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Best eCommerce platforms to grow your business!


Numerous businesses make the most common way of picking a platform into account as their business establishment. That is totally correct! Presently, building an eCommerce website is easy, however assuming you start with some unacceptable eCommerce platform, it will hurt your business soon. The simplest method for building an internet-based store is utilizing an eCommerce platform, so we’ve accumulated the seven best eCommerce platforms across the board in one place to take care of you.

What is a platform?

A platform is a business model that makes esteem by working with exchanges between free groups, which typically brings together clients and producers. Nonetheless, platforms make communities and markets that permit clients to communicate and transact through network impacts.

In a general sense, an eCommerce platform is the foundation of an online retailer. An eCommerce platform is software where businesses launch, host, and deal with their online stores. The platform gives features that permit merchants to build a marked online storefront to find and sell their products and services.

1. Wix

Best eCommerce platforms to grow your business!

Wix is one of the most simple to-utilize eCommerce platforms giving straightforward choices to build a full-on website with serverless registering and hassle-free coding. It’s the best fit for brand new online stores with reasonable pricing, 72 free themes, and a very basic setup.

You can choose a template and modify anything you need to appear in your store. As your store develops, you can generally add new elements to further develop your store execution.

Wix offers a mobile-optimized version of your store, which commonly helps both you and your clients. You can change to Mobile Editor to customize the mobile point of interaction.

In case, you need to further develop your SEO execution, get a customized SEO plan by responding to a couple of questions regarding your site, your location, and keywords.

Nonetheless, because of its straightforwardness and the absence of significant tools for selling, the platform isn’t reasonable for quickly developing or huge scope online businesses.


  • Huge loads of free amazing themes.
  • Truly easy to utilize and set up
  • On-page support for quite a long time
  • 72 free themes


  • Making a decent attempt to battle a terrible SEO reputation. Made upgrades, however, tried ineffectively.
  • Difficult to completely customize the template

2. Shopify

eCommerce platforms

Shopify is one of the most notable eCommerce platforms in the world. It is a web app that assists you with making an online store rapidly and effectively with numerous accessible templates. Notwithstanding, you can customize those templates to best accommodate your needs .

Shopify supports a thorough scope of credit cards, so you don’t need to stress over the payments conflict issue in your store. Additionally, you can ensure the information of your customer and store is protected.

Giving a full CMS, Shopify enables you to deal with the usefulness and the layout of your online store. One more exceptional advantage of Shopify is that it permits clients to deal with their store on Shopify mobile apps. The platform is completely responsive with the goal that clients can without much of a stretch track, manage, and modify their store anyplace paying little heed to access from mobile or desktop. It’s an advantageous and ideal way for business doers who typically need to deal with the go. That is one reason why Shopify is the best platform at selling.


  • Lighting quick load time
  • Very simple to set up
  • 1-Click selling
  • Permits different channel and social selling
  • Extraordinary themes with differed designs


  • Incapable to customize the checkout interaction
  • Apps can add up and turn out to be exorbitant
  • Need a developer for cutting edge highlights

3. Bigcommerce

eCommerce platforms

BigCommerce is well known for being the world’s leading cloud eCommerce platform. The platform is additionally known for its low complete expense of ownership and profoundly adaptable APIs.

BigCommerce gives you a complete set of eCommerce devices with an assortment of features and choices. In any case, it enables your store to coordinate out-of-the-box with the vast majority of the necessary solutions in the eCommerce ecosystem. Businesses covering both B2B and B2C customers can involve this platform as it makes it simpler to make different value lists or catalogs for different client groups.

Because of the complexity of built-in elements, the underlying expectation to absorb information of BigCommerce is higher than other software-as-a-service platforms.


  • Adaptable and versatile
  • Excels with multi-channel selling
  • Solid SEO Performance
  • Fabulous Theme Designs
  • Thoroughly abandoned cart feature


  • Conflicting rates in consecutive studies
  • Gets costly for high volume stores
  • Cart surrender isn’t on the passage plan
  • No 1-click Selling/Upsells

4. Shift4Shop

eCommerce platforms

Having been established in 1997, 3dcart  (now Shift4Shop) is the oldest of our featured providers here.

The company says it has six fundamental values by which it works, for instance, continuous innovation, great service, straightforward solutions, fostering trust, keeping representatives and clients happy, and stimulating prosperity among representatives and clients.

Notwithstanding, a portion of the platform’s creative features incorporate a module that clients can install to offer gift-wrapping, a buy order system, the choice of running a dependability program, and the capacity to offer repeating orders. A large number of these highlights are quite certain, implying that stores can be exceptionally custom-made to the necessities of every business.

