Apple Watch Series 8 review: New health sensor & car crash detection!


If you own Apple Watch Series 7, then it is not recommended to upgrade to the latest Apple Watch Series 8. There’s no need to upgrade to the newer model as its appearance, performance etc., is similar to its older version. But don’t count it out as it offers some new things. This series is best for those jumping into the Apple Watch ecosystem or have series six or below. This time Apple has played it safe by not changing much and has now included the new health monitoring system, which we will discuss later. Let us discuss Apple Watch Series 8 review and what it offers.

This time Apple has released three watches, namely Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Ultra. Of these three watches, Apple Watch Ultra is way too ahead by a significant margin as it is more rugged and packed with distinctive features. However, if you are low on budget, you can consider buying an all-new Apple Watch Series 8.

Overall Apple Watch Series 8 Review

Apple Watch Series 8 - Apple

Apple Watch Series 8 is just not to be said as an upgrade to its predecessor. The only notable change is the availability of new colours and specific features like car crash detection, low power mode, and new temperature sensors. If one already has Series 7 in his hand, then it is not recommended to upgrade to Apple Watch Series 8. If you are unfamiliar with the Apple watch ecosystem and want to enter it, you can go for this one.

  • Low Power Mode gives up to 36 hours of battery life.
  • New temperature sensors.
  • Car crash detection.
  • New colours added.
  • No change in design.
  • No update in performance.
  • Similar to its predecessor.
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Design same as its predecessor

Compared to its predecessor, there’s not a single change in the design structure of the Apple Watch Series 8. You cannot distinguish between Apple Watch Series 7 and 8. However, the noticeable change is adding a new colour to the latest model. Last year, in Apple Watch Series 7, Apple increased the screen size to fit all vital information in a single frame. So this model also Apple continued that screen size only.

From the beginning, Apple has a very similar design for their watches. It flaunts a curved rectangle screen with no sharp edges. This has become a trademark for the Apple Watch since its launch. Like, Apple Watch Series 7, Series 8 also have 41mm and 45mm casing options.

Also, there are two models: stainless and aluminium.

Comparatively, the aluminium model is lighter than the stainless model. However, the stainless model gives a rich look compared to the aluminium Apple watch. You will get a digital crown and power button on the right-hand side. Unlike Apple Watch SE, the Apple watch series 8 has an Always-on display which shows some information when not lit up.

Also, the previous model bands are compatible with Apple Watch Series 8. So those who have purchased various bands must be happy as the bands are not cheap. Moreover, both models are IP6X dust resistant. So in simple terms, this model is just to attract those still using Apple Watch Series 6 or below.

Introduction of low power mode

When we talk about the Apple Watch Series 8 battery review, it sports the same battery used in Apple Watch Series 7. This battery can live up to 18 hours on a single charge which is comparatively less than many watches on the market. Some competitors also provide 4 to 5 days of battery life. The Apple Watch has low battery life due to its various sensors working simultaneously to provide you with better functionality. However, you don’t have to worry as there is fast charging support which they have included from Series 7. So you don’t have to wait for hours to get it charged.

Moreover, with Series 8, Apple has included low power mode. One can extend their watch’s battery life to 30 hours with low power mode. This mode shuts off the always-on display mode and various sensors, thus saving an amount of battery drain. While using low power mode, one cannot measure their heart rate and stuff as the sensors are turned off. So, if you want to track your heart rate continuously, this mode is not for you. And you have to get it charged often as using sensors will drain your battery at a faster rate. While if you are happy with Apple Watch only showing the time, then low power mode can give you that for 30 hours without charging it once.

The all-new temperature sensors

The S8 chip brings a new temperature sensor to the Apple Watch Series 8. This new sensor brings two crucial aspects, i.e. sleep tracking and cycle tracks. When this temperature sensor is used often, this will learn all the base rates of your body and then track all the inner movements based on the base rate. It will notify you if it finds considerable changes to the base rate. These changes might occur due to various reasons. Your sleep cycle might get disturbed due to jet lag or illness.

Another important thing this sensor can track is the ovulation cycle. It is helpful for those planning a family to know when they start ovulating. Also, it is beneficial to keep track of syndromes like PCOS etc. However, with a heavy heart, Apple has declared that this feature might not work in future as it is just retroactive. But the sensors are very accurate in tracking the changes within the body.

Also, one didn’t have to worry about their menstrual privacy as the data would be encrypted. Apple has also confirmed this by saying that the data will only be shared with the user’s permission, and Apple itself cannot access this data.

Car crash detection

Another feature in the list of some countable new features is car crash detection. Apple Watch Series 8 can detect car crashes and send alerts to emergency services. This is done using the new motion sensor installed in Series 8, which uses the accelerometer and G-force. This sensor will use GPS and connection of your iPhone to ensure that you are in a car, and then if it senses some chances of a car crash, it will send your location and other required data to the emergency service.

This new feature won’t excite anyone to buy the Series 8 watch as no one’s gonna tell people that this new watch has car crash detection so it will save me. The older models provide SOS and various health features to take care of your health. So this is the feature to just be in peace.

A little enhanced hardware

The dual-core S8 CPU with 64-bit architecture powers the Apple Watch Series 8 device. It appears this will perform similarly to Series 7, and there hasn’t been an advance in this area in a few years. The Apple Watch Series 8 includes two sensors: an electrical heart rate sensor, which is located inside the Digital Crown, and an optical heart rate sensor, which is located on the underside of the shell.

A SpO2 sensor, gyroscope, altimeter, accelerometer, compass, and integrated GPS are also present. In place of 32 g-forces, the accelerometer can now detect up to 256 g-forces, enabling it to recognise whether you were in a car accident. A body temperature sensor is another feature added to the Series 8’s list of features. It will be helpful to identify a fever; this will be utilised to assist women in detecting ovulation.

Other Features

All Apple Watches starting with the Series 4 and beyond, can run the software features. However, key functionality, such as body temperature readings, is only available on the Watch Series 8 and Ultra versions.

The Watch Series 8 has fall detection, noise monitoring, Emergency SOS, and international emergency dialling, in addition to notifications for high and low heart rates and irregular heartbeats. The LTE variants also have international roaming.

The Watch Series 8 also allows users to track a variety of sports, including swimming, cycling, and jogging, as well as do an ECG and check blood oxygen levels. The Apple Watch App Store, which contains hundreds of apps, is also available.

Price and release date

We won’t say that Apple remains grounded this time around in terms of pricing. If you are in the UK, the pricing will be highest all because of inflation. The Apple Watch Series 8 is $499 for cellular and $399 for Wi-Fi only in the US. This includes three months of Fitness+. While its starting price in the UK is £419 for GPS, and its starting price of GPS + cellular service is £529. AU price is not yet out.

Apple has started the pre-bookings of the Apple Watch Series 8, which one can get from September 16, 2022.


I hope you thoroughly understood our Apple Watch Series 8 review. Besides the new colours, sensors for sleep tracking and cycle tracking, car crash detection, and low power mode, there is nothing to offer in Apple Watch Series 8. It is behind the newly launched Apple Watch Ultra in terms of new offerings. If you already own Series 7, then no upgrade is needed. This watch will only appeal to those who are yet to enter the Apple Watch ecosystem or are using Series 6 or below. If you want to upgrade and have that budget, go for Apple Watch Ultra; if you don’t have that much of a budget, go for Apple Watch SE 2.

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