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Fix the Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light with these simple tricks!


Xfinity modems are furnished with a one-of-a-kind set of features, because of which we can perform our different sorts of day-by-day activities effortlessly. This multitude of activities are done online in the present time, yet someplace error Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light comes, after which your concerns begin expanding. This is because the internet connection does not work. There is a great deal of Xfinity and Comcast users who are dealing with this issue.

As a rule, Xfinity modem lights provide you with a sort of data conveyance that continues to tell you about your internet connection. By diagnosing these lights, we can undoubtedly have any familiarity with the installation and connection errors.

This router deals with an internet connection, but Xfinity modem blinking orange may come, so it additionally makes green light blinking errors moreover. Today we will examine it exhaustively.

How Treats Blinking Green Light on Xfinity Modem Mean?

While a green light might signify nothing out of sorts, in Comcast and Xfinity modems and routers, it’s not something similar.

If your Xfinity box is blinking green, it implies that the internet connection is unsound. Moreover, there could be an issue with the server or with the connection you’re getting.


Probably the most widely recognized reasons why your gateway is blinking green include:

Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light

Loosened Cables

One of the potential reasons why you may be encountering that is a direct result of lost cables. Despite the fact that you don’t consistently touch it, these cables are touchy. They can slide and become loose over the long run. Along these lines, really look at the cables and check whether they’re associated appropriately.

Damaged or Broken Cables

With regards to cables, they could likewise be damaged or broken, not just loose. In this way, what you need to do is to check if every one of your cables is intact. If you see a little smearing or scraping of the cover it’s ideal to replace it with another one.

Have a go at finding a cable that fits it. You don’t need to stress over the brand of the cable, inasmuch as it fits and that it’s ready to give you the “click” sound, and that implies it’s joined, you’ll be all set!

Outage, Power Interruptions, or Provider Problems

Another reason is a direct result of the actual supplier. Comcast might have specific dilemmas with their internet connection and their different services that could have caused your sluggish connection. If the issue just randomly happened out of nowhere, your smartest option is. to contact Xfinity and the desk as to whether there’s an outage.

Likewise, power interruptions could be the offender for why you’re encountering them.

Splitter Not Functioning Properly

Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light

Another justification for why your Xfinity modern is flashing green is that there may be issues with your splitter. Splitters divide and separate connections into two (2) or more connections; it goes about as a bridge made yet in different classifications.

In fact, its “splits connection to WiFi, TV, phone, and different devices. If the splitter is abused and it’s done working appropriately, then, at that point, that is the place where the issue may be.

Modem Overloading

Except if you’re utilizing a cutting-edge router, which will actually want to oblige in excess of 20 devices, your modem would experience overloading. Overloading is the point at which the modem accommodates a bigger number of gadgets than the limit it can hold.

For example, if your modem is just fit for taking care of 6 devices, and it surpasses the limit and holds 8, then, at that point, it can overload. To stay away from this, you should simply stick just to the amount it can accommodate.

Modem Defects and Problems

Ultimately, you can’t get away from the way that even Xfinity’s hardware could have defects.

You might have been involving it for a year, but because of a specific issue, it got bricked when it crossed its 365th day. If this is the issue, you have no other choice except to change up your modem Contact Comcast and tell them regarding your difficulty; they’ll assist you with it.

While these are issues that can be inside the standard for you, you can encounter them without you knowing.

xFi App

On your XF app if you experience this blinking on your xfi modem, when you open your app it’ll stop for a minute the specific issue is. For example, if you open your app, it might let you know that there’s an outage in your space. Additionally, they’ll give you an update on when it will be settled.

Along these lines, if you’re anxious to know and sort out what caused the green blinking light on your gateway, you can download the Xfinity app and actually look at what’s as of now happening.

You can likewise contact their group straightforwardly and speak a representative if you’re happier with doing as such.

How Can You Fix Comcast Modem Blinking Green?

Is there something you can do if you’re experiencing this issue? Could you have the option to restore your connection alone?

