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Host your videos with the best video hosting websites in 2024!

video hosting websites
video hosting websites

As video is such an important element of the internet for both individuals and businesses, it’s necessary to choose the correct video hosting website if you want to get the most out of the content you’ve posted.

That doesn’t simply mean uploading your most recent vlog or commercial video on YouTube. If you go past the top participant in the video industry, you’ll find a slew of other video providers. Each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Some provide additional protection, which is beneficial for sensitive business information, while others include branding elements that are great for workplace intranets. You’ll discover hosts that are made for WordPress sites and others that are meant for customer support scenarios if you dig a little further.

Vimeo video hosting website

Vimeo video hosting website

Vimeo is among the most popular YouTube alternatives, with strong hosting qualities for all types of users.

The free package on the site is an excellent place to start. You may upload 500MB of video per week to your 5GB account with that product, as well as examine basic statistics, utilize basic embedding, and use video production tools.

If you switch to a higher plan, Vimeo truly shines. Private videos, customizable showcase sites, third-party player support, and better editing tools are all available with the Plus membership, which costs $7 per month and includes unlimited bandwidth, no advertisements, and 4K and HDR support, among other features. Other packages include third-party player support, customizable showcase sites, private videos, and best editing tools.

Vimeo’s dedicated solutions feature enhanced SEO, events, custom video branding, webinars, Google Analytics integration, and live streaming if you need corporate hosting.

Vimeo video hosting website is not as popular as YouTube, but it is strong, adaptable, and configurable, making it a good alternative for people or groups who want to maintain complete control over their online presence.


Jetpack video hosting website

Because Jetpack provides audience management, performance, and security capabilities for WordPress websites, it uses a unique approach to video unlike sites such as youtube and Vimeo.

Jetpack provides a solution named VideoPress, which is a hosting service devoted to working effectively with WordPress, as part of that larger scope. If you ever want to add videos to your WordPress site without using a third-party platform like DailyMotion or Youtube, this is the plugin for you.

It’s simpler to utilize Jetpack because you can use the WordPress interface to insert, manage, and upload videos to your site, and you can utilize a customized video player with no ads — so visitors can obtain content fast and effortlessly. Moreover, Jetpack provides stable hosting for Full HD video at 60 frames per second, and it’s optimized for mobile devices and slower connections with adaptive bitrates.

If you’re happy to upload one video, Jetpack’s VideoPress product is free to trial – and if you like it, it’s only $10 per month if you subscribe annually.



There’s no point to mention YouTube; it’s the world’s most popular video website by a long shot. It’ll be at the peak of your list if you require a video host.

Aside from YouTube’s two billion subscribers and massive watching rates, there are several reasons to publish to the platform. It’s simple to monetize material on YouTube, and if you regularly receive enough views, you can turn it into a new job.

Every upload to YouTube may be up to 128Gigabytes, with limitless storage and bandwidth, ensuring that the platform can handle any viral smash. YouTube makes it simple to embed videos on websites, promote them on social media, and use excellent SEO to guarantee that your videos appear at the top of search results.

Given its quality, familiarity, and user-friendly design, YouTube is indeed the big beast in the video hosting business. YouTube should be your first destination if you wish to host videos.


Wistia video hosting website

Wistia is a marketing-focused content host that’s great for videos and podcasts. It’s great whether you’re a person or a company looking to control and optimize the effect of your material.

It has some excellent hosting capabilities. Regardless of the device or connection quality, high-quality, immediate video is supplied. Also, loading times are fast, and embedding the player in your own website is simple. This is critical if you want to acquire views and monetize your content since it makes videos simpler to watch.

Furthermore, Wistia provides a fully configurable player that’s fantastic for branding. It comes with in-depth statistics, integrations with key marketing platforms, and audience development tools.

Wistia is however free for individuals who simply want to post three videos to a single channel. Its Pro services are available at $99 a month if you have bigger plans.



Dailymotion may not be on par with YouTube, but with 350 million active monthly users and 2 billion monthly views, it’s not to be overlooked if you’re looking for a video hosting site.

DailyMotion’s player works on any platform and offers comprehensive, apparently unlimited content suggestions. The simple user interface encourages people to watch videos more often. This can only be a good thing if you want more people to see your content.

You may also use branded players, APIs, and SDKs to completely incorporate DailyMotion into your website, and live-streaming is simple. Moreover, Publishers have access to a wide range of statistics.

Many of DailyMotion’s services are free to use, so it might be a good option if you wish to post movies and embed them on other websites.


Vidyard video hosting website

Vidyard is really a marketing and video hosting platform that Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Microsoft already use, and it’s a great option if you need a place to host your marketing, customer support, or sales videos.

It’s quite simple to use. Uploading videos is simple by using a drag-and-drop tool, and videos were streaming utilizing high-quality, ad-free connections. Videos and their players may be modified with your own branding.

Vidyard provides clean, centralized hubs for all of your video content. It also provides automated SEO optimization and a plethora of statistics. Moreover, Vidyard’s software allows you to create and edit videos, and screen recording is great for creating tutorial videos. Vidyard interfaces with products from Google, Microsoft, and a slew of other major corporations.


Brightcove video hosting website

Because Brightcove provides video technology to large corporations, it places a premium on dependability and security. Moreover, with 99.95 percent uptime, the service offers about one billion views each week, and domain and IP limitations, DRM, geographics limits, and GDPR compliance ensure that your films are always safe.

There is a slew of other benefits that companies will like. Companies can evaluate every element of their films and monetization with in-depth analytics. Moreover, videos may make money with customizable subscriptions, advertisements, and forward-thinking payment options.

Brightcove makes it simple to embed videos onto websites, social media postings, and emails. Also, it’s simple to distribute films across several platforms owing to plugins for Zoom, WordPress, Facebook, etc. Furthermore, Brightcove even allows you to create your own streaming platform. This is ideal for companies who want a Netflix-like experience without the hassle of development.

Brightcove’s credentials for safe, efficient corporate video are undeniable, but you’ll have to speak with them directly about the price if you want to work with them.


There are a lot of video-hosting websites out there, and it can be hard to know which one is best for your needs. In this article, we compare the most popular options to help you make the best decision. We hope you find this information helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to like our page and leave a comment.

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