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Best Online form Builders!


Are you searching for the best online form builder for your website for a small business? For you, we’ve put up the ideal list! These days, there are a variety of Online Form Builders to select from, making it difficult to pick the best one. Can Free form builder work for your company? Or would it be wiser to get a premium plan? Online forms may be used for many different things. Additionally, it is simple for everyone to use, enabling small company owners to create their websites without paying a professional. Making the appropriate choice is crucial since your website’s online form is a crucial component, and your website is a crucial component of your business.

What does Online Form Builder do?

The necessary data is collected from your clients, internet visitors, or users via an online form. While other forms just accept written replies, some utilize answer boxes that must be ticked. 

A web app software named an online form builder is used to design and maintain online forms. Online form generators and internet form builders are other names for online form builders.

Gathering email addresses or client comments may be the first application of forms. Although they are good uses for forms, you can also use them to assist consumers to submit support issues, registering for events, or even letting staff members seek new tech.

What is advisable for you to search for in an Online Form Builder?

You should take into account these five criteria when looking for your ideal app.

  1. Does the price match your requirements?
  2. Is creating forms an easy process?
  3. Can the design be altered?
  4. Does it relate to the tools you already have?
  5. Is customer support active?

Best Online Form Builders

1. HubSpot

Online form Builders
  • A full-stack CRM platform is HubSpot. You can use over 1,000 form fields in its free edition. The drag-and-drop interface of this programme is used. The use of this software is simple.
  • There are 12 field available, including checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, and more. Their data is sent to HubSpot CRM. This flexible function will meet many people’s needs.
  • Most digital products can be integrated with HubSpot’s form builder. You may quickly and easily get the precise information you want from customers by providing them with a straightforward web form.
  • Whereas alternative approaches are difficult and laborious, the form builder is simple and automatic. The HubSpot form builder handles the little things, such as form customization, automated contact sync, and more, for you.
  • Although HubSpot’s form builder is one of the simplest to use, it is very constrained due to its specific focus on marketing. 
  • Because of its free plan, HubSpot is an excellent, risk-free choice if you’re searching for a solution that enables step-by-step form development and can help you manage your customer lists. If you require more, you must choose a different online builder then.

HubSpot Key Features:

  • Hubspot CRM integration is simple
  • Create shapes by dragging and dropping.
  • There are 12 different field types available.


HubSpot offers a no-cost plan. You can develop simple features in this, and if you want to construct more sophisticated tools and features, you may purchase plans starting at $50 per month.

2. Typeform

Online form Builders
  • The greatest online form maker is Typeform if you prioritise stunning design.
  • This offers a variety of templates for various businesses and forms kinds, such as tests, polls, surveys, and application forms, so you won’t find any uninteresting pages there.
  • This form is simple to use and ideal for firms that cater to youthful consumers or have a laid-back aesthetic.
  • It’s simple to create a custom form on Typeform by modifying the typefaces, adding cover pages, and uploading videos and marketing materials.
  • Typeform guarantees that the data you require smoothly integrates into your processes and enables you to interact at scale using over 120 integrations.
  • In addition to connecting to Zapier, the form builder connects with Google Analytics to make it simple to evaluate your data.
  • Logic jumps enable the creation of numerous forms. You won’t often find this attribute in other form approaches. Using logic jumps, a respondent can be guided to the following question based on their answer to the previous one.

Typeform Key Features:

  • Attractive formats for dialogue.
  • Logic with conditions.
  • Its design is distinctive.
  • Mobile responsive
  • Available templates


There is a free version of this online form builder. It also offers Basic, Plus, and Business premium subscriptions. You may choose between a monthly or yearly plan with prices starting from $25 to $89 each.

3. WuFoo

Online form Builders
  • One of the most incredible online form builders is WuFoo.
  • Forms are simple to alter and modify to your preferences.
  • It has more than 400 templates accessible, making it simple to choose one that meets your needs and design rapidly.
  • Wufoo is a form generator with a tonne of features that will enable you to make a broad range of forms. It features a huge collection of templates, but many of them are surveys and only a few of them are compatible with the free plan.
  • Wufoo isn’t actually intended for total novices, despite being quite simple to use.
  • You can also add CSS and HTML code to make it uniquely yours.

