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The Photos app from Apple is a tremendous gallery that stores every one of your photos in it. These photos summarize more than thousands all at once. Furthermore, to track down a solitary picture from these get very troublesome! Looking through the gallery unendingly is irksome just as tedious. Yet, with the search feature in the Photos app, you can undoubtedly search the photos. You can search for any specific place, pet, or thing from the photos and the app will find it for you. Here is how you can search for photos on your iPhone.

Search photos

Here is how you can search photos on iPhone with the Photos app:

  • Hail to the  Photos app .
Search photos iPhone
  • A bottom menu willl appear, from that hit on  Search button.
Search photos iPhone

  • In the Search Screen, you will discover pictures partitioned into a few classifications like Moments, People, Places, Categories, and Groups.
  • You can search for your picture from there.
Search photos iPhone

Use the Search Bar to find pictures

You can easily hit on the Search Bar on the top to search your photos in the Photos app. Here is how to do so:

  • In the Search tab, hit the Search Bar.
  • You can type in the search bar a watchword to search for your image. It very well maybe the name of an individual, a creature, where the image was taken, and so forth
  • After that, click on Search.
Search photos iPhone

Add names to people

The Photos app bunches the photos of a similar individual so it is simpler to discover.

You can add names to this group of pictures. It very well may be the name of your companions or family. Your iPhone will propose the names from your contacts while you add the name. Here are the means by which to do as such:

  • Hail to the Photos app .
  • From the bottom menu, click on Albums.
  • From the Albums tab, click on People to open the People albums.

  • Or in the search bar type People. Click on the unnamed People album and you will be able to see the pictures of the person.

Search photos iPhone

  • In that tab, click on the Add Name present at the top.
  • Then you can write the name of the person, and click Next then Done.

Use Siri to find pictures in the Photos app

If not manually, you can even ask Siri to find the pictures in the Photos app. You can give Siri voice commands and tell them about the picture you want to find. You can tell about the time the picture was taken or the location for the picture or both to search for the pictures. If you be more precise, Siri can easily find the picture from the Photos app.


With the Search feature in the Photos app, it is easy to find pictures in the Photos app. Among the thousand different pictures stored in the app, you can type a keyword to find a specific picture. It can be the name of the person in the picture, the place the picture was taken, an animal, or something else. Not only this, the pictures are categorically divided into the people albums in the Photos app. The pictures are grouped according to the person present in the picture. You can go to the album to find the photo you want. Moreover, if you don’t want to manually search for the pictures, you can even ask Siri to find the photo for you.

You can tell her about the time the picture was taken or the location it was taken, and Siri will find it for you. You can be as much precise you want and tell both the time and location of the picture, and it will become easier to search for Siri.

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