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Best Cloud Phone Systems for excellent calling options!


Is it safe to say that you are searching for the best cloud phone systems? However, Cloud phone systems are facilitated in the cloud. This implies that the phone is associated with the internet, and all information is put away on a protected server. Cloud phone systems are a reasonable and famous option in contrast to customary business phone systems.

With a dependable internet association, a cloud-based phone system permits a business to utilize numerous lines and upgrade their communication without managing costly phone line installation costs.

What is a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system is a business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephone system that permits you to make and get business phone calls through your internet association.

Since your phone calls are managed in the cloud over the internet, you and your workers can accept calls from any place. You shouldn’t be truly associated by means of a landline, as you would in a traditional phone system.

The Cloud phone system is ideally suited for remote groups. Rather than workers giving out their own cell phone number for business calls, they can be getting business phone calls utilizing the virtual business phone number app on their cell phone.

1. RingCentral Office

Cloud Phone Systems

RingCentral is another famous cloud phone system. Their feature-rich system incorporates every one of the standard choices you’d expect, for instance, limitless calling, call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, text, internet faxing, automatic call recording, and then some.

You additionally get video conferencing with screen sharing, in addition to incorporation with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Dropbox, Microsoft Office365, Salesforce, and different services. This can enable RingCentral to work as the core of your communications platform.

Like Nextiva, RingCentral won’t charge you for brings in the US and Canada, regardless of the number of calls you make. Your team can accept calls through the RingCentral mobile or desktop app, giving them a lot of adaptability.

RingCentral likewise functions as a cloud PBX or virtual PBX system, which means approaching calls can without much of a stretch be routed to the right office or augmentation. You can likewise add extra virtual phone lines depending on the situation.

You can likewise utilize RingCentral to buy vanity phone numbers like 1-800-GoFedEX.

Price: RingCentral costs from $19.99/user/month, charged every year. There’s likewise a free 15-day trial accessible. This provides you with a limit of 5 users and 50 minutes of talk time per client.


  • Exceptionally profound list of capabilities for VoIP and coordinated effort
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) combinations
  • An extensive list of discretionary apps for customization


  • Some fresher joint effort includes still being worked on
  • Work process not quite as instinctive as it ought to be
  • Restricted report customization

2. Ooma Office

Cloud Phone Systems

Ooma is a famous business VoIP supplier that makes extraordinary cloud communications answers. It gives you bunches of helpful features like a virtual assistant, expansion dialing, hold music, a mobile app, a desktop app, and the sky is the limit from there.

You can add a toll-free number (1-800 number) for nothing. There are likewise toll-free calling plans, so you get more minutes of approaching toll-free calls each month. It’s easy to get your cloud VoIP business phone system set up with Ooma. You have the choice to keep your current business phone number or get another one from Ooma.

Ooma additionally works as a cloud PBX or hosted PBX system. This implies it’s not difficult to transfer calls and enable group collaboration between remote representatives. You can set up team members with their own phone, bought from Ooma or from a third party. On the other hand, you can decrease the upfront expenses by making another line that coordinates with the worker’s current Android or iOS gadget.

Remember that with any phone system, your team members will require a sensible measure of data transmission (upload speed) to settle on top-notch decisions.

Price: Ooma costs $19.95/user/month.


  • Flexible product with no fixed contract
  • Basic mobile and desktop apps
  • Support for existing analog phones
  • Easy to use


  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Phones must be configured by Ooma

3. Grasshopper

Cloud Phone Systems

Grasshopper is an incredible cloud phone system for independent companies. It gives you a virtual phone number that can forward calls to any phone number or cell phone.

You get every one of the features you’d expect, including call forwarding, routing, hold music, voicemail to email, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a mobile app in addition to a desktop app, so it’s simple for your group to use while working from a distance. With Grasshopper, you can get the US or Canadian local or toll-free number. You can likewise add custom good tidings and expansions. Every one of Grasshopper’s plans incorporates limitless minutes, as well.

A drawback with Grasshopper is that you can’t utilize it to settle on active decisions. You actually need your ordinary phone number for that. In addition, Grasshopper is just accessible in the USA and Canada.

Price: Grasshopper costs from $26/month, charged every year. This is for one phone number, however, you can add expansions.


  • Extremely fast and easy setup
  • Competitive cost


  • Requires existing landlines or mobile phones
  • Limited features beyond the basics

4. Nextiva

Cloud Phone Systems

Nextiva offers an astounding simple to-utilize cloud phone system that is great for remote groups. It accompanies every one of the features and usefulness you really want for your business communications, for example, limitless free domestic calls, progressed call routing, voicemail to email and text, SMS messages, auto-specialist, and online faxing.

