Apple Airpods Pro vs Oneplus Buds Pro- Which is Worth having?


Apple Airpods Pro gives decent sound per pound, is lightweight, and is simple. They can also be connected to any Bluetooth device, such as smart TVs and smartphones, even though they work best when paired with an Apple product. On the other side, Oneplus Buds Pro features pressure-sensitive button controls, has a potent noise suppression of up to 40dB on Extreme mode and 25dB on Faint mode, and has a tremendous price-to-features ratio. However, the following are all the necessary comparative points to know before choosing between Apple Airpods Pro vs Oneplus Buds Pro.

However, in terms of Price and availability, Oneplus Buds Pro is affordable and cheaper than Apple Airpods pro.

Charging Power

Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro have their battery life as:

  • Listening time of up to 4.5 hours per charge.
  • Active Noise Cancellation with Transparency Off for Up to 5 Hours.
  • Up to 3.5 hours or more of talk time per charge.
  • More than 24 hours of playback time, more than 18 hours of conversation time, and 5 minutes in the charging case give you roughly an hour of listening time or almost an hour of speaking time with AirPods Pro.

Oneplus Buds Pro

Oneplus Buds Pro have their battery life as:

Users are listening for 10 hours while you charge for 10. Take up to 38 hours of listening time with the charging case. Even wireless Qi-certified chargers can be used to recharge the case.

However, by turning off ANC, battery life drops to about 7 hours, which is still relatively short compared to similarly priced competitors, who can achieve a battery life of 8 hours and longer. Despite being so compact and light, the case can contain four charges, bringing the total runtime to about 25 hours.

However, Apple Airpods Pro is better if the battery is the main factor.

Perks of Apple Airpods Pro and Oneplus Buds Pro

Apple Airpods Pro

The Apple Airpods pro has a good match with three ear tip options, sound quality, good active noise cancellation, the pressure-sensitive stems for controls, a portable charging case, a much-improved design over the original AirPods, are well integrated with the Apple ecosystem, are comfortable and lightweight. Additionally, Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio has superb sound quality, a sturdy fit, excellent ANC efficiency, enhanced effortless-to-use controls, and modern, practical design.

Oneplus Buds Pro

The Oneplus Buds pro features an auto play-pause button, consumer-friendly sound, Bluetooth, lightweight and comfy earphones, a water-resistant casing, pleasant, intense audio, wireless charging, good noise cancellation, and transparency mode. It also has powerful charging technology, distinct acoustic characteristics, accessible and user-friendly controls, and is compact and portable.

Drawbacks of Apple Airpods and Oneplus Buds pro

Apple Airpods Pro

The disadvantages of Oneplus Buds Pro include their higher price, charging via a lightning cable, not being designed for everyone, the inability to manually adjust the ANC strength, their short battery life, the lack of intelligent features for Android, and the fact that users can find better sound for the same price. Additionally, it lacks a companion app, has bad customizing choices, timing issues with noise cancellation, and sounds less attractive than Sony competitors.

Oneplus Buds Pro

Oneplus Buds Pro’s shortcomings include the lack of a custom EQ, poor noise isolation and cancellation, inability to manually adjust sound, fiddly controls, aggressive audio tuning that can become tiring, a subpar microphone, noise cancellation that adds some high-frequency noise, poor ANC playtime, and some features that are either undisclosed or exclusive to OnePlus devices. Additionally, there is a poor passive soundstage and few technical details.

Noise Termination of Apple Airpods Pro vs Oneplus Buds Pro

Noise cancellation means it listens for incoming noise, analyses the sound pattern, and then creates a mirror anti-noise signal to drown it out. The result is a noise level that is noticeably diminished.

Apple Airpods Pro

The most important feature of the new version is active noise cancelling. Active Noise Cancellation makes these the AirPods to buy, and the way it works is excellent, even if it’s not customizable. The noise-cancelling is continuously adjusted 200 times per second.
Apple has ignored the trend for user-selectable noise-cancelling modes. Instead, noise-cancelling is either on or off. While it won’t wholly mute the low rumble of planes and trains, it renders midrange sounds half as loud as without ANC.
However, Sony WF-1000XM4 still does a better job in this aspect, but the AirPods Pro is fine for most people as it’s still adequate for commutes and office listening.

Oneplus Buds Pro

Hybrid active Noise suppression will transport you to a peaceful oasis. The Buds Pro’s noise cancellation reaches a max of 40 dB and automatically adjusts to the background noise in your environment.
Three ENC noise-reducing microphones and AI-powered noise-cancelling algorithms provide calls with precisely calibrated speech separation.

There are three aspects of active noise cancelling on the OnePlus Buds Pro. There is a greater max noise-cancelling mode as well as a standard one. However, the smart mode, the default, automatically modifies the noise cancelling level dependent on outside noise levels.

  • Max Noise Canceling: Max is the way to go if you desire the best noise neutralization. Max proved excellent at filtering out domestic distractions, including loud TVs, chatty family, and unexpected deliveries.
  • Smart Mode: This enables intelligent, dynamic noise suppression that automatically changes to compensate for ambient noises in your surroundings when set to the Smart noise cancelling mode.
  • Standard Noise Canceling: One type of Oneplus Buds Pro noise cancelling in Oneplus Buds Pro.

However, if talking about better ANC provided, Oneplus buds Pro dominates this.

Sound Specifics of Apple Airpods Pro

Spatial Audio

With compatible Apple products, Spatial Sound is a 3D audio technique that uses dynamic head-tracking to produce a more immersive soundscape for a theatre-like experience. According to Apple, sounds may be put almost anywhere in the hemisphere using spatial audio. Dynamic head tracking and spatial audio surround you with sound.

