Airpods 2 vs Airpods: What’s the difference?


With regards to AirPods 2 vs AirPods, as we said in our AirPods 2 analysis, the differentiation is little. However, somehow or another, the differentiation is at its peak by any means. Due to the minor changes, it turns out to be considerably more confusing what to choose what to purchase. Would it be a good idea for you to move from Gen 1? Would it be a good idea for you to get the wireless Charging Case? We should separate the AirPods 2 vs AirPods fight at this moment.

The differences between Apple’s AirPods’ first and second version earbuds are few but important.

Should you upgrade from Original Airpods to Airpods 2?

The answer is a short and simple yes. Firstly, the original AirPods previously launched in 2016, so as of the present moment, they’re around five years old. In that period, there may have been a ton of battery enhancement in new models. Moreover, your first-gen AirPods may not last long enough as they used to when you purchased them. Furthermore, you will not have the option to observe another pair of original AirPods. However, first-gen Airpods couldn’t be seen these days other than at places like eBay.

Also that Apple made a few pleasant upgrades to the AirPods 2, so there is a lot of reason to move on to the newest AirPods 2 . Firstly, it accompanies the more current H1 chipset rather than the original W1, associating quicker than the original. The AirPods 2 additionally has a longer talk time, voice-enacted Siri, lower inactivity, and stronger availability in all.

However, Apple didn’t change the appearance of AirPods by anything from the original Airpods to the Airpods 2. They have a similar speaker placement, which doesn’t really work with all ears, and still, just come in white. if you’re wanting to show off how much cooler you are, than every other person with the most recent AirPods, nobody will see the difference between them.

However, if you want to add some flare and flair to either generation of AirPods, you can acquire some interesting AirPods cases. If you don’t necessarily care whether you have the real thing or not, you could even go the route of knockoff AirPods — most people won’t be able to tell the difference.

What’s the difference between them?

Airpod 2 vs Airpod

With a brief look, you won’t see any visual difference between the two base models of AirPods. They’re having similar sizes and weights. In any case, the 2019 AirPods 2 have some updated equipment inside, making them worth purchasing up to on the off chance that you currently own the 2016 model of Airpod. Here is a speedy summary of the changes.

Difference between chips of Airpod 2 and Airpod: W1 vs H1

Airpods 2 vs Airpods 1

The “W” series of chipsets focus on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connecting and is used in different wireless earphones, similar to Beats, just as the Apple Watch line.

However, the “H” series is Apple’s earphones focus chipset. It’s intended to give quicker connectivity, more excellent sound, and lower idleness for such things as gaming.

Here are some differences between the chipset of Airpod and Airpod 2:W1 vs H1

1. The newer H1 supports the ”Hey, Siri” vocal command to access Apple’s digital assistant. However, in the original AirPods, you could only activate Siri by tapping one of the pods.

2. Moreover, H1 chips have 30% less latency over Bluetooth than W1s. While listening to music, you might not notice the change. However, you might if you wear AirPods while playing games or watching movies.

3. In addition, H1 chips, which support Bluetooth 5, are also faster to connect to other devices–like an iPhone–than the W1 chip which supports Bluetooth 4.2.

Battery Life

Apple accepts that the two sorts of AirPods support as long as 24 hours of listening time between the earphones and the additional charges you get from the wireless case. However, because of the energy efficiencies that the new chipset gives, it says that the later form will allow you to talk longer.

As per Apple’s reality sheets, AirPods 1 supports around two hours of talking time, while the newest model can do three. In any case, you may not see a huge effect during regular utilization of one or the other adaptation. However, there’s no significant difference between them.

Compatibility: Airpods vs Airpods 2

Airpods 2

The first AirPods were practical with cell phones and tablets running iOS 10. However, Apple Watches uses watch OS 3 and up, or Macs running Mac OS Sierra (10.12). Those base necessities need to likewise be sufficient to use the AirPods 2, yet to get to each element, you’ll require iOS 13 or iPad OS.

However, AirPods use Bluetooth to connect, you can likewise use them with non-Mac computers and Android phones. You might not be able to use some of the features. For example, non-Apple gadgets don’t have Siri.

If you want to buy AirPods 2:

If you want to buy AirPods :

How to see which Airpod version you have?

If you’re confused about your Airpods generation, you can try certain methods to find the model number. However, you have to remember the model numbers of both. Here they are:

For Airpods 1: A1523 or A1722

For Airpods 2: A2032 or A2031

The fastest yet hardest method for finding your AirPods’ model number is to look at the earbuds themselves. Each earbud has the model and serial number in tiny little print under the earpiece.

You can also check on your iPhone. Open Settings and click Bluetooth on IOS 14 and later. Afterward, tap the I icon which is next to your AirPods, and search the model number under About.

In older versions of iOS, go to Settings then click on General and lastly click on About, and then select the name of your AirPods. You will see the model number on the next screen.


As Airpods 2 comes with a new H1 chipset it is comparatively much more advanced than the original Airpods. If you have to choose between Airpods 2 and Airpods you have to definitely go for Airpods 2 as the frequency and sound quality of AirPods 2 are better.




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