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Using Touch Bar with Contacts app on Macbook Pro!


With the Touch Bar on your MacBook Pro from Apple, you can use important tools directly from the keyboard. You can use the Touch Bar even while using the Contacts app on your Mac. Here ‘s the way how you can use the Touch bar with the Contacts app on MacBook Pro:

Reach out the Contacts app with the Touch Bar!

With the Touch Bar and the tools present in it, you can text, call, FaceTime, or mail someone in your contacts easily.

  1. Open the Contacts app from your MacBook Pro.
  2. Then, pick a contact which you want to call or message.
  3. You can then click on either the textcallFaceTime, or mail option.

Despite the fact that recollect that you will be given different alternatives accessible for the technique for contact you’ve chosen if the contact card has various approaches to reach out. For instance, assuming you pick the message choice, you’ll have the option to pick the contact you want to send the message to.

Adding or editing contact cards in the Contacts app

You can use the Touch Bar to help make adding or altering a contact card less difficult.

Adding a new contact!

  • Open the Contacts app from your MacBook Pro.
  • From the app click on the add button which is a plus symbol.
  • Click on New Contact. Also, to create a new group for the contacts you can tap on New Group.
Touch bar- Contacts app
  • Into the text field write the first and last name to give a name to the new contact.
  • To additionally add information pick a Field on the Touch Bar to it. Just swipe the Touch Bar towards the left to check out more info fields.
 Touch bar with  Contacts app
  • If applicable click on a subfield. To delete a field choose the Remove Field option.
  • When completed, hit Done on the Touch Bar.
use  Touch bar

Edit a contact card!

  1. Open the Contacts app from your MacBook Pro.
  2. From the app pick a contact you want to edit.
  3. To edit the contact information click on the Edit option present on the right side of the contact options.
  4. Further, pick a field on the Touch Bar to edit.
  5. If applicable tap a subfield.
  6. In the field, write the changes you want in the info. To remove a field just click on the Remove Field.
  7. When finished click on Done on the Touch Bar.
Edit a contact card

Sharing a contact card!

If you want to share someone’s contact number with your family or friend, you can rapidly share the contact card. You can share this with a click on the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro.

  1. Open the Contacts app from your MacBook Pro.
  2. Pick the desired contact that you want to share.
  3. To share it click on the Share button. It is a square with an arrow facing up.
  4. To can pick the technique you need to use for sharing and for this tap on a strategy for sharing. You can browse email, Messages, AirDrop, Notes, Reminders, or a viable third-party app.

Subsequent to finishing the form, click on the Send button.

share a contact card-

Would you be able to customize the Touch Bar for the Contacts app?

Although, presently you don’t have an alternative to customize the Touch Bar for the Contacts app.

But, you can access all the main features of the app. Maybe in future, there can be an update and you can get the option for customization.


With the Touch Bar in the Contacts app, you can undoubtedly go through the app with simply a tap

To call, message or FaceTime any person from your contacts list, you should just tap on that contact. If the contact card has multiple ways to get in touch, you’ll see all those options for the method of contact. Also, you can rapidly edit or add a new contact with the help of the Touch Bar. It even allows you to share contact with your friends or family any time you want. Although there is no option for customization for the Touch Bar in the Contacts app, maybe in future you will get an update for customization.

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