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Best iPhone 12 Screen Protectors to give you that perfect protection!


Screen protectors can be a disturbance to get on your iPhone, yet they’re major for protecting your iPhone’s screen from drops and scratches. kAn endless measure of screen protectors exist available today, and a large number of them are frustratingly low quality. Remember the screen protector itself isn’t invincible. Scratches and cracks can in any case show up, however, it’s the protector being harmed, not your costly phone display. It’s expected to be sacrificial, so plan to trade it out for another one in the long run. Here we will discuss the best iPhone 12 Screen Protectors.

1. iSOUL Anti-breakable Tempered Glass

Designed for iPhone 12/12 Pro 6.1-Inch. Perfectly fits on your iPhone. iSOUL Protective tempered glass for iPhone 12 is easy to install, without bubble, waterproof, anti-fingerprint, shockproof, dust-free, and anti-scratch. The 0.30mm thickness of the glass makes the touch smooth. Oleophobic Coating battles against oil and smudges and gives 99.9% high straightforwardness. The 9H hardness of the iSOUL screen protector keeps the device protected and shatterproof. iSOUL Tempered glass accompanies the full installation unit so one can apply manually without leaving any bubble mark. The installation kit incorporates 4-Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, Guide Sticker, Dust Removal Stickers, Cleaning Material, Installation/User Guide.

2. L K Privacy Screen Protector

Like shaded windows on your vehicle, these hued screen protectors give some security from would-be nosey Nellies. You get two glare screen protectors notwithstanding an installation outline in the package.

Best iPhone 12 Screen Protectors

You need to repulse intrusive eyes from your iPhone screen, and the L K Privacy Screen Protector is more than proficient. It keeps all personal data shielded from strangers with its anti-spy, non-glare, dark protective covering. It additionally serves to shield your screen from bumps, drops, and other normal effects. While using this screen protector, the screen brightness will be decreased, so make sure to increase the brightness while it’s installed on your phone.

3. ESR Tempered Glass

These tempered glass screen protectors come in packs of three, complete with an edge for a straightforward app. They’re completely compatible with any case you get, giving your iPhone complete security for what it’s worth.

Best iPhone 12 Screen Protectors

ESR’s tempered-glass iPhone 12 screen protector offers a noteworthy level of protection. It has a hardness rating of 9H, in the same way as other of the protectors listed. Regardless, ESR asserts the screen protector’s three-layer advancement system can endure 5 kilograms/approximately 11 pounds of power. It’s unimaginably resistant to impact and secures against scratches and fingerprints. This screen protector accompanies an installation frame to ensure a simple, dust and bubble-free app measure. It’s sold in a three-pack and incorporates a cleaning unit also.

4. FLOVEME Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Using a new refreshed ABS stick, the FLOVEME screen protector will monitor your iPhone’s screen safe also holding rises back from framing. It likewise includes an oleophobic coating to resist sticky fingerprints if you have little ones getting at your iPhone.

Best iPhone 12 Screen Protectors

The iPhone 12 screen protector by Floveme additionally arrives in a three-pack and is the thinnest protector listed. At just 0.25mm, this protector is totally transparent, giving touchscreen accuracy of 99.9%. It very well may be paper-thin, yet its 9H hardness rating implies it can get hammered while keeping your screen secured. An oleophobic layer likewise prevents the presence of unattractive fingerprints. At long last, this protector accompanies an installation frame, a valuable, however not totally important to utilize cleaning kit and further developed ABS glue to fit itself to the iPhone 12 screen safely.

5. Spigen Glass Screen Protector

A crooked screen protector or trapped piece of dust is difficult to ignore, and can rapidly spoil the excitement of a new iPhone. While all screen protectors guarantee to be not difficult to install, a few systems are superior to other people.

The Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector installation is hard to screw up. The screen arrives in a plastic auto-arrangement installation frame estimated to flawlessly fit the display of your iPhone. You should simply put the plate the tray over the display of the phone, push it down, then, remove the plastic packaging.

Else, this product is similar to other straightforward tempered glass screen protectors. It prepares for scratches and prevents smudges caused by fingerprints yet doesn’t accompany additional components like antimicrobial treatment or blue light security.

Spigen’s protector is accessible for all iPhone models from iPhone X onwards, including the more modest SE and Mini models. Security screen versions are additionally accessible in specific sizes. As a result of its auto-installation include, there is certifiably not a one-size-fits-all alternative, so ensure you have the specific right size prior to purchasing.


  • The basic and accurate installation
  • Sensible cost
  • Scratch and shatter protection
  • Disperses oil abandoned by fingerprints
  • Privacy screens accessible
  • Includes a subsequent screen


  • Fundamental components
  • More waste/packaging

6. Ailun Glass Screen Protector

In case financial plan is a worry and you’re not searching for anything in the method of extraordinary components, look at the Ailun Glass Screen Protector. It’s made with tempered glass, gets against buildup abandoned by fingerprints, and costs very little.

On the occasion that you’re willing to put in a couple of bucks more, the Ailun Glass Screen Protector is besides accessible with a tinted security screen. The protection filter isn’t pretty much as powerful as more costly choices, however, as it will darken your whole screen, like tinted windows. This implies your own viewing experience will be degraded except if you turn up the brightness of your display.

It’s accessible for the latest iPhone models, including the 12/12 Pro, 12 Max, and 12 Mini, however relying upon the size of your phone, the protector may not impeccably cover your whole screen.


  • Minimal cost
  • Scratch and shatter security
  • Prevents sweat and oil residue from fingerprints


  • Essential protection
  • Essential components
  • It May not be an ideal fit

7. OMOTON Screen Protector

Creating excellent screen protectors at a relatively low is the thing that OMOTON is known for. What’s more, the accessory maker continues to keeps on saving its contribution for the all-new iPhone 12 in accordance with the standing.

The tempered glass screen protector highlights careful patterns that enable it to get install definitively on the screen. The laser-cut dimensions likewise ensure there are no obstructions with the TrueDepth camera or microphone.

With respect to insurance, OMOTON can survive the shock and battle out scuffs with ease. Additionally, you can likewise expect that it should keep the original transparency of the OLED show intact. Strikingly, its price at $7 for a three-pack which places it in the least expensive segment.


Whether or not you have an iPhone 12 Pro Max, an iPhone SE , or anything in the centre, you probably need to keep it secured, and a screen protector is a straightforward method to keep the display in one piece.

Conclusively, by looking at and distinguishing among all of the above, iSOUL Anti-breakable Tempered Glass is a great option!

It is made with high-quality tempered glass. It effectively protects the display from scratches and each day put on and tear. This Screen Protector comes with 9H hardness, excessive clarity, waterproof, anti-fingerprint, shockproof, dust-free, and anti-scratch.

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