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Various ways to fix the Fire TV stick that keeps restarting!


Amazon Fire Tv stick is a streaming device which lets you make your TV smarter. One can watch videos, install various apps and play music as it is based on the Android operating system. In simple terms, one can operate their TV similar to their mobile. Suppose you are watching your favourite show, and in the middle of it, your fire tv restarts; what a terrible experience that would be. This scenario will ruin all your excitement or can ruin your movie night. So here we are to solve your problem. Below are various ways to fix the Amazon fire TV stick that keeps restarting.

There are several reasons behind the fire TV stick that keeps restarting. The most common one is the constant power supply. If the device doesn’t get the proper continuous supply, it tends to turn off or restart on its own. So what to do to fix this? To know the answer, just keep reading below.

Avoid using any other power adapter instead of 2A.

Is your fire TV stick suffering from restarting problem? If yes, then check your power adapter. Most of us repeat this mistake. Once a company’s power adapter deteriorates, we use the power adapter available at home or buy some standard power adapter without looking at their specs. Most power adapters have 0.5 amp output, which is unsuitable for the Amazon fire TV stick. These power adapters didn’t supply sufficient power to the fire stick, which in turn arose the problem of Amazon fire tv stick restarts now and then. So to fix it, make sure you use the company’s original power adapter or any other renowned brand’s adapter, which is 2A.

Use the original adapter or cable.

Many avoid using the original adapter with the Amazon Fire TV stick. On another side, they use the one they already have at home or buy a standard adapter from the market. A regular adapter which doesn’t match the standards of the original one should be the problem of your Amazon fire tv stick restarting quite often.

So to avoid this problem, one must use Amazon-verified accessories or can buy adapters from the renowned brand only. We hope using original accessories will solve your problem and don’t hinder you during your movie nights.

Remove the Plug and then replug after some time.

The most common thing one can perform during this period is to replug the Amazon fire tv stick. Remove the plug, wait for some seconds and then replug the device and see whether it works.

You have to perform this activity to ensure no weak connection. Check each port, replug the cable, and ensure you replug them properly. Because of a loose connection, the power supply hinders, restricting your movie night.

Disconnect HDMI devices other than the TV stick.

If your fire tv stick keeps restarting many times while you are enjoying it, there might be a problem which you have to solve to enjoy non-stop entertainment. Nowadays, many televisions have numerous HDMI ports to connect various devices simultaneously. And suppose you have multiple devices associated with your television. In that case, you must remove HDMI cables of devices other than the Amazon fire tv stick, as this must be an issue for your Amazon fire tv stick restarting multiple times. The devices connected to the tv stick might interfere with the connection, disturbing the connection. So kindly unplug the extra HDMI cables from your television to solve the restarting problem.

Directly connect the adapter to the plug.

If you use some power mediator between the adapter and power outlet, kindly remove it. This ordinary extender gets heated up quickly and can cause a restarting problem. The reason for using this extender might be that the adapter that comes with the fire tv stick doesn’t support your power outlet. However, try to replace it with a branded extender to enjoy the show smoothly. Moreover, if it doesn’t help, try getting a proper socket which supports the adapter.

Delete Cache

Any smart device these days collects data to store your credentials or know your recent watches. Amazon fire tv stick also stores caches to remember your credentials, preferences, watching, watchlist etc. So one of the solutions to get rid of the restarting problem is to delete all the caches of the most used applications on your tv stick.

Now, the question arises of how to delete cache data in the Amazon fire tv stick. Here are the steps you should follow to delete the cache data.

  1. Open Settings on your Amazon fire tv stick.
  2. Click on the Application option in the settings menu.
  3. There you will see three options of which you have to select “Manage Installed Applications”.
  4. Now, navigate to the most used application from which you want to delete a cache and click on it.
  5. Finally, click on the “Clear Cache” to delete that application’s cache data.

By doing so, one can conquer the restarting problem of their Amazon fire tv stick.

