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Readdle PDF Expert: Edit and be more productive with your PDFs now!


Having a really good PDF editor on your phone does more than simply open documents can make your life much more productive and easy. You’ve probably found yourself in a scenario where you needed to make changes to a PDF file yet didn’t know-how. There are several methods for doing so, but using proper PDF software is arguably the most professional. Readdle’s PDF Expert program allows you to perform all of this and more. If you’ve been attempting to become more productive, you’ve probably heard of Readdle. It has built a reputation for itself in the market for productivity software. Editing, preserving, organizing, or signing PDF documents are among the functions of the app, which is exclusively available on iOS.

Plans and pricing

Readdle PDF Expert Plans and pricing