The online administrator panel is easy to utilize and manage. You get a free local or toll-free number, free number porting, and all the call executive features you’d anticipate. These incorporate caller ID, call forwarding, auto-attendant, progressed IVR (intelligent voice response) system, and more.

The Nextiva communication platform offers extra strong features that coordinate with your phone system. These incorporate a completely featured CRM and live chat, making Nextiva a Unified Communications system, likewise called a total cloud platform.

Nextiva additionally offers online surveys and call investigation. The voice examination software gives you ongoing experiences in phone activity across your association. This allows you to monitor call volumes and spot potential issues. Nextiva additionally has a business phone app that deals with iPhones (iOS), and Android smartphones.

Above all, Nextiva gives you extraordinary call quality and network through their extraordinarily dependable data centers. They have had no blackouts by any means over the most recent two years.

Price: Nextiva starts from $19.95/user/month. The cost per client differs relying upon the number of users you have.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Flexible options
  • Great fax quality for easier, text-based reports in testing


  • Can’t pick or send to international numbers
  • No mobile apps or advanced mark devices
  • Helpless password security.
  • No two-factor validation.
  • Cancellation is superfluously difficult


Cloud Phone Systems offers a straightforward web connection point and mobile app to deal with your cloud office phone system. Like the other phone system suppliers we’ve covered, they offer every one of the standard features you’d anticipate. These incorporate call forwarding, call routing, caller ID, a text message, voice message to email, and the sky is the limit from there. remembers Canada in addition to a few European countries for their local call minutes. This makes calling out to those nations a lot less expensive. With, you can likewise pay for additional features including call recording and more phone numbers.

The least expensive plan restricts you to 300 month-to-month minutes and 2,000 text messages. This might be enough for your business needs if your little company doesn’t settle on numerous decisions. There’s likewise 24/7 live client service, on the off chance that you want assistance getting set up.

Price: costs from $10.39/user/month.


  • Basic, simple to-utilize interface.
  • Great call quality.
  • Free desktop and full-included mobile apps with a softphone.
  • Human and robotized voicemail records accessible.
  • Offers proficient voice recording service.


  • Video conferencing is just accessible for an additional month-to-month expense.
  • Caller investigations are extra.
  • Minute groups and extensions can get costly for bigger organizations.

6. Google Voice

Best Cloud Phone Systems for excellent calling options!

Google Voice is a cloud phone system. It offers every one of the features you want, similar to free calling to US and Canada numbers, call forwarding, voice message transcription, text message, call screening, and more. With Google Voice, you likewise get incorporation with Google Calendar, Google Fi, and Google Meet.

A Google Voice number can be utilized through phones or through the desktop app with a dial pad, allowing your representatives to chip away at the go. They can set their Voice number to forward to their cell phone or different gadgets.

Price: Google Voice is free for individual use. The field-tested strategies evaluated are from $10/user/month.


  • Artificial intelligence technology with voice
  • Text messages can be shipped off my Google Voice number.


  • Deferring a split of a moment of time to convey messages.
  • Some voicemail messages can’t be interpreted.

7. eVoice

Best Cloud Phone Systems for excellent calling options!

 eVoice is another famous VoIP service supplier. It offers limitless calls, call routing, custom greeting, call forwarding, meeting calling, text messages, voicemail to text, and that’s just the beginning. It’s a decent choice if your remote group is global or situated in the UK, as eVoice offers inclusion in the UK, EU, and Canada, just as in the USA.

Price: From $14.00/user/month (billed annually).


  • Toll-free dial-in numbers.
  • Minutes included with plans.
  • Share screen with up to 2,000 clients.


  • No whiteboard feature for sketching.
  • Apps don’t include conferencing features.
  • Free preliminary requires a credit card on the document.

Cloud Phone System Features:


You can utilize your cloud phone system to set a customized voice message, record messages from callers, and that’s just the beginning.


Most cloud phone systems permit you to convey mass text messages to business contacts for simplified correspondence.

Call Forwarding.

You can set your cloud-based phone system to advance calls straightforwardly to a different line if fundamental.

Multi-device operation.

Cloud phones can be gotten to from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. This implies that you can get to your phone line anyplace, as long as you have an internet association.

User accounts.

The phone system administrator can add or eliminate client accounts, making it simple to give representatives their own line or augmentation.


Cloud-based phone systems are an incredible choice when your colleagues work remotely now and again or telecommute. Picking the best cloud phone system is a vital choice since it can affect your business and customers.

RingCentral is the best Cloud-based phone system.

RingCentral has a solid platform for managing business correspondence. It guarantees solid correspondence with customers and incorporates well with top apps on the market. RingCentral likewise includes astounding customization abilities.

Albeit somewhat more costly than a portion of its competitors, RingCentral is reasonable. It has additionally gotten numerous positive client reviews.

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