Shift4Shop is consistently updated and new highlights are continually added, for example, the drag and drop HTML builder, built-in SEO details, the home page editor, or scheduled advancements.


  • Preferred blog feature over other SaaS eCommerce
  • Supports every one of the integrations you would require


  • Templates are in line with patterns, yet never at the cutting edge
  • Negative input on client service
  • Potential issues upgrading
  • Not really for beginners

5. WooCommerce

Best eCommerce platforms to grow your business!

WooCommerce is a free WordPress module that enables merchants to transform their WordPress sites into online stores openly and furthermore offer extra paid features and incorporate choices to streamline the usefulness of the shopping cart.

This open-source platform is an ideal answer for little brands with WordPress advancement assets as it will be not difficult to customize. Through its safe payment processor, WooCommerce guarantees PCI consistency and gets correspondences between your clients and your server.

In any case, WooCommerce can slow down because in light of the fact that it can’t deal with a lot of weight of themes, plugins, or products you add to your store. So if you need to increase your business, it’s smarter to pick another platform. If there should arise an occurrence of utilizing this platform, be careful with all that you install that can affect your store performance. Choose the right hosting environment that decides how much traffic your store can deal with.


  • WordPress is the best platform for SEO
  • 1 Click selling app accessible
  • Heaps of WordPress specialists accessible
  • Exceptionally customizable
  • Many promoting choices and a lot of different mixes


  • Great hosting can be expensive
  • Need to manage attempt at blame game for investigating.
  • Practically zero support
  • Do you want extensions for basic stuff

6. Volusion

Best eCommerce platforms to grow your business!

Volusion is an across-the-board eCommerce solution that assists you with effectively making, managing, and extending your online store. The platform empowers clients to build online stores with numerous helpful highlights and instinctive usefulness.

You can make your online store on your way with expertly-designed themes, an assortment of navigation styles, custom domains, also the rich substance editorial manager, and that’s just the beginning. Every one of the capacities will assist you with making a website with a stellar shopping experience for clients.

In the wake of finishing your website design, this platform makes it simpler for you to begin selling. It offers eye-getting product pages, a thorough order system, an adaptable payment process, high security, and then some.

With strong SEO tools, you can undoubtedly follow and deal with all your metadata to keep your pages, products, and categories SEO-friendly.

Social integrations are great to get your site’s exposure and acquire leads. Also, reporting highlights give you bits of knowledge about everything that happened in your store from abandoned carts, live carts to product and classification sees.


  • Extraordinary onboarding and help center
  • Extraordinary adaptability with Sitemaps
  • built-in subscription
  • SMB friendly


  • Needs up/strategically selling features
  • Many sites had helpless URL structure
  • One of the more slow SaaS platforms
  • No built-in blogging usefulness

7. Prestashop

Best eCommerce platforms to grow your business!

This is another proficient, innovative, and open-source eCommerce solution giving all features you want to build an online store and skyrocket your business. Prestashop has opened the doors of eCommerce for more than 300,000 vendors all over the planet.

The platform is openly available and downloadable. You will simply need to pay for costs connected with the hosting, SSL certificate, and something different comparable. You can build your website with Prestashop’s expert-looking and fleek themes. It doesn’t restrict your imagination and thoughts in designing your own website. You can customize those themes to customize your online on your own style and liking.

Additionally, there is a wide scope of addons and modules adding to boosting the general exhibition of your online store. You can deal with your products, orders, customer relationship, and also get the report on constant statistics.

It’s additionally simple to make content on your websites, for example, blogs, and share your content on social networks to draw in more visitors. The platform breaks any boundaries for your website by permitting you to present your store in a few languages and currencies. You can extend your product offering to any sort of customer and country. Eminently, you can integrate dropshipping with your store effectively with a couple of steps to increase your business without wasting time on stock management.


  • Huge loads of apps/integrations are accessible
  • Strong SEO
  • Open source entirely adaptable
  • Huge and prepared to-help local area


  • Slower than different manufacturers
  • Add-ons can add up
  • Restricted third-party marketing integrations
  • Designer expertise expected to change
  • No multichannel functionalities on the hosted version


The best eCommerce platforms can enable your business to set up an online store that suits your requirements. There is an immense assortment of eCommerce platform packages from which to pick, so building an online store has never been more straightforward.

As per our list, Wix is the most ideal decision for more modest stores, thanks to its beginner-friendly editor and also incredible eCommerce tools. If you have a bigger and more fluctuated stock, we recommend Shopify.

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