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How to check Android battery health?

Android Battery Health
Android Battery Health

Realizing how to check Android battery health might be really useful in extending the life of a beloved Android smartphone. Replacement batteries and gadgets may be costly, so understanding how well the cell in your tablet or phone is performing is essential.

Mobile device batteries deteriorate gradually over time as you charge and discharge them. You may observe how this gradually improves by examining which apps use the most of your battery life or installing specialized apps that provide more detailed information.

When you find yourself frustrated by how rapidly your phone reaches the “low power” stage, you know your phone’s battery is degrading. A bad battery means you’ll be coping with a dead smartphone more often than you’d want, which is inconvenient if you’re always on the go. So, here’s how to check the health of an Android battery.

How to Check Battery Health on Android Natively?

Unfortunately, not all Android smartphones have a built-in option to monitor your battery status. However, if you were unaware, Android does display some basic battery statistics in its Settings section.

To check it out, go to Settings > Battery and press the three-dot menu in the top-right corner. Select Battery utilization from the selection that opens. According to your Android phone and version, this navigation may alter significantly.

check android battery health

You’ll notice a list of applications that have used the most battery on your phone since its last full charge on the subsequent screen. Tap the 3-dot menu icon in the top-right corner and choose Show entire device utilization to include usage from system processes such as the screen and the OS itself. In Android 12, this displays at the bottom of the list.

check android battery health

Check Android Battery Health Through a Dialer Code

To access testing menus on Android, enter a few secret codes into your Phone app. One of them displays information about your device, such as its battery status. Launch your dialer and dial ##4636## to view it.

How to check Android battery health?

Unfortunately, this menu does not offer any battery data on a Pixel 4 on Android 12. However, your gadget may produce superior results. Some phones have a Battery info option that shows a Good or another health grade.

How to check Android battery health?

This is the only battery data provided by Android. However, keep in mind that you may detect many of the symptoms of a depleted battery on your own. If your phone’s battery drains quickly while not in use or if it routinely fails to last the entire day, the battery is most likely worn out. Third-party solutions are required to do a proper battery checkup on Android outside of Samsung’s solution.

Check Battery Health through the AccuBattery app

check android battery health

If the techniques described above do not offer the information you want, you have a backup option in the form of third-party software. AccuBattery by Digibites, CPU-Z by CPUID, and Battery by MacroPinch are all good choices for this work. These will display information such as normal battery capacity, temperature, and use. These applications are completely free to download, however, Pro editions are available for a modest fee if you wish to remove in-app advertisements or unlock additional features.

After the first setup, you can explore AccuBattery’s tabs. However, they won’t include much information. Because of the nature of the software, you must leave it running and use your phone as usual for a time before you begin receiving meaningful information.

check android battery health

To begin, strive to disconnect your phone when it reaches 80% charge. AccuBattery has an alarm that will notify you when this charge level is reached. If you wish to change it, go to the Charging tab and move the blue slider to a new setting.

Of course, all of this information relates to how to monitor the battery health of your Android phone. The Health tab displays battery health statistics by comparing the calculated current capacity of your battery to the intended capacity from the factory. This allows you to compare how much power your battery has on a full charge to how it was when it was fresh new.

check android battery health

It also provides a graph which also reveals how much pressure you’ve placed on the battery every day, allowing you to learn about your habits and make changes as needed.


AccuBattery makes it clear to determine the status of your Android battery. While it isn’t perfect, it provides far more information than Android does on its own. After a week or two of waiting after installing the app, you’ll have actionable information to apply.

Understand that you don’t have to be concerned about your battery’s health. Unless you frequently deplete your battery or use it in harsh conditions such as excessive heat, most phone batteries are strong enough to endure for a few years of typical use. It’s not a terrible idea to keep your battery as healthy as possible, but you shouldn’t worry about it.

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