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Beyerdynamic Free Byrd: True wireless earphones produce superb sound!


Beyerdynamic may have been late to the sound true wireless party, but its new Beyerdynamic Free Byrd earbuds ($249.99) are anything but. They have a great sound, support a broad range of Bluetooth codecs, & come with a tonne of accessories. They also provide adequate noise canceling (ANC), albeit not as well as the best alternatives in this price bracket. Their companion app only provides equalization presets rather than a fully customizable EQ. Sony’s $279.99 WF-1000XM4 headphones provide improved active noise canceling, a better app, & equally outstanding audio quality for a touch more money, earning our Critics’ Choice award.

Price and availability

The true wireless earphones market has grown by one. The Beyerdynamic Free BYRD TWS earphones are a first for the renowned German manufacturer. The Free BYRD, available in black or grey, is designed to appear like vintage guitar picks and has exceptional battery life, active noise cancellation (ANC), voice control support, and much more. Are the earphones compete with the AirPods Pro? It’s finally a chance to discover. The Beyerdynamic Free BYRD earphones cost USD 249. You may get them at the Beyerdynamic site or Amazon. Other stores will, no doubt, soon stock them as well.

App Features

You may create a sound profile in the app that tailors sounds to your hearing and blend that profile with the original signal using a fader. This kind of functionality is becoming more frequent in companion applications. Although it usually comes at the sacrifice of complete EQ controls, so is the case here. The program has numerous EQ presets, but you can’t change them or build a custom profile.

Aside from the settings and sound profile functionality. You may toggle between the ANC & Transparent modes and activate a low-latency gaming mode. You may also make Alexa your default voice assistant, but first, you must install the Alexa app. Aside from the EQ gaffes, you also miss the ability to tweak the on-ear settings.

Noise Cancellation

The noise canceling on the Free Byrd earphones is above average. They greatly reduced the lows & mids in a recording of banging plates, raucous chatter from a crowded restaurant, and the strong, low-frequency rumbling.

Unfortunately, despite their strong performance, the earphones contribute a noticeable high frequency. Which isn’t unpleasant but indicates that the noise suppression isn’t top-notch. In quiet circumstances, the earbuds even add a hiss to the signal, making a quiet room noticeably bigger with ANC than without it. Finally, if noise cancellation is a key requirement, the Sony WF-1000XM4 or Bose QuietComfort Earbuds ($279.95) handle deep lows or more complex soundscapes significantly better and with far less hiss.

Transparency mode works well because it allows you to hear your surroundings and talk without having to remove the earpieces. However, when switching settings using the on-ear controls. The touch controls to toggle to the All Off setting, but that option is only available through the app. Many other headphones allow you to add an Off mode to on control system.


The earbuds give a remarkable low-frequency response on tracks with heavy sub-bass content, such as The Knife’s “Silent Shout.” The bass does not distort at high, foolish listening settings; at lower, more sensible listening levels, the lows remain powerful and complementary to the upper frequencies.

“Drover” by Bill Callahan, which has significantly less deep bass in the mix, provides a clearer feel of the sound signature. The drums on this tune can sound unduly thunderous on bass-forward in-ears, but these earphones find a nice mix between amplified lows & natural tones. Callahan’s baritone voice has a deep low-mid richness and sharp high-mid clarity. Acoustic strums and greater percussive impacts sound similarly bright and clear.

The kick drum loop on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild” obtains enough higher prevalence for its onslaught to retain some impact. Background vinyl hiss and crackle are also prominent in the mix, with plenty of higher-frequency boosting & sculpting. The sub-bass synth bursts interrupt the beat have a significant depth to them—you won’t feel like you have a subwoofer in your head, but you receive a hefty dose of rumble. The voices on this track are clear. However, you might want a little more high-mid presence—here is where the absence of the adjustable EQ is a real letdown.

How is the Beyerdynamic Free Byrd built?

The earbud housings & cable material are similar to those of the Beyerdynamic Blue BYRD’s wired sister, the Soul BYRD. Flat anodized metal panels cover dynamic drivers and adorn the exterior. Angled nozzles create a comfortable fit, further improved by the soft silicone ear tips, which contrast with the flashy flat panels. The Blue BYRD provides listeners the same great fit as the Soul BYRD. If earbuds pressing on your outer ears bother you, the Beyerdynamic Free Byrd may be the in-ears for you.

The neckband design differs from others in that it is just a cable broken up by similarly weighted battery modules. Rather than a stiffened neckband made of different materials than the cable. This style is lightweight. However, it has a tendency to slip around the back of the neck.

The combined mic and remote on the right side of a headset are difficult to operate because there is little differentiation between the buttons. They all lay on the same plane, and the raised symbols aren’t distinct enough to work confidently.

How long does the Beyerdynamic Free Byrd battery last?

The battery life is inadequate, with only 5 hours and 29 minutes of playback time. It’s only 30 minutes short of Beyerdynamic’s advertised six-hour battery life but less than some truly wireless earbuds can manage. The earbuds charge through the provided USB-C connection, although rapid charging is not supported.

How do you connect the Beyerdynamic Free Byrd?

The Bluetooth 4.2 Beyerdynamic Blue Beyerdynamic Free Byrd earbuds can connect to two devices simultaneously and support a variety of high-quality codecs such as AAC, aptX, and aptX LL. If you’re a gamer, the aptX LL compatibility makes them an excellent choice for lag-free streaming where milliseconds may be the difference in digital life. The 10-meter cordless range, a Bluetooth headset standard, benefits general customers.

Does the Beyerdynamic Free Byrd block out noise?

The Blue Beyerdynamic Free Byrd uses passive isolation to shut out extraneous noises; there is no active noise cancellation (ANC) here. The earbuds & ear tips fit nicely, allowing you to achieve a decent fit without effort. Like other non-ANC earphones, the Blue BYRD impacts high-frequency sounds more so than lows, making accidental noises difficult to pass through the headset.

Furthermore, the silicone ear tips do not provide exceptional isolation. The Comply 400 series ear tips were compatible with the BYRD line for optimum isolation. Buying a pair may help lower your risk of sound hearing loss since you’ll be less inclined to turn the volume up to potentially harmful levels.


Beyerdynamic Free Byrd is the wireless earbuds version of the company’s Soul BYRD, which are great lightweight earbuds. While the Blue BYRD costs nearly twice as much as its predecessor, it offers superior Bluetooth codec support and a very comfortable fit.

Beyerdynamic has recalled these earphones, according to the editor. In a consumer recall announcement, the business stated: Under some conditions, this in-ear headset may experience overheating of a control component during the charging process. If the headphone has been exposed to saline water that has infiltrated the case. It can cause damage to the charge controller, resulting in overheating to the point where the shell distorts and causes damage.

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