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Apple M2 Chip: Apple’s custom silicon’s second generation!


The first processor of Apple’s 2nd gen of custom silicon, the Apple M2 chip announced at the WWDC 2022 keynote on June 6.

This is crucial because Apple’s newest 13-inch MacBook Air 2022 & MacBook Pro 2022 are powered by the M2, a development of the outstanding M1 that made its debut in 2022. It’s intriguing what an M2 infusion can do because these are the replacements for two of the greatest MacBooks now available.

Here is what people currently know about the Apple M2 chip in that context.

Apple M2 Chip: Top improvements and new features

Apple M2 Chip: Top improvements and new features
  • The impressive M1’s successor is a new 5-nanometer chip.
  • Performance gains over M1 are provided by an 8-core CPU and a 12-core GPU.’
  • Features 20 billion processors, 25% greater than the M1 according to Apple.
  • Capable of supporting unified memory bandwidth of 100 GB/s,
  • Supports unified memory support for up to 24GB.
  • Compared to M1, the 16-core Neural Engine has advancements.
  • Multiple channels of ProRes 4K/8K video can play back using the app.

Date and specifications of the Apple M2 chip

Date and specifications of the Apple M2 chip

Its 13-inch MacBook Air & MacBook Pro, which schedule to go on sale in July 2022, will be the first device to use the new Apple M2 chip.

You must spend more than $1,000 to purchase an M2-powered MacBook because the M2 chip is only available in the new 13-inch MacBook Air 2022 (beginning price: $1,199) and the MacBook Pro 2022 ($1,299).


Apple M2 Chip: Specs

The new M2 processor from Apple may customize, including an 8-core CPU and a 10-core GPU. This is an advance so over the original M1, which could configure with a CPU and GPU with up to 8 cores each. However, it falls short of the more powerful M1 Pro & M1 Max chips’ higher core counts. They range from 8 to 10 for the CPU and 16 to 32 for the GPU.

However, Apple asserts that the M2 chip offers up to 18% higher multi-core performance than the M1. We’ll have to verify that ourselves. But if it proves true, it’s wonderful news given that the M1 chip blew us away with its incredible combination of quick multi-core performance and power economy.

The M2 also features a 16-core Neural Engine, similar to the M1. Its Neural Engine in the M2 can perform up to 15.8 trillion calculations per second, which Apple says is almost 40 percent higher than the M1.

Apple claims that the M2 processor can give up to two times the performance of the M1 chip using only half the power and can support up to 24GB of memory.

It would support Apple’s assertion that the M2-powered 13-inch MacBook Pro 2022 could play back videos for up to 20 hours on a single charge or be an impressive increase in performance and power efficiency.

The M2 also features a new media engine which should be able to play back several ProRes streams in 4K and 8K and decode up to 8K HVAC & H.264 video.

You should be able to appear your best during video calls. Thanks to the M2 chip’s picture signal processor, which Apple claims is substantially better than that of the M1.


It’s great that Apple has finally unveiled the M1 chip’s replacement. Particularly when you are a Mac fan who’s been craving a newer 13-inch MacBook. The M2 chip seems to be more of a mid-range piece of Apple silicon that will probably perform better than its M1 predecessor without reaching the same heights as the M1 Max with the most bells and whistles. 

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