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Hate Firefox’s address bar ads? You can disable them now!


Firefox is carrying supported address bar ideas to its browser with the most recent updates. This implies that Mozilla will offer content from accomplices dependent on your search questions, right in the address bar. These ad connections will appear close by all the typical search suggestions like browsing history and could end up being nosy. The Web is stacked up with ads on each page, and the expansion of these promotions in the address bar may disturb Firefox users. Mozilla is calling this component Firefox Suggest and there is a simple way of disabling it too.

Firefox has updated its support page to clarify more with regards to this new Firefox Suggest include. On the page, Firefox considers it a “feature that serves as a trustworthy guide for the better Web, surfacing important data and locales to assist you with achieving your goals.” These significant ideas come “from trusted partners dependent on the thing that you’re searching for.” Traditionally, the address bar presents thoughts like browsing history and open tabs, however, if Firefox Suggest is enabled, it will likewise show ideas from Mozilla’s accomplices.

What is Firefox?

Firefox is a Web browser that is more modest, quicker, and somehow or another safer than the Mozilla browser from which quite a bit of its code was initially determined. Compared with Internet Explorer, the most well-known Web browser, Firefox gives users a cleaner interface and quicker download speeds. As of November 2008, Firefox had around 20% of the market share of browsers, around the world. Web Explorer had around 70%.

Firefox incorporates the majority of the components with which users of different programs are natural. The primary iteration of the browser likewise incorporated a few new components different browsers didn’t have at that point, for example, a bookmarks toolbar and selected browsing that permits a user to rapidly switch to and forth between a few Web sites. Different browsers have since adopted a considerable lot of these provisions, however, Firefox’s generous developer base continues on making new plug-ins that offer increased usability and usefulness. Since scripting controls such as Java and ActiveX can effectively be unselected during installation, there is the chance of better security.

Advertisements are not at the expense of user protection

Firefox’s address bar

Firefox Suggest will think about city areas and the search keywords to throw up ideas. A few ideas, tragically, will be ads. The picture above is an illustration of supported content for Vans-branded shoes on eBay, first published in a Mozilla blog post. Mozilla likewise guarantees users their security will be ensured, saying the new ideas include don’t involve collecting, storing, or sharing new user information.

Disable sponsored suggestions on Firefox

Anyway, Firefox Suggest showed up in Firefox 93.0’s conveyance notes, it has all the earmarks of being the component that was around since version 92.0. Users may be incited to enable the element—which would help Firefox in “fund development and streamlining.

Users who have Firefox Suggest enabled can undoubtedly disable it by utilizing the accompanying steps.

  • Enter on the top menu button in the Firefox browser
  • Snap-on the Settings, then, at that point, hit the Privacy and Security.
  • Look down to the Address Bar options and head to the Firefox Suggest section
  • To enable or disable relevant ideas, select or deselect the checkbox next to Contextual suggestions.
  • To enable or disable customary address bar suggestions, for example, Firefox Suggest results from browsing history and bookmarks.
Firefox’s address bar

In the wake of updating to the most current version of the browser, Firefox may give you spring up inquiring as to whether you need to enable “contextual suggestions” or change your settings. If you accidentally enabled any of the Firefox Suggest highlights without acknowledging it, you can in any case disable them:

  • Snap-on the hamburger menu and afterward select Settings
  • Enter on the Privacy and Security in the sidebar and look to Address Bar — Firefox Suggest
  • Select or unselect the checkbox for relevant suggestions to turn the component on or off
  • Select or unselect the checkbox for “occasional supported suggestions”.

It’s somewhat disappointing to need to deal with an element like this. Firefox is a well-known option in contrast to browsers like Google Chrome since it’s stricter with users’ protection and for the most part less data-hungry. If you trust Mozilla and need to help it, Firefox Suggest probably won’t be tremendous trouble. It’s likewise not whenever the company first has dabbled with advertising — in 2018, Mozilla incorporated paid advertiser links and Pocket article reading ideas in new tabs.

Mozilla adopted sponsored content back in 2018

In spite of its “internet for people, not benefit” motto, Mozilla presented supported content in 2018 for funding its ventures. Since then, at that point, users have needed to manage new Firefox tabs with some paid reading suggestions. What’s more, presently, they have been slapped with yet another ads-related feature. However, it’s exemplary that Mozilla is sticking to its promise of giving users the opportunity to disable supported ideas.

Firefox 93.0 likewise supports AVIF image format , automatic highlights

Prominently, Firefox 93.0 additionally accompanies three significant changes that users will, impressively, appreciate. Regardless, the updated browser version supports the AVIF picture format, which offers better pressure and no patent limitations. Firefox 93.0 likewise has a tab uploading highlight that kicks in consequently when the system memory is basically low. Another automatic include blocks the downloading of harmful documents.


Mozilla released Firefox version 93.0 prior in October and with it carried out another search highlight—Firefox Suggest—which shows customized, paid suggestions in the address bar. Firefox Suggest shows ideas from Wikipedia, Pocket, and, “sponsored, vetted accomplices and trusted organizations.”To note, Firefox had been giving users address bar search suggestions utilizing browsing history, bookmarks, and open tabs.No doubt you can disable Firefox address bar ads.

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