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Call Recording Apps for iPhone


We have been dependent on our mobile phones more than ever. Activities like interviews and surveys now take place on phones instead of IRL. If you have client calls and interviews on mobile devices, you probably should be using a call recording app for future needs.

That said, Apple does not include a call recording app on its iPhones because recording calls lies in a legally grey area. Yet, sometimes you need to record calls so you can refer them later. While there are plenty of third-party apps that do the job, we bring you a list of the Six best call recording apps for iPhones.

1.Rev Call Recorder



  • Completely free
  • Ads Free


  • The interface could be better.
Call Recording Apps

Rev Call Recorder stands out on the list because it is ad-free and also free of cost. That does not affect the audio quality because even the recordings are clear and of good quality. Additionally, there is no limit on call lengths. You can also share your recordings through SMS and mail. 

Overall, Rev Call Recorder is your go-to app. A better interface could have been the icing on the cake, but we can work with that for an ad-free app that does not cost a dime.

2.TapeACall Pro

Subscription Based


  • Better interface
  • Good quality recording


  • Pricey compared to free apps

TapeACall Pro is a subscription-based application that lets you record calls, both incoming and outgoing. The interface is simple, and with a single click, you can start recording a call. It also lets you share the recording via social media or email. You can even choose to upload the recordings to cloud storage.

The app offers a 7days free trial period, which will help you decide if you want to buy the subscription. After which, you can choose a monthly subscription of $3.99 or $19.99/yearly.

3.Call Record NOW

Subscription Based


  •  Includes a free trial, with full functionality
  • Different playback options.


  • The app is Buggy sometimes.
Call Recording Apps

Like most other apps on this list, the Call Record NOW has an incoming and outgoing call record feature. The recording time for a call is unlimited, and you can share it through the mail, SMS, or the cloud. What stands out is that the free trial period lets you all the features before you decide to go for a subscription.

You can find the outgoing and incoming calls in separate folders, plus you can edit few things like merging Calls or giving titles. Additionally, you can easily access the recorded clips in the app. The minimum subscription charge is $1.99/ month.

4.Call Recorder App for iPhone by Profuse

Subscription Based


  • Reliable saving of recordings.


  • It does not offer a subscription and has a one time purchase only.
Call Recorder App for iPhone by Profuse

The recording application by Profuse is popular amongst iPhone users. 

It offers similar features as every other application on the list. Additionally, it provides a secure saving of recording, something other applications don’t prioritize.

Customer support is also better in case of grievances. Plus, the application regularly receives updates. Thus, making it better each day.

5.Call Recorder: Phone Call REC

Subscription Based


  • Great interface
  • Easy access to recordings


  • Only a 3-day trial period
Phone Call REC

Phone Call REC is one of the apps with a modern-looking interface. You can record both incoming and outgoing calls. A small requirement is that you need to have 3-way call conferencing possible. Once you meet that requirement, the app would work smoothly.

You can easily access the recorded clips in the application whenever needed. Phone Call REC is free to download and use with a 3-day trial. Once you decide on committing, the app will cost $5/ month.

6.Call Recorder – IntCall

Subscription Based


  • Records international calls.
  • Manage recordings easily.


  • Requires pre-paid credit of weekly subscription
Call Recording Apps

Call Recorder-IntCall is more for businesses involved with international calls. While the app is free to download, you will need pre-paid credit or a weekly subscription to use the app.

The recording app downloads both national and international calls. Further, the recordings saved on the device are easily sharable through the cloud or mail.

The requirement includes a GSM carrier and 3-way conference calling.

Our Top Pick

Rev Call Recorder

Call Recording App
Call Recording Apps for iPhone 8

Its no surprise that Rev Call recorder is so popular among iPhone users. It has all the features that the paid application offer. Additionally, it also offers to transcribe the recording for a small fee.

Rev Call Recorder has a large user base, from students to professionals, everyone prefers this all rounder free app.


Recording a call should only be done after prior permission. Once that is out of the way, you have a plethora of applications to choose from. Hope you find the list of application useful. Do let us know in the comment section which one are you trying soon! Meanwhile, also check out the trendy iPhone HomeScreen Customization Apps.





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