GoodNotes 5.3.3 review: Taking the best iPad OS has and making it better!


In GoodNotes 5.3.3 review, if you want to see just how amazing multitasking and multiple tabs can be on iPad OS 13, GoodNotes pushes the boundaries with its latest update.

At this point, you have presumably known about GoodNotes, the note-taking application that is explicitly designed for handwritten docs. It’s one of the number one note-taking applications and is consistently a great program for it’s numerous and vigorous highlights.

Taking the best iPad OS has and making it better got a major update close by iPadOS 13 that takes iPadOS’s different window backing and goes for it. You can view and work in one note pad while the other is open and hanging tight for you. It additionally, obviously, upholds Dark Mode, which makes the whole experience on the new iPad working framework a totally lovely encounter.

GoodNotes 5.3.3 review: Taking the best iPad OS has and making it better!


Features of GoodNotes

Taking the best iPad OS has and making it better

It’s particularly planned as a handwriting application so you can utilize your Apple Pencil or another pointer.

There are many paper styles, remembering lined paper for an assortment of sizes, specked paper, frameworks, section pages for bookkeeping, and that’s just the beginning.

There are month to month planner pages and music scores. You can change the paper tone between white or yellow and use either scene or representation situating.

There are additionally around five dozen notebook covers, so you can truly flaunt your own style.

You can make outlines for introduction, explain PDFs that you’ve imported, and even inquiry the entirety of your notes — manually written, composed, or imported as a PDF.

You can coordinate notebooks into folders and most loved them to move them to the first spot on your list where they’re simpler to discover. Creating a new folder, note,  or Quick Note, which is a solitary page note utilizing the default paper, which you can add to a particular scratch pad later on.

Presentation Mode

You can likewise transform your iPad into a computerized whiteboard utilizing Presentation Mode.

This makes it feasible for you to reflect your iPad (or iPhone) to an extra large television or screen. You can either conceal the interface from others or permit them to see all that you see. There is even a laser pointer.

With the update to variant 5.3.3. on iPadOS 13, GoodNotes currently supports OCR examining. So you can rapidly import paper substance to your computerized note pad. At the point when you tap the add button, one choice is to “Sweep report” which will request admittance to your camera,. And afterward take photos of the paper you’re bringing in. GoodNotes will at that point examine the content of the note and make it accessible/

Likewise selective to the iPad and iPadOS 13, you can open GoodNotes in different windows. You can have two extraordinary, or even a similar two, scratch pad open next to each other. In addition to a third journal open in a floating tab.

GoodNotes 5: Pro Multi-Tasking

GoodNotes 5.3.3 review: Taking the best iPad OS has and making it better!

We will zero in here on highlights selective to iPad on the grounds that it’s the iPadOS 13 update that has helped make this a reality. You can drag the application from the dock at the lower part of the screen and off to one side or option to raise multi-window mode.

Yet, GoodNotes makes this a stride or two further by incorporating extra ways you can trigger multi-window mode on your iPad. What’s more, this works in both scene or representation iPad situating, yet the way.

Two windows one next to the other

You can open GoodNotes to your principle dashboard and drag a note pad to one side or option to open two windows one next to the other. At that point, don’t hesitate to drag a third note pad over into the tab see. The selected window will kind of be in your manner and doesn’t actually look that great. However you can have three note pads open simultaneously. Indeed, you can have a similar precise journal open in three unique windows . -All on the same wavelength, alter in one window, and watch your alters show up across each of the three windows.

The OCR scanner is totally significant. We have begun bringing in my electric bills, to make sure we have an advanced duplicate of them. They’re totally accessible, so in the event that we need to realize which bill came to $112 a year ago, looking through will help me discover it rapidly. Since they’re presently in advanced structure, sending duplicates to somebody for reference is not, at this point an absolute agony.

GoodNotes 5: No Booklet style

There is an alternative to add a book box, which permits you to type, and it even changes with the amount you type.

This is an extraordinary alternative on the off chance that you need to make a note pad with pictures or comments since you can control the composed content anyway you need the crate to be, including duplicating the case and sticking it onto another page. What we need, however, is the choice, when we make another note pad, for it to completely be a composing booklet .

Complete with arranging choices like the Notes application. We need to make bulleted records and things I can confirm.

We need to have headers and have the option to make tables just by composing and choosing whatever arranging instrument we need.

GoodNotes 5: The conclusion

GoodNotes 5.3.3 review: Taking the best iPad OS has and making it better!

For not exactly the cost of three 100-sheet twisting note pads, you can have a limitless measure of advanced journals for all you may conceivably require. Remembering taking notes for class or gatherings, adjusting your books, making diagrams and outlines, arranging your every day occasions, and then some. What’s more, you just need to convey one iPhone or iPad with you. Substantially more helpful than attempting to recollect where you last left that scratch pad you utilized three months prior.

GoodNotes 5.3.3 review is intended to be utilized as a handwriting application and works flawlessly with Apple Pencil. Along these lines, utilizing GoodNotes to rapidly type up notes isn’t exactly the progressive experience that the handwriting aspect is. In case you’re expecting a scratch pad that works like Apple’s underlying Notes application, well … you’re in an ideal situation with the underlying Notes application.

With the update to iPadOS 13, you can truly perceive how different application windows can beam on an iPad. We totally love the amazing way simple and instinctive it is to open . And alter various journals on a similar screen. Since GoodNotes has an OCR scanner, we can likewise monitor paper archives with an awesome authoritative framework.


If you want to see just how amazing multitasking and multiple tabs can be on iPadOS 13. GoodNotes pushes the boundaries with its latest update.

It’s one of iMore’s favorite note-taking apps and is always an impressive program for it’s many and robust features. GoodNotes 5.3.3 review got a big update alongside iPadOS 13 that takes iPadOS’s multiple window support and runs with it. You can view and work in one notebook while the other is open and waiting for you.

It also, of course, supports Dark Mode, which makes the entire experience on the new iPad operating system an absolutely pleasant experience.

GoodNotes 5.3.3 review is a note-taking app, but it’s nothing like note-taking apps you are used to using.

It’s specifically designed as a handwriting app so you can use your Apple Pencil or another stylus.

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