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Aluminum vs Steel Apple Watch: Which you should prefer?


Apple watch provides aluminum as well as steel Apple watches to choose from. There are several different colors, finishes, and sizes of the Apple Watch Series 4.

There might be outward contrasts to the various metals, however, what else isolates the treated steel versus aluminum models?

Altogether, there are 18 models of Apple Watch — gold, silver, and space dim/dark models in 40mm and 44mm sizes either in cell or GPS + Wi-Fi setups. Other than the size, the completion and shading choice is one of the significant decisions that should be made while picking which model to purchase.

Apple Watch: Aluminum vs Stainless Steel

Aluminum vs Steel Apple Watch: Which you should prefer?
Aluminum watch

Aluminum vs Steel Apple Watch: Which you should prefer?
Stainless steel

Which is the best material to decide for your Apple Watch?

We’ll cover every one of the upsides and downsides of every choice.

While the choices for titanium and clay have shown up from Series 2 to 6 of the Apple Watch, aluminum and hardened steel have been reliable and are the most often purchased and bantered on cases.

The specialized elements for both of the cases have minor varieties, however different qualities—like price tags, strength, weight, and style—vary definitely.

Durability and Strength of Apple watch: Aluminum vs steel Apple watch

Durability and Strength of Apple watch: Aluminum vs steel Apple watch

Compared to stainless steel, the aluminum case might be more susceptible to significant, noticeable cracks as it is softer than stainless steel. However, this is certifiably not a monstrous issue since it’s still very hard to break an aluminum case on sway.

While considering the presence of minor scratches and miniature scraped areas, aluminum will in general enjoy a benefit. The aluminum case isn’t impervious to scratches, yet it has a smooth, matte wrap-up, guaranteeing that moment scratches on the watch are not apparent.

Proper care is also necessary, so make sure to clean your Apple watch regularly.


All things considered, hardened steel is over twice more thick than aluminum, making it the heavier of the two cases.

At the point when you look at the two choices for the Apple Watch Series 6, the stainless steel is around 10 grams heavier than the aluminum version, weighing 52.8, contrasted with 42.4 grams for a 42mm aluminum watch.

Assuming you would really rather avoid feeling the heaviness of your watch on your wrist, or then again if that you have a more modest wrist, as a rule, aluminum is the best fit for you.

The lighter finish is likewise helpful assuming you’re a competitor or you practice consistently.

Display: Aluminum and steel Apple watch

The tempered steel Apple Watch accompanies a sapphire precious stone presentation.

This is an intense and unbending material, giving the showcase great security and high protection from scratches. Sapphire precious stone must be infiltrated with material as hard as a jewel.

The aluminum Apple Watch uses Ion-X strengthened glass, which is not as strong as sapphire crystal, making it more prone to large cracks.

Style: Aluminum and steel Apple watch


The stainless steel Apple Watch is the fancier choice when contrasted with aluminum. It has a sparkling, flickering surface with an aesthetic completion. In the event that you’re an ordinary watch enthusiast or need something outwardly satisfying, then, at that point, the steel edition is the ideal fit for you.

Then again, the aluminum Apple Watch is in no way less attractive. If you are inclined towards matte completions over sparkling ones, you ought to decide on the aluminum Apple Watch all things considered.

Connectivity: Aluminum and steel Apple watch

For the aluminum Apple Watch, you can pick GPS only or GPS and cell while the stainless steel Apple Watch just permits you to decide on GPS and cell.

A GPS-only watch possibly permits you to get calls and messages when associated with your iPhone by means of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. GPS and cell watches permit you to get to these elements with or without your iPhone. The Series 6 permits to play Apple Music and Podcasts on GPS and cell.

To get to the cell benefits on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to pay for a month-to-month plan. Alongside that, the accessibility of the GPS and cell choice consequently build the cost of the stainless steel Apple Watch, regardless of whether you decide not to utilize the cell.

You can pick the GPS-only choice for the aluminum Apple Watch and select not to pay for a month-to-month plan. The cost will be lower as compared to stainless steel because of the non-cell choice.

Pricing: Aluminum and steel Apple watch

Costs change with watch series, but an overall pattern is understandable when contrasting the aluminum versus stainless steel Apple Watch models. The aluminum versions are generally less expensive than the stainless steel edition.

For the Apple Watch Series 7, the cost for the aluminum Apple Watch is $449.

Who should purchase the aluminum Apple Watch?

  • 1) If you love wearing Apple Watch while working out or playing sports and need it as light as could really be expected!
  • 2) If you prefer the matte completions.
  • 3) When one needs a cost-effective choice.

Who should purchase Stainless steel Apple watch?

  • 1) If one wants a classy-looking watch.
  • 2) For shiny looks.
  • 3) When someone wants to buy the most expensive watch available.
  • 4) If one wants long-lasting watches.
  • 5) Someone who prefers heavy watches.


The Apple Watch is the most trending smartwatch nowadays. With this, they also have material options like aluminum and steel. They both are in trend. So decide which one is best among these two. The aluminum is best according to many user experiences but you have to choose which one is best for you an aluminum or steel.

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