Disable HDMI CES if it is turned on.

Many televisions give access to control some functions to the connected devices. A device connected through an HDMI cable, such as an Amazon fire tv stick, can control some functions of the tv. This could be a reason for Amazon fire stick to restart now and then. So to solve this, you have to disable the HDMI CES setting. To turn off the HDMI CES setting, follow the below-given steps.

  1. Go to settings on your Amazon fire tv stick.
  2. Navigate to “Display & Audio”.
  3. There you will see HDMI CES device control settings. Click on it and turn it off.

Reset Amazon fire tv stick

This is the riskiest way to fix the fire TV stick restarting. Riskiest in a way that you will lose all your data and applications installed on your Amazon fire tv stick. But to solve the restarting problem, you must factory reset your tv stick. To factory reset, follow the below instructions.

  1. Click on the Settings option on your Fire tv stick.
  2. Go to the My Fire Tv option.
  3. Then, click on Reset to Factory Defaults.

This process will erase all your data along with the applications and their cache and provide you with the Amazon fire tv stick as if it was just delivered to you.

Uninstall the Third Party app if you have any.

Third-party apps are very easy to download. But remember, Google or Amazon does not verify these apps. So this third party can easily modify any settings if you provide those permissions to them, which can be a cause for the restarting of your Amazon fire tv stick. So if you want no further interruption, you must remove it immediately.

  1. Open the Settings menu on your fire tv stick.
  2. Navigate to Applications.
  3. Click on Manage Installed Applications.
  4. Select the Application you want to uninstall and click on it.
  5. Lastly, click on the uninstall button to remove the application.

Check that your Fire TV Stick has the latest software update.

Many operating systems do not function properly if their update is due. If there is an update and you haven’t installed it, then there is the possibility that due to this, you are facing the restarting issue in your Amazon fire tv stick. So you have to install the latest version of the OS to get rid of it.

To install the latest version of Fire OS, please follow the below steps.

  1. First, go to the Settings menu.
  2. Navigate to the My Fire Tv option.
  3. Click on the About section.
  4. You will see “Check for New Updates”; click on it.
  5. If it shows some updates pending, then install it immediately. It will solve the Amazon fire tv stick’s restarting problem.

Check with another HDMI port.

If your Amazon fire tv stick is repeatedly crashing, there should be a problem with your tv’s HDMI port. So try connecting it with another HDMI port. If there is some problem with your HDMI port replacing it will solve your problem and will provide you with non-stop entertainment.

Check Firestick with other TV.

There should be a problem with your Tv if your Amazon fire tv stick keeps restarting. Try checking it by connecting to another Tv. If it works, there is an issue with your TV, not the Amazon fire tv stick. This might be the case if your Amazon fire tv stick keeps restarting frequently.

Replace Batteries

One should check the batteries of the Amazon fire tv stick if their fire tv keeps restarting. It is to check that the battery is okay and not drained. If the batteries are drained, then there is a chance that it will create a problem. Check this by replacing them with a new one and check whether the fire tv stick is operating correctly or not.

Contact Support

Once you have tried all the ways mentioned above and didn’t get a result, the last thing left with you is to contact Amazon‘s help desk support. They will be your lender of last resort. You will get a new unit if your product’s warranty is due, or they will sort out your problem by providing you with a solution to fix the fire TV stick restarting.

For how many years does a fire tv stick lasts?

As with other electronics, uncertainty factors attach to it in terms of lifespan, as they are prone to crashes, hardware defaults, software issues etc. However, the lifespan of an Amazon fire tv stick is said to be 6 to 8 years. In the end, it all depends on the usage.


If you are experiencing a restarting issue with your Amazon fire tv stick, you must consider trying the abovementioned methods to fix the fire TV stick restarting. These methods usually work, but if you have tried all the methods and are still witnessing restarting problems, try contacting Amazon help desk support. If your device is under warranty, they will deliver a new device to your doorstep or show you a way to correct it.

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