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Numerous advantages of utilizing plastic wrap while moving!


If you’re moving large furniture or appliances from one place to another, the items may cause damage to their surroundings. To avoid this, you’ll wrap them in bubble wrap, moving blankets, cardboard boxes and other protective items. All these protective items will be of no use if they fall off during transportation – and you need to secure them. You can do that with the help of packing tape, ropes or straps, but plastic wrap is recommended to provide a safer, easier and more efficient way to hold the wrappings in place.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality product to help you secure and protect your belongings during moving, plastic wrap, also known as shrink or stretch wrap, is just what you need. The packing must be proper and precise so that moving items doesn’t take that much space or doesn’t open up. 

What does plastic wrap do and protect?

It will not only secure the bubble wrap, paper padding, furniture pads and other protective materials around your items but also provides an additional layer of protection against dust, dirt, moisture and other hazards that could compromise the safety of your items. Plastic wrap is used to palletize goods, bundle products together, and secure power wires and appliance attachments.

Reasons to use plastic wrap for moving

plastic wrap for moving
plastic wrap for furniture when moving
plastic wrap for moving
  • It is Easy to use as compared to other methods.
  • Plastic wrap cost is affordable. It is too low when compared to other stuff used for moving.
  • Strong and tear-resistant. It can hold heavy to heavy things, so shifting heavy stuff gets easy.
  • It can be recycled. So before throwing it in a dustbin after use, remember that you can give it to the firm which recycles it. Recyclable items also save the environment from so much non-degradable waste.
  • It won’t let the residue remark on your stuff.
  • You may simply box your silverware and cover it with many layers of plastic wrap. Now that all of your cutlery will be contained for the length of your move in a box.

How to use plastic wrap for moving furniture?

Numerous advantages of utilizing plastic wrap while moving!
Numerous advantages of utilizing plastic wrap while moving! 11
plastic to cover mattress for moving
Numerous advantages of utilizing plastic wrap while moving! 12
plastic wrap for moving
Numerous advantages of utilizing plastic wrap while moving! 13

When you decide to move, the first thing that comes to mind is how to move your furniture. But the more important thing to consider is to move furniture or items like bed rails with proper protection from dust, stain and scratches. The best way to do so is to wrap the furniture with shrink wrap or plastic wrap. Here, we will discuss how you can utilise stretch wrap for moving. 

  • First of all, ensure you empty all your belongings from the furniture.
  • After that, please clean up your whole furniture and ensure it is dry before wrapping plastic wrap. As before, it gets covered, and if it has some dirt or moisture on it can cause stains or other damage to your entire piece of furniture.
  • Most modern-day furniture is designed to be detachable. If you are using detachable furniture, first detach all the removable parts. If not all, remove the large piece.
  • Cover all the corners with bubble wrap so that it cannot cause any scratches to the wall and many things. After bubble wrapping on corners, now cover the whole furniture with shrink wrap. (Make sure you get the right size shrink wrap to protect the complete furniture).
  • If you are packing wood furniture, cover it with paper padding or moving blankets before wrapping it with shrink wrap. It is because if you apply plastic wrap directly to wood or leather furniture, there is a high chance that it will create moisture on your delicate belongings and can cause harm to them. That’s why padding is a must when covering wood furnitures. It will add an extra layer of protection.
  • And to protect fabric furniture from dirt, stains or any harm, you can directly wrap moving plastic wrap as there is no chance of any condensing on fabric furniture. It will indeed protect furniture from scratches.

Make sure you have a large plastic wrap covering all drawers, cabinet or doors. As in many cases, these doors, drawers and cabinets are only responsible for scratches and harm to the wall.

Things to consider while packing items for moving

When packing items for moving after you purchase the plastic wrap rolls (also known as stretch wrap), boxes, foam etc., there are other specific things to consider to avoid any damage, dust or dirt to your item. Stretch wrap will secure your item, but thinking of the below stuff and wrapping items as per these things will make your plastic wrap more secure.

1. Packing items with shielding materials

Bubble wrap

While packing items, wrap them with bubble wrap, foam or anything like that, which can act as a shielding wrap before shrink wrap rolls (stretch wrap). This stretch wrap roll will ensure that your foam or bubble wrap stays in place. This shield adds an extra layer of the guard to your belongings.

2. Drawers are correctly wrapped up

Before applying plastic wrap packing for moving, check that every drawer is locked correctly. After confirming now, apply plastic wrap for moving to it. This roll will assure you that drawers won’t come out and cause harm to the things they come in contact with. Thus, every cabinet and doors must be closed properly.

3. Prevent spills

One must also consider wrapping item that can spill out their content with plastic wrap rolls when they plan for moving. This cling film will prevent that thing from spilling out and ensure everything around it is safe.

4. Keep used along things together

Numerous advantages of utilizing plastic wrap while moving!

When moving, we hastily pack everything without ensuring the things that complement each other are together. It’s better to keep those things together so we don’t have to look everywhere while unpacking stuff. A stretch wrap roll can play that role. One can keep those things in one pile and then wrap moving plastic around it. 

Numerous advantages of utilizing plastic wrap while moving!

5. Tie wires and pattelize shipments

One can also use to wrap all wires that are of use together while moving so that one doesn’t have to search for every wire required everywhere. Also, one can pattelize the boxes while shipping or for cargo for easy handling and safety while moving.

Where to buy a plastic wrap from?

Numerous advantages of utilizing plastic wrap while moving!

The price differs as per the size and the seller you choose. If you buy from Tradenrg they provide 3 sizes. They have 40cm x 300m, 40cm x 250m and 40cm x 150m.

What are the benefits of buying from TradeNRG Plastic?

The thick, heavy-duty plastic wrapping from Tradenrg offers the sturdiness, strength, and load-retaining power you need to carry and protect a range of goods. Since the translucent film is see-through, it is ideal for packaging toys, gadgets, food, and pharmaceuticals.  Because it has already been stretched, stretched wrap is lightweight, consistent in wrapping tension, and needs less energy to wrap around a pallet. This cling wrap is appropriate for use both indoors and outside and has outstanding cling qualities. Additionally, it can survive harsh weather and is UV resistant.

One can also order from Amazon, BestBuy or any other site. However, Tradenrg will give you the best quality, which can hold your stuff throughout your moving period.

Remember that it costs way less than other stuff that can be used for packing. So it is quite the right thing to consider while carrying out your moving procedure.


When you decide to move, there are various things to consider. The first and foremost thing to consider is how to move your stuff from the area you are living to the area you are shifting. There are various movers available now, but they charge a lot of money. So if you decide to save this cost and are ready to pack all things by yourself, you need various stuff to make your move safe. 

Packing is quite a hectic task as one have to wrap item by taking care that all things are properly packed, especially the drawers that don’t come out. Considering all these problems, the only solution is to go for plastic wrap. This cling film will ensure that everything is in place and secure.

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