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How to watch Hulu outside the US?


Hulu is among the most famous streaming sites for TV and Movies. In the United States, here’s how to watch Hulu from outside the country.

The high-end streaming provider Hulu has a massive selection of well-liked Television programs, films, and on-demand channels. The platform, virtually entirely accessible within the US, is owned and operated by the Walt Disney business.

As a result, if you’re an American looking for information on how to get Hulu content outside of the US or simply trying to watch Hulu abroad, you’ll encounter an error notice. Geo-blocking and licensing rules are to blame for this.

Fortunately, there is a workaround for this issue. You may access Hulu from anywhere at any time with the support of a VPN.

With the use of Unlocator

Hulu outside

Hulu will prevent you from accessing any content once it determines that you are from outside of the US. You can conceal your actual location on any of the streams we offer by using Unlocator. These channels will consequently believe you are in an American territory thanks to the deception. Unlocator doesn’t change your IP address; it merely reroutes the portions of your traffic that disclose your location.

You won’t experience any decreases in Internet speed as a result. You can continue to browse websites that are only accessible in your area if you keep your local IP address.

With our VPN, all your traffic is encrypted and sent through your chosen server, unlike Smart DNS. You must select one of the US servers while using Hulu. You must select one of the US servers while using Hulu. The Hulu application or website may be open, and you can start streaming as though you were in the US.

Use a VPN to watch Hulu from outside.

How to watch Hulu outside the US?

Utilizing a VPN service is the single, easiest way to access Hulu while traveling.

If you’re not connected with a VPN, it gives you an alternative IP address. This is one of the methods your internet activity may identify online, allowing you to access the internet anonymously.

Many individuals use a VPN to conceal their online activities from snooping. But they can also use to trick websites into thinking you’re browsing the internet from a foreign location. For instance, if your VPN gives you a US IP address, Hulu and other websites will believe you are in the US.

There is, of course, a caveat: this is illegal and in violation of Hulu’s terms of service and its content licensing agreements. At your own peril.

Hulu-compatible VPNs outside the US

How to watch Hulu outside the US?

We have whittled down the top three choices for accessing Hulu outside of the US after testing a variety of VPNs.
1. The best VPN for foreign access to Hulu is NordVPN.
2. An excellent cheap VPN for Hulu is Surfshark.
3. PureVPN is an easy-to-use VPN for streaming.

It’s simple to watch Hulu from Mexico, the UK, Canada, or anywhere else after you’ve selected a VPN. Visit the Hulu website after logging into your VPN service and choosing a US server.

It’s important to remember that Hulu is a paid service, so whatever you watch will still require a Hulu account. Thankfully, the cost is reasonable; you may choose to pay $6.99 per month with some advertisements or $12.99 per month with no ads at all. In addition, new users can receive their first month’s subscription completely free of charge in any case.

Watch Hulu on a computer (Windows and Mac)

How to watch Hulu outside the US?

Want to use your PC to watch Hulu outside? Since you can access Hulu through your browser, this procedure is straightforward.
1. Install a trustworthy VPN on your computer.
2. After installing the VPN, select a US server.
3. Login or set up an account on the Hulu website.
4. Play your favorite TV shows or Movies after finding them!

College students can also purchase a package for $1.99 per month. You must be 18 years of age or older & currently enrolled in college in order to sign up for this.

The price jumps significantly to $69.99 per month for ad-supported material and $75.99 per month for ad-free content if you also want to watch live TV shows, which have more than 60 channels.

No US Credit Card Required Hulu Account

Hulu outside

For $7.99 per month, Hulu is a subscription service that offers connected devices access to current and previous seasons of shows from Comedy Central, ABC, The CW, FOX, NBC, MTV, and Univision. A US credit card must be used during the registration procedure. Of course, it is challenging to contact one, given that you are abroad.

Fortunately, there is a workaround.

If people live outside of the US, they can still watch Hulu by using Unlocator VPN. The free Unlocator trial gives you access to VPN, and you may download VPN clients for Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows.
Although both Smart VPN and DNS will unblock Hulu, there may be some situations when you prefer one over the other. When using public WiFi at the hotel, airport, or another public location, for example, you must utilize a VPN. This is because if you use unprotected WiFi with outsiders, you become an obvious target for hackers. These networks are used by criminals to steal unsecured data, such as passwords and other private information.

Is Hulu superior to Netflix?

On-demand content that has just aired is available on Hulu, while Netflix has a more fabulous selection of Original programming.

Is Hulu freely available with Amazon Prime?

Hulu does not include Amazon Prime, Nope. To access the selection of movies and television shows available on-demand, you must purchase Hulu individually.

On Hulu, what channels are available?

Over 75 live and on-demand channels are available, including well-known entertainment networks like Comedy Central, E!, Freeform, BET, Bravo, Lifetime, MTV, OWN, and USA. Networks that cater to families, such as Boomerang, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Nick Jr., and Universal Kids.


Although Hulu is one of the major TV and movie streaming services in the US, with material from a wide variety of Television stations, movie studios, Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video may be more well-known to viewers throughout the world. Hulu is practically non-existent outside of the US.

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