Wufoo Key Features:

  • Bolster the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Independent theme designer
  • High level of data collecting
  • Database for cloud storage


Wufoo has a free plan, however, it only has basic functionality, making it unsuitable for large organisations. As a result, you must buy the plans. The four premium programmes offered by Wufoo are Starter, Professional, Advanced, and Ultimate. It begins at $19 per month.

4. Paperform

Best Online form Builders!
  • Paperform is a great tool for creating aesthetically pleasing forms that reflect your business. It had a 14-day free trial period, after which you had to buy a membership.
  • There is no requirement for technical expertise in this. As a result, it is simple to use and easy to customise.
  • Consequently, begin typing to create your form, press Enter to advance to a new line, and utilise the submenus to input photos and videos, modify the text, add questions, and much more.
  • When using several themes, you have total control over the colours, fonts, and backgrounds.
  • You may pick from more than 650 pre-made layouts for things like reservations, client reviews, and wedding invitations.
  • You can create forms without using a drag-and-drop user interface, which is a distinction from other form builders.
  • Similar to creating an online document, you may add question fields, photos, video, and text wherever on the page in Paperform.

Paperform Key Features:

  • There is a free-text editor accessible.
  • Options for online payments
  • Available as a subscription
  • Advanced theming and personalization.
  • If you have any questions, a live support crew is available 24/7.


Three distinct paid plans—Essential, Pro, and Agency—are provided by Paperform. Beginning at $24 per month.

5. Jotform

Online form Builders
  • Online form builder Jotform is free, however, it has certain restrictions.
  • The enormous library of more than 10,000 form templates in 18 languages is what has made this software so well-known.
  • Templates are provided in a variety of formats, including contact forms, evaluation forms, registration forms, and signup forms.
  • There are two different layout possibilities available.
  • You may design multi-page forms with Jotform. Additionally, the forms are responsive to mobile devices.
  • This platform makes your forms appear fantastic on any device by utilising mobile-first technologies.
  • More than 30 different payment channels accept payments with this app. It’s simple to change the styles, fonts, backgrounds, and colour schemes in this.
  • There are several templates available on Jotform. You can launch a form in less than five minutes with very little effort and absolutely no code required.
  • With Jotform, getting started is quite simple. They offer a robust support and assistance system, and the application is quite intuitive. I recommend using the trial if you are thinking about using Jotform.

Jotform Key Features:

  • There are free templates available.
  • Widgets and themes.
  • A PDF editor
  • Mobile app.


Only five forms may be submitted under the free beginning plan of Jotform. There are four premium options available for the online form builder, beginning at $39/month: Starter, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

6. Google Forms

Best Online form Builders!

  • The simplest method for developing an online form is Google Forms. Create and customize simple forms fast using Google Forms.
  • It provides a quick and simple solution to design and set up subscription forms. This programme offers a variety of templates that may be customised or created.
  • You may alter the typeface used for the survey questions, upload photo files, and modify the colour of the header in this.
  • There aren’t many display modification possibilities in this app. You may design straightforward forms using the form builder tool’s drag-and-drop builder.
  • An extremely sophisticated form builder that is free, Google Forms supports conditional formatting, numerous sections, and a variety of question forms.
  • Not everyone will find it suitable, but if your requirements aren’t too complicated, it could be the form builder you’ve been waiting for.
  • Compared to other form builders, Google Forms only provides 17 pre-made form templates. The provided templates are diverse and ideal for both professional and domestic use.
  • The “translate this page” option will have to do for form responses who do not understand the language because there is no direct method to make Google Forms available in various languages.
  • You may add as many questions as you like, and you can group them into parts, to your forms.

Google Forms Key Features:

  • Simple structure
  • 11 different sorts of questions
  • Simple cooperation
  • Form builder with drag and drop


Use of Google Forms is free, or choose from one of four Google Workspace plans, starting at $6 per month.


There are so many choices and opportunities! Selecting the ideal online form builder for your organization might be difficult. While every tool on this list is excellent, the one you select will rely on your unique needs and goals. I suggest that you take advantage of the free trials that all builders provide before making a decision. then select a premium plan.

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