Using spatial audio, you can listen to three-dimensional audio from compatible videos that move with your iPhone or iPad. It successfully imitates a movie-style experience where noises seem to surround you from all sides, above, in front of, and behind you. Although there seems to be a slight loss of straightforwardness and punch, it isn’t significant, and spatial audio so far seems to be a very valuable advance.

The constraint of Sound Quality

Regarding audio quality, the AirPods Pro falls short of their class’s top true wireless noise-cancelling earbuds. Some tunes’ low-end had a punch without seeming forced, but users won’t hear the intensity that rivals use. Despite this, the audio quality falls short of its closest competitor, Sony. The AirPods Pro provides a more natural sound than the Sony alternative, which has a more dynamic sound. However, the AirPods Pro’s audio quality will keep you amused if you only listen occasionally.

Sound Specifics of Oneplus Buds Pro

Frequency Curve

The OnePlus Buds Pro applies a 25% decrease in loudness to this frequency band, where these sounds reside between 100 and 1000 Hz. The silicone ear tips’ passive isolation falls short of rival earphones. Only a few high-frequency noises are muffled, even with a good fit.


The 11mm drivers are effectively utilized by the OnePlus Buds Pro, producing rich bass and respectable mids and highs. You could discover that the earbuds depend too heavily on the lower end of the spectrum. Still, if you appreciate a strong and focused bass production, Oneplus Buds Pro is the appropriate option.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to balance out the bass. The Buds Pro includes several other software functions, but none have an EQ, not even a simple toggle to flatten the bass curve.

Dolby Atmos

One of the surround sound formats created by Dolby Labs is Dolby Atmos. It differs from earlier formats because it employs a unique form of spatial coding that makes the surround sound sensation more immersive. Dolby Atmos offers a realistic soundscape for your home theatre in addition to outstanding film recording, making it unquestionably worthwhile. It imitates movie theatre technology by having surround sound emanating from all directions. However, Dolby Atmos is supported only in Oneplus Pro and other Oneplus devices.

Layout- Apple Airpods Pro vs Oneplus Buds Pro

Apple Airpods Pro

The ear tips have also undergone modification. These are made especially for the AirPods Pro, as opposed to every other pair of earphones that always use the same ear tips. Each earbud has a small area toward the speaker driver where the ear tip clicks in place and clings firmly.
The in-ear design makes the most significant impact. The Pros dive deep within your ear as opposed to sitting there. They have three sizes of silicone tips at the end, which are small, medium, and large, and usually are very pleasant.

Oneplus Buds Pro

Both the Buds Pro and their case are very attractive. They are very attractive precisely because of their simplicity. They are unique because there doesn’t seem to be a clear boundary between the various portions of the earbuds. Instead, the curves seem to flow from one spot to the next. The metallic paint used on the stems is the single feature that sets them apart from the shells.

Moreover, along with the Layout, the headphones are comfy. The earbuds don’t exert pressure on your ear, feel light, and don’t have a deep in-ear fit. They also provide three pairs of ear tips in various sizes to ensure the most excellent fit. They could need to be resized, though, as they might eventually start to fall out of your ears.

Characteristics of Apple Airpods Pro and Oneplus Buds Pro

Apple Airpods Pro

Apple Airpods Pro have an H1 chip for processing, works better with other Apple devices, has a wireless charging case, ANC with transparency mode, a specially designed high-excursion Apple driver, and a specially designed high-dynamic range amplifier. Additionally, it has an adaptive EQ, a vent device for pressure equalisation, and spatial audio featuring dynamic head tracking.

Oneplus Buds Pro

The Oneplus Buds Pro include rapid pairing with OnePlus smartphones, wireless charging, ANC Hybrid with scene detection, Audio ID, ANC settings, control personalization, Earbud Fit Test, and Zen Mode Air.

Transparency Mode –Apple Airpods Pro vs Oneplus Buds Pro

By allowing outside sound to enter, transparency mode allows you to hear what is happening around you. Transparency mode modifies the ANC just enough to let most ambient noise in, allowing you to hear what’s happening around you.

Apple Airpods Pro

The Airpods Pro has anti-noise to block unwanted internal sounds picked up by an inward-facing microphone. Press and hold the force sensor to activate the Transparency mode in Apple Airpods Pro. Also, to switch between Noice Cancelation and Transparency mode, press on any of the Airpod. When you wish to hear something, transparency mode uses a variety of mics on both the outside and inside of the bud. Although it’s a valuable feature, it would still be wonderful to be able to lower the ANC manually if necessary.

Oneplus Buds Pro

Only the app allows you to disable ANC plus transparency mode. Transparency Mode should be activated to pipe in background noises because most sounds are recognizable. It also grants you access to firmware upgrades, controls customization, and Audio ID, which is OnePlus’ approach to frequency response customization based on your hearing.

Although the sound is a little artificial-sounding at first, you quickly grow used to it and soon forget that you are listening via speakers because of how well the sound is localized.

Is owning Apple Airpods Pro worth it?

There is no better alternative than the Airpods Pro if you’re an Apple fan looking for the best true wireless earphones to pair with the most recent iPhone. The only Airpods that are worthwhile are these.

Does owning Oneplus Buds Pro make sense?

The Buds Pro has one of the most significant bass outputs at this pricing point. Vocals and other appliance sounds were audible in many recordings, and the earphones managed high and mid frequencies well.


However, the Earbuds Apple Airpods Pro and Oneplus Buds Pro have pros and cons, along with some key Features. When comparing the Price, and if Price is the main factor for you, then Oneplus Buds Pro is better than Apple Airpods Pro. as it is cheap and affordable.

But, if sound quality is the main factor, Apple Airpods Pro is better than Oneplus Buds Pro as it provides a neutral sound profile and feels more premium. In the Battery aspect, too, Apple Airpods Pro is arguably better than Oneplus Buds Pro.

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