated health watch to date. That Apple Watch lineup is the primary rival to the Sense.

Is wearing a Fitbit safe?

Many models have a terrible rep for causing wrist pain, skin rashes, and other discomforts. Several of these were related to adverse reactions to the metals utilized. Still, many more problems from using Fitbit fitness trackers can be directly linked to the EMF radiation from the gadgets.


The Fitbit Sense 2 is similar to its predecessor and will be offered in Gold, Graphite, and Platinum colors. The Fitbit Sense 2 smartwatch is anticipated to go on sale in the upcoming months. Although the watch is essentially identical, WearOS and Google’s computing could provide a better user experience as much as the previous model.

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