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How to block Ad Tracking on your iPhone?


We don’t realize just how much advertisers and app vendors can learn about us from our phone use. Luckily, Apple has ways you can minimize ad tracking and the amount of data you’re unknowingly sharing. Here ,explained are some ways how to block ad tracking on your iPhone !

Block ad tracking on your iPhone on Safari

For an iPhone user, Apple’s Safari browser is the first option to go with.

You may want to turn on a feature that stops advertisers and other third parties tracking which websites you go to in order to create targeted adverts. Here are some steps you could just stop all this disturbance:

  • Go to your Settings
  • Then scroll down till you see “Safari”.
  • Click on “Safari”
  • Come down to the “Privacy & Security” section.
  • You’ll see something stating “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking”.
  • Make sure the toggle next to this is turned on so it looks green.
  • You can also turn on “Block All Cookies”. This can prevent your data being grasped from websites.

Undergo in thoughts that some sites will refuse you entry if you don’t use cookies. Cookies may be helpful to take into account what you closing searched for like apparel items you would possibly want to go back and buy or a particular playlist you revel in.

How to turn off customized adverts on iPhone?

You could additionally flip off customized advertisements for your iPhone. Visit Settings after which click ““Privacy” and then scroll all of the way right down to “Apple advertising”. Turn the toggle subsequent to “Personalized Ads” off.

Block ad tracking on your iPhone by turning off location-based adverts

In case you don’t need to look ads based totally in your location to your iPhone then go to Settings and click on “privacy” after which “Location Services”. Make certain that the “Location Services” toggle is switched off.

block ad tracking on your iPhone

You can turn off place get entry to on a whole lot of apps or best have it turned on when you’re using the app.

This feature normally seems when you download a brand new app.

Block ad tracking on your iPhone-The Conclusion

As we all recognize via now, facts is a huge commodity in recent times. If you use a telephone, computer, or any kind of computing tool (until you’re a safety professional or a high-end hacker with get entry to to state-of-the-art blockading gear), you’re paying for your apps via contributing advertising and different data to the corporations that supply them.

Hopefully ,this write-up helped you out with how you can block ad tracking on your iPhone! Like ,comment, share and subscribe. Regards!

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