Awesome Touch Bar apps you won’t find in the Mac App Store!


As per Apple’s Interface Guideline for the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, the Touch Bar can be utilized as an information device, and not as an auxiliary presentation. It is available to help you work simpler and quicker and not disturb your work by showing alerts, messages, looking over content, static substance. However, there are some fun apps which you will not discover in the App Store. So you can download and install them straightforwardly and improve your user experience. Here are some great Touch Bar apps you will not discover in the Mac App Store:

Touch Bar Nyancat- Touch Bar apps

Touch Bar Nyancat- Touch Bar apps

This Nyan Cat in your Touch Bar accompanies music and will carry a grin to your face each time you start it. Likewise, there is a rainbow Pop-Tart cart that will stumble into your Touch Bar.

Knight TouchBar 2000

Knight TouchBar 2000

With the Knight TouchBar, you can make your exhausting MacBook ace somewhat more fun. You will see Kit’s light sprinter in your Touch Bar alongside the Knight Rider soundtrack. Additionally, you can request that Siri turn something upward for you while the soundtrack is playing.

Touchbar Santa


In case that you need to have the Christmas feels with your MacBook Touch Bar, you can carry Santa to your Touch Bar. You will be able to listen a remix of Jingle Bells by Ol’ Blue Eyes. Appreciate the occasion sentiments with this Touch Bar Santa!

TouchBarBar- Touch Bar apps


Need to snatch a beverage yet are left with work? You can feel the energy for quite a while with this TouchBarBar! With this, you will discover four cocktail emojis on your Touch Bar. At the point when you tap on one of the emojis, you’ll hear the sound of the chose refreshment being poured. Invigorate yourself while working with these drinks!

Touch Bar Dino

Touch Bar Dino

Need to play the Dino game from Google Chrome on your Touch Bar? Contact Bar Dino is here for you. Tap the screen to bounce over the desert flora. With this, you can appreciate playing with Dino on your Touch Bar and have a good time.

SL on Touch Bar

SL on Touch Bar

At any point considered having a train on your screen? With SL on Touch Bar, you can also possess it on your MacBook Pro.

Albeit this app depends on a coding joke, with this element, you can change the appearance of the train into a slug train! It is one of the great little Touch Bar apps.

TouchSwitcher for Touch Bar

TouchSwitcher for Touch Bar

With the TouchSwitcher, you can view apps that you have open on your MacBook Pro. Each app will appear in the Touch Bar. With a solitary tap on the Touch Bar, you can go straightforwardly to the app. You don’t have to squeeze Command and Tab on your keyboard to get to the app switcher with the TouchSwitcher for Touch Bar. In spite of the fact that there are keyboard alternate ways for exchanging apps, not every person recollects that it. In addition, you can perceive what apps are open without covering your screen with that large icon list. This is a standout amongst other Touch Bar apps.


Let’s face it, once in a while working can get exhausting and we may need some fun without getting the work upset. With these Touch bar apps, you can proceed to work and have a great time all together. With the Knight TouchBar 2000, you can see Kit’s light sprinter in your Touch Bar with the Knight Rider soundtrack.

In case that you need a great game and like the Dino game from Google Chrome, at that point, you can get it on your Touch Bar with Touch Bar Dino. Additionally, you can get trains running on your Touch Bar with the SL on Touch Bar. You can update your train from a steam motor to a slug train with only a couple of steps. The best one is the TouchSwitcher for Touch Bar, with this you can see all the open apps on your MacBook on your Touch Bar. Not just this, you can straightforwardly tap an app and open it straightforwardly with no problem.

Which is your favourite Touch bar app? Tell us in the comments section below!

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