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Using the Touch Bar with Reminders on the MacBook Pro!

In case that you need the features you use regularly to be effectively open, the Touch Bar is your answer. With the Touch Bar, it gets simpler to make a move in the Reminders app without utilizing the trackpad. Here is the manner by which to utilize the Touch Bar with Reminders on the MacBook Pro:

Creating a new Reminder

With a to-do list, you can rapidly add another thing to the app. You can do this with the Touch Bar rapidly and effectively in Reminders.

add a Reminder to a list
  1. Choose a list in the reminders app found on your MacBook Pro.
  2. To add a task click on the Add (+) button present on the Touch Bar.
  3. Further, compose the task in the to-do thing.
  4. To move to the following line press Enter.
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The task will be then appended to the list. After you choose a list in Reminders, you will get the Add button on the left side of the Touch Bar.

Editing a Reminder with the Touch Bar

Additionally, you can likewise include a location and time to a Reminder on your MacBook just as the iOS device. Here is the way to do this with the Touch Bar:

  • Pick a list in the Reminders app presented on your MacBook.
  • On your preferred list select anything.
  • On your Touch Bar choose Add Time.
  • Moving ahead, click on the left or right arrows present on the touch bar for changing the date of the task.
  • To change the time for the task haul alongside the Time wheel.
Edit a Reminder with the Touch Bar
  • At the point when you are done choose the X on the Touch Bar for closing the editing tool
  • You can add the location for your task by tapping Add Location on the Touch Bar for adding a geo reminder.
  • To get an update notice when you are in a particular location, you can choose Getting out of the car (Carplay-just), Getting in the car Carplay-just), or Current location.
Edit a Reminder with the Touch Bar

Also, you can add the reminder location manually. To do this, begin composing a location, Touch Bar will show the recommended locations.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is reminderspp123.png

Checking off a Reminder and mark it up!

You can scratch off your task with simply a tap in the Reminders app

  1. Pick a list from the Reminders app on your MacBook.
  2. On the list click on a thing that you need to verify.
  3. Hit the Checkmark from the Touch Bar.
  4. At that point, the following thing on the list will be naturally chosen. In case that you are likewise finished with the following task, basically hit the checkmark again to verify it.
check off a Reminder

Customize the Touch Bar for Reminders

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Albeit as of now, you can’t customize the Touch Bar for the Reminders app. Yet, it is conceivable that Apple will add more tools to the Reminders app later on, which would permit us the choice to choose which tools we utilize the most to add to the Touch Bar. For the time being, the Touch Bar is far adequately restricted, that there aren’t numerous additional tools to add.


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With the Touch Bar, utilizing the Reminder App has gotten a lot simpler. You can quickly add another item with the Touch Bar at a faster speed. Or then again just alter and add a period and location for your task from the Touch Bar. Exactly when you genuinely add a location, the Touch bar prescribes a location to complete your address. With the Touch Bar, you can scratch off a reminder, actually like you add a task to the list. Despite the fact that you actually can’t customize the Touch Bar in the Reminders app, perhaps later on Apple will bring an update for customization.

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