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We all wanted to know this – How much does money YouTubers make?


The popularity of YouTubers continues to rise. Over the last decade, the business has grown to the point that many prominent YouTubers have resigned their jobs to make a career-making videos for YouTube. It may appear odd that this activity pays well enough to be done full-time. So, let’s find out how much money YouTubers make and what are their payment and salary.

It’s critical to recognize that the statistics change based on a variety of things. The wage disparity between PewDiePie and Just Between Us is enormous, yet they both manage to live off of their YouTube popularity. Let’s start with the most common ways for YouTubers to earn money and what are their payment and salary.

What to monetize your channel?

To monetize your channel with advertising, you must join the YouTube Partnership Program. To be eligible, your channel must have at least 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. Even after that, the channel will be reviewed to ensure that it fulfills the standards of YouTube’s creator rules.

How does advertising on YouTube work?

money YouTubers make

Advertisers will pay YouTube to have their ads appear before popular videos. Famous YouTubers draw lots of users and their notoriety pays them advertisement money. It is believed that they receive 55% of what the marketers initially pay. AdSense, Google Ad Manager, and other YouTube-sold sources provide YouTube adverts. CPM (cost per thousand views) and CPC (cost per click) ads will be available – essentially, views and interaction.

CPM commercials need visitors to watch the advertisement for more than 30 seconds. Previously, this strategy was riskier since most advertisements enabled viewers to skip after five seconds; however, this has lately changed with the development of non-skippable commercials, which compel users to watch the advertisement and so generate cash for the developer.

CPC adverts, on the other hand, imply that authors will be compensated based on how many people click on the advertisement. There are often additional incentives for those who click and subsequently purchase a product.

You may presently expect to earn roughly $1.50/£1.20 every 1,000 views. So, for a million views on an advertisement, you’d get roughly $1,500/£1,200. However, the flat cost will increase based on your amount of subscribers and the popularity of your video, which is why so many individuals want to break the ‘viral’ formula.

How else can you monetize my YouTube channel?

Additional to advertising, YouTube provides other ways to monetize your channel. Super Conversation, a feature that allows someone’s comments to stand out in a live chat, may be purchased by channel fans. This may be priced from $1 to $500, with YouTube taking a 30% part of the sale. Of course, investing in this feature is only worthwhile if you want to have a live or premiere on YouTube.

If you want a more entrepreneurial approach to making money, selling items is the way to go. YouTube may give an embedded merch shelf on your channel, which means you can produce shirts, mugs, or whatever else you want to outfit your audience with branded things for free. You may also sell merchandise from a list of acceptable websites using screen cards in your movies. However, this strategy necessitates the initial expenditure of obtaining the swag and then profiting from sales.

Channel subscriptions are another method to thank loyal viewers. Viewers pay a monthly fee to gain extra privileges such as badges, emojis, and other custom items chosen by the channel owner. YouTubers may choose their own prices for memberships, which implies that channel owners must know what the proper price is that they believe people would pay for exclusive content from artists.

Are there any other way Youtubers get their payments and salary?

If you’ve amassed a devoted following, you could consider crowdfunding services like Patreon, which act as an alternative to channel memberships. Viewers can pay a predetermined sum and receive a reward (such as extra material) in exchange. Screen cards in videos can direct viewers to a crowdfunding website.

Affiliate marketing is another common money stream for artists right now, in which producers collaborate with a business to create a video/include a segment that advertises a product. In exchange, the brand will pay them an agreed-upon price. It should be noted, however, that not all affiliate marketing pays — some firms may offer free items to YouTubers for evaluation. The changes should be noted in the video description using the hashtags #ad and #sponsored.

Some types of affiliate marketing function on an engagement basis as well. For example, if their videos result in website clicks and purchases, the YouTubers receive additional compensation. They will also be paid extra if the view count exceeds expectations.

YouTubers may also use their success to earn payments and salary. They monetize Instagram and Facebook posts in exchange for product endorsements and promote their own products. Zoella, a Lifestyle British YouTuber, exploited her YouTube stardom to publish a series of books that became New York Times best sellers. PewDiePie also launched a mobile gaming app based on his YouTube experience.

How much do YouTubers earn at the moment?

PewDiePie, which has 99 million followers, gets an average of $7.6 per 1000 views at the top of the spectrum. Given that his channel now has an astounding 22,782,066,930 views, PewDiePie might have made up to 173 million since he began making videos in 2010.

Though this is amazing, we must remember that such occurrences are uncommon. In comparison, Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn’s Just Between Us channel has 724,987 subscribers. However, as Dunn writes in an article, the cash they earn from YouTube leaves them “just scraping by,” and they rely on freelancing projects and other labor to supplement their income.

A YouTuber with 450,000 followers and 38,000,000 views may expect to earn roughly $1.5 per 1000 views, for total revenue of $57,000 before taxes.


There are still many skeptics out there who do not believe it is feasible to generate money on the Internet. In actuality, there are several success tales of individuals who have made a fortune online. Much money YouTubers make just by uploading their videos on it. YouTube is simply one of many methods to become an Internet star, and even an Internet millionaire if you’re lucky.

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