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Huawei Band 4: Fitness Tracker is an acceptable Alternative!


One of the best Huawei Band 4 is unique in that it is unlike any other fitness tracker. There is no charging cord nor cradle included. Instead, one-half of the strap detaches to show you may charge your Band by simply connecting to any USB port on the male side of a USB-A connection.

Most fitness bands & smartwatches come with not only a wire and also a proprietary charger connector, which means that if you lose and forget the accessory, you’ll also be left without power. With Band 4, this is not the case. It’s a little point, but it makes the question of why other businesses don’t follow suit.

Thankfully, the remainder of the Huawei Band 4 is as impressive. It competes with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for the title of best inexpensive activity tracker in 2019. It includes a full week’s worth of battery life, a color touchscreen, and built-in activity and sleep tracking.

Huawei Band 4: A Good Fit

Huawei Band 4: A Good Fit

The Band 4 is as simple as fitness trackers come, which is nice. It sports a tiny 0.96in color display in a little 24g design that is pixelated but incredible for the price. In direct sunshine, it’s difficult to read. The screen is woken up by a capacitive touch trigger situated immediately below the screen, which also acts as a menu back button.

The black strap variant was evaluated, however, there are also amber dawn and sakura pink alternatives. It’s also wonderful to see the strap has a solid buckle.

The underside contains buttons that readily remove each part, one of which reveals the clever USB charging link, which is otherwise hidden when not in use. The tracker’s bottom is gently curved gently hug your wrist & features the slightest of bumps that house the heart rate sensor.

For about a week, You found it incredibly pleasant to wear all day. It’s water-resistant to 50 meters, so you wore that in the shower, and it’s small enough that you didn’t feel it when sleeping — keep it on, and it’ll basically follow your sleep.

It’s not a particularly intriguing product, and the black variant is particularly unappealing. However, You believe it has a better design than the Fitbit Inspire line and is much more sturdy in build. Furthermore, it’s tough to make a small band more than useful.

A group of brothers

A group of brothers

This Honor Band 5 (Honor seems to be a Huawei sub-brand) is a sister to the Band 4, and both items are remarkably similar. Regardless of the fact that Huawei Band 4 costs £5 more and has the same features as the Huawei Band 3. You prefer it because it does not require a charging wire.

The 2 designs are also slightly different, and you may favor one over the other. However, the function of both comparable bands is identical, with the exception that the Huawei does not have a swim tracking feature, whereas the Honor has. They power both by Huawei’s Lite OS wearable software, which scales down for this physical factor.

Above all, it is about function

Above all, it is about function

This Huawei Band 4 is as basic as a fitness tracker with a screen can be, but it outperforms in terms of features. It doesn’t have built-in GPS (and so do most trackers that size & price), so you’ll have to carry your phone with you about runs and rides to track your path, but it has everything else a casual fitness user needs.

It tracks your steps, distance, calories, and heart rate, which you can change to automatic or manual to save battery life. But, also with the auto heart rate on it and raise the wake the screen activated (it’s off by default), the Band 4 comfortably lasted a week of daily use.

You use the Band 4 to track daily gym runs and exercises & found it to be very accurate. It includes cross trainers & rowing machines, as well as workout settings for interior and exterior runs, walks, and cycles. According to the Huawei Health app, you generally used it in the free training phase for weights. It registered the heart rate and provided you with a readout of the intensity. Annoy you that it appears that you should have worked harder; you exhaust.

Health App

Huawei Band 4: Health Application

Unfortunately, the Huawei Health app equips more fully on Huawei phones. You had only been able to access the watch face shop when the Band paired with the Huawei phone. The choice did not present in the app on a OnePlus 6T.

Huawei Health is the pleasingly basic software that suits best more casual health tracking. Once you get used to a couple of the peculiarities involved in trying to surface your fitness information. On the other hand, you may connect Huawei Health to Apple’s Health app on an iPhone and have the 2 platforms work together.

You used an iPhone and the Huawei Health app, which looks different but has the same function as the Android app. But you can’t download the new watch faces, and the device only comes with three. It’s a shame because the retail package promotes “creative watch faces,”. But it turns out that they vary by device and area.

The watch face you grabbed from a Huawei phone with a cat DJing doesn’t exactly improve the Band. It is, nonetheless, amusing.

Is the HUAWEI Band 4 a good investment?

Is the HUAWEI Band 4 a good investment?

In the UK, Argos and Amazon sell the Huawei Band 4 for £34.99. The same price also as Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

This is a significant saving over the lowest Fitbit competitor, the £89 Inspire HR. Its Huawei Band 4 offers all of the same capabilities, with a color screen & longer battery life, for less than half the price.


The Huawei Band 4 has three great features: a long battery life, and a built-in charging port. The ability to wear this and forget about it. The Band 4 is everything you need at an incredible price. If you don’t want a fully-fledged smartwatch with all the bells & whistles.

However, at the same price or less, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and the very similar Honor Band 5 is better choices. Because they can both track swims, which the Band 4 weirdly lacks. If that’s important to you, you won’t mind missing out on the Band 4’s handy built-in USB charger.

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