There are two or three steps for the technique on how you can fix and resolve it.

  • Since one of the causes cables, check every one of the cables connected with your modem.
  • Check if there are loose cables and if there are, remove and reinsert. You can likewise twofold check if every one of the cables is in their respective ports and outlets.
  • Moreover, there could be broken or harmed cables. These cables may be what’s causing the interference of your internet availability.
Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light
  • After you really take a look at the cables, since you’re as of now close to your gateway, what you want to do is to power cycle your modem or your switch.
  • You can do this by turning off the switch from the power supply or by removing the power cord at the rear of the router. Keep it turned off for around 15 to 25 seconds.
  • When unplugged, press and hold the power button on the gateway. and keeping in mind that you’re doing as such, plug the router back in for it to betray.
  • Then, you need to disconnect and reconnect gadgets you’re utilizing to check whether something’s changed.

For instance, disconnect the connection from your PC or your laptop to the modem. Keep it disconnected and reconnect it after the subsequent step, which is…

Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light
  • Utilizing the fundamental cable, plug it straightforwardly into the router. This means for you to refrain from utilizing a splitter to divide and separate the connection.
  • Splitters will quite often appropriate data bandwidth to different gadgets accessible. Furthermore, if the splitter’s broken, this may be the reason behind why your Xfinity modem is flashing green lights.
Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light
  • After you straightforwardly plug it in, disconnect different gadgets connected with the gateway (if you haven’t as of now).
  • Remove two (2) to three (3) gadgets and check whether it’ll work. Eventually, the issue may be straightforward enough that you just need to disconnect gadgets to make it work.
  • Last yet certainly not least, keep an eye on the Xfinity site and check whether there’s any service interference or outage in your region.
  • As we have point by point above, you can actually take a look at it on your xFi app.
    • Launch the xFi app
    • Sign in utilizing your Comcast account
    • Then, at that point, navigate and find Check the Link of Service Interruption.
    • If there is, the issue is solved!

I Followed Everything, Still Xfinity Modem Blinking Green?

Anyway, you’ve followed these steps calmly and your Comcast Modem is as yet giving you a green blinking light, might there be issues with the actual modem?

If the Xfinity box blinking green is tenacious and there’s no outage in your space, you could take a stab at doing a factory reset on your modem. This is the way you can do a factory reset on your xFi gateway.

Try a Factory Reset

Fix the Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light with these simple tricks!

One of the last ways of tackling your Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light is by doing a factory reset.

Factory resetting should continuously be the final resort. This is on the grounds that a factory reset will destroy all information that you have saved on your gadget and remove all custom settings that you have made.

To do a factory reset, ensure that your gateway is connected. You want to see the POWER light LED blinker enabled. At the rear of the router (or where the cables are), you’ll see a little opening with the label RESET beside or below it. That is the reset button.

Hold it for around three (3) to six (6) seconds. You’ll possibly quit squeezing when you notice the lights on your gateway go off, and after the POWER light is walked out on once more. At the point when you’re ready to do that, then, at that point, you’ve effectively reset your network gateway!

Contact Xfinity Support

Fix the Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light with these simple tricks!

It very well may be protected to conclude that the issue is with your modem or your gateway as of now. However, no doubt, the best thing to do is to contact Xfinity’s specialized specialists and customer service department.

Let them know that you had the option to do everything – including a factory reset- however, it’s actually blinking green continuously.

In such a manner, you’d need to contact Xfinity or Comcast’s technical support group and request their help. They could think of different resolutions like replacing your gateway, really taking a look at your area, etc.


Presently you have rid of Xfinity modem blinking green with no internet issues and are additionally exploiting the best services of Xfinity modern. However, someplace you might get this issue again in the approaching time or you are as yet experiencing the issue.

It isn’t so extraordinary to see your Xfinity Router Blinking Green Light. Normally, this green light is firmly connected with internet network issues, so to fix the issue it is great to know what it really means and how to fix it all alone.

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