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iPad Mini 2021- Carry your iPad anywhere!


Apple recently launched the upgraded version of the iPad Mini in the Apple Event held in September. The iPad Mini now has a great screen, excellent battery life and the A15 Bionic chip enhances speed and performance. If you are planning to buy it, you need to get cleared on all aspects. Here is everything you need to know about iPad Mini 2021 before you buy it.

iPad Mini 2021 Design

iPad Mini 2021 Design
iPad Mini 2021- Carry your iPad anywhere! 4

The latest iPad Mini is not so mini anymore, it is a shrunken version of the iPad Air 2020. The big bezels and home button are gone and now it has a nearly bezel-free design, flat edges, and the Touch ID-enabled power button on the side. Unlike the other iPad, you get to choose from fun different colors like purple, pink, Starlight, and Space Gray. Also, to make space for the Apple Pencil the volume buttons are moved to the top of the tablet. Thus, allowing the Apple Pencil (2nd Gen) to magnetically bolt to the side for charging. Moreover, to make this adjustment the speaker grille configuration has slightly changed.

The latest iPad Mini weighs only 0.65 pounds making it amazingly easy to use with just one hand. The biometric Touch ID sensor is placed on the lock/power button of the iPad. You can easily set your Touch ID up on the iPad mini, unlock the tablet and confirm your identity for Apple Pay. One of the most surprising changes is Apple ditching the Lightning port for USB-C. With all the Bluetooth-connected devices the usage of the port is shrinking day by day. Also, it doesn’t have a headphone jack just like the iPad Air. Although this won’t be a problem for those who own AirPods, a problem for people owning wired headphones.


iPad Mini 2021 Display

For its size iPad mini 6 has one of the best screens with True Tone and wide color (P3). The iPad mini 2021 has a 326-PPI screen that is sharper than the 264-PPI iPad 9 and 264-PPI iPad Air 4. Even with the sharp display, you might find the small size a bit uncomfortable when you use the split-screen between apps. This makes the text size small in Safari and it gets difficult for small touch targets. So, it is difficult to multitask with the iPad mini 2021. If you compare it with other tablets, the latest version is much brighter than them with a maximum of 520 nits. Although, the display has one setback that some users find annoying. There is a “jelly scrolling” problem in some units, specifically in portrait mode, In this, both sides of the display start scrolling at different speeds.


The latest upgrade comes with 5G and USB-C connectivity and also supports the Apple Pencil (2nd Gen). With fast processing speed, the tablet loads all your games and apps quickly. The USB-C port helps to connect with other devices easier without needing to carry extra cables with you. Although, the iPad Mini still lacks the FaceID facial recognition for login and MagSafe charging. With MagSafe charging, it would become easier to charge and use an accessory at the same time. Although, to support the MagSafe charging the tablet will have to move towards glass back instead of metal. This will make the tablet less durable than now and that’s why this feature is not possible.

OSiPadOS 15
CPUA15 Bionic
Storage64GB, 256GB
Display8.3-inch (2266 x 1488 pixels) Liquid Retina
Rear cameras12MP wide (f/1.8)
VideoUp to 4K at up to 60 fps
Front camera12MP FaceTime HD
WirelessWi-Fi 6, optional 5G (Sub-6)
Battery life10:29 (tested)
Size7.7 x 5.3 x 0.3 inches
Weight 0.7 pounds

A15 Bionic System-on-Chip

The iPad Mini 6 now has the A15 Bionic system-on-chip with a six-core CPU, five-core graphics, and 16-core Neural Engine. This processor is even used in the latest iPhone 13 Pro too. With super fast speed, you won’t see any lag even if you split your screen into multiple tabs. This speed also helps in Apple’s machine learning tricks like Live Text. With this iPadOS 15 feature, you can hold your finger down on an image to select the text in it.


iPad Mini 2021- Carry your iPad anywhere! 5

In terms of cameras, Apple has really upgraded the cameras in the latest version as compared to the previous versions. You get a 12-megapixel wide-angle rear camera that lets you shoot 4K videos up to 60fps and an extended dynamic range for video up to 30fps. For the front, you get a 12-megapixel camera that lets you shoot 1080p video up to 60fps. You even get the Centre Stage similar to the iPad Pro, so you will always be in the frame. The cameras will give you crisp images, correct skin tones, and even pick up some detail. With the fits more frame even when you are on a call, making it handy for a group video call with other people surrounding you in one frame. Even the Center Stage feature is quite good for video calls as it will always keep you in the frame.

Battery Life

It is claimed that the battery for the latest iPad Mini will last up to 10 hours on a single charge. If you use your iPad constantly for browsing with your Wi-Fi, it will last for almost 11 hours. This is quite impressive considering the pixels there are to illuminate. This battery life beats the Air 4 as well as the Tab A7 Lite. Although the larger iPad 9 lasts about an hour longer.


With such a small size you won’t believe the sound quality the iPad Mini 6’s stereo speakers can give. When you listen to any song, you can clearly hear not only the singers but even the instruments’ sounds are clearly heard. This audio quality will give you a great experience even while you play different games or play EDM tracks on repeat.


Even though the sleek edges of the iPad Mini 6 support the Apple Pencil 2, it does not support the iPad Magic Keyboard. One of the reasons can be the size of the iPad, which is only 8.3-inches, is too small to allow for a keyboard. The Apple Pencil 2nd Gen is easier to use with the iPad Mini. With the first-generation Apple Pencil, you had to plug it into the Lightning port in the bottom of an iPad to charge it. Whereas, the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen charges by snapping magnetically onto the flat edge sides of the iPad. The Apple Pencil can turn your handwriting into type with the help of the iPadOS Scribble feature. This helps you to write into text fields and turn that handwriting into legit text.

Although, as you use the iPad Mini you may even wish that there was an Apple-made Magic Keyboard for the iPad mini 2021. But it does support Bluetooth keyboards like the Logitech MX Keys and MX Master 3.


Whenever Apple launches new products, the line of expectations is always long. But before buying any of those products you need to know all the pros and cons about it. For iPad Mini, it has been upgraded with the A15 Bionic to give a faster performance, letting you run even-more demanding apps on it. This version is comparatively smaller and lighter than the others and you can use it with one hand. If you want speed, performance, and connectivity options in a smaller tablet, iPad Mini 2021 is definitely for you. Also, with the Apple Pencil (2nd Gen), you can draw, sketch and take notes. Although, it is not compatible with the Magic Keyboard as it doesn’t have the Lightning port. Still, you can use Bluetooth-connected keyboards with it. With all the cool features it is worth getting yourself the latest iPad Mini, but remember that you cannot use it as a replacement for your laptop.

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