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MacKeeper is a multipurpose service for Macs to guard your MacBook against online protection threats, improve its performance, and assist you to reclaim disk space. It gives one of the great antivirus software options available to Macbook users. But it does have a checkered past, and on this MacKeeper review, we’ll discover how its popularity has become round as we study its functions, pricing, interface, and support.

What is MacKeeper?

Mackeeper sees overall performance optimization and online safety and defends you from malware attacks in actual time. MacKeeper is a valid and useful software for Mac users. It offers a capability that lets users optimize and grow machine performance.

Is it safe for Your MacBook?

When researching MacKeeper online you’ll speedy run into articles and forum posts that call it malicious and not safe to use. Even actual customers on Apple forums testify in opposition to it, calling MacKeeper a fairly offensive malware. The product is free to download, and when installed, it takes its roots so deeply in the OS that it takes a dedicated step-by-step manual to delete all of the documents and folders scattered around your Macbook. Experts explained that it become the overzealous associate marketers who opted for any such strategy. Affiliate marketers or not, you can’t help but surprise who got here up with the doubtful concept of ​​a bot sending you up to ten messages after scanning your Mac. We recommend you install this at your own risk!

MacKeeper Plans and pricing

 MacKeeper Plans and pricing

The free version of MacKeeper is limited. You can easily the junk or uninstall apps best once, after which you need to transfer to a paid version.

There are three plans to choose from:

Starter/Basic$14.95 per month billed every month.
Optimal /Standard$9.94 per month billed every six months.
Savings/ Premium$7.95 per month billed every year.

Features of MacKeeper

MacKeeper has different features that protect your MacBook in real-time. 

ID Theft Guard

Identity robbery isn’t always a joke. Passwords are a day a part of our online lives, and they can sometimes be hacked and leaked. This specialty informs you whether any of your passwords had been compromised and allows you right now to change them.

VPN Private Connect

This nifty function is praised in multiple MacKeeper reviews. It safeguards your privacy by hiding your area and the IP address from prying eyes. It does this by encrypting your facts and sending them to a delegated server that replaces your actual place. This is specifically beneficial if you regularly use public WiFi.

Update Tracker

MacKeeper categorizes the Update Tracker aspect as an overall performance enhancer, however, we remember it simply as much a protection tool. Malware coders constantly are looking for safety holes in macOS and high-quality packages, and safety researchers constantly create and release patches for the one’s hole. If you don’t practice all to be had protection patches, your chance to have your Mac compromised.

MacKeeper runs the replace taking a look at it as a part of its large four-element scan, and it automatically installs any wanted updates when you select to restore observed problems. You also can run the replace test separately. There’s an option to exempt different packages from updates, however, we can’t consider it a very good idea to do that.

Safe Cleanup

Safe Cleanup scans your Mac for junk files, which includes numerous caches and logs you don’t want. You also can clear your trash here. Perhaps maximum benefit is the capacity to eliminate unneeded language files, that can effortlessly take up gigabytes of the area in case you set up numerous apps. It’s debatable whether or not you want to delete caches or maybe in case you should. That’s as much as you, however, if you make a decision it’s something you need to do, then it’s smooth & enough in MacKeeper.

Adware Cleaner

Adware Cleaner

The adware scanner is designed to look for malicious software program that bombards you with ads. There’s no custom test choice for the adware scanner so that you need to trust that MacKeeper is aware of the great locations to search for adware, manually locating replica photos, that is a function that needs to be available handy.

Duplicates Finder

Duplicates Finder in Mackeeper

MacKeeper’s Duplicates Finder helps you to test your Mac for duplicate files so that you can delete the copies you don’t want and solve a few disk spaces. It’s been advanced these days too, with the addition of the Similar Photos function. This allows you to find pictures that are comparable however not identical. If you waste quite a little time.

Uninstalling Mackeeper from Macbook!

You can uninstall MacKeeper, just like any other application:

  • From the Apple menu, select Go to Applications.
  • In the window that appears, double-click on the MacKeeper icon.
  • From the MacKeeper menu select Preferences.

  • In the window that appears, Tap on General.
  • Uncheck the box for the Show MacKeeper icon withinside the menu bar.

  • From the MacKeeper menu select Quit.
  • Drag the MacKeeper app symbol from the Applications window to the Trash.
  • Enter an admin password two times whilst prompted.
administrator password

Getting rid of the rest of the MacKeeper files!

After uninstalling the principle application, there are some places which you must test for orphaned MacKeeper components.

  • Select prSelect press to Folder from the Finder menu bar.
  • Enter /Library/Application Support and tap Go.

Search the App Support folder for any object that has the MacKeeper name. If you do find a file or folder, then drag it to the delete.

Repeat this process for the following locations:

  • /Library/Caches
  • /Library/LaunchAgents
  • /Library/Preferences

Once you’ve finished, empty the delete.

Final words!

MacKeeper is an app that packs lots of beneficial functions right into a single package. If you’re the type of man or woman who likes apps that can be easy to install and may be left to do their activity withinside the background, then you’ll like MacKeeper. It might not be as reasonably priced as a number of the competition, and several of what it gives may be done yourself with touch information or with different free apps, however, its simplicity and simplicity of use make it stand out. We recommend you install this at your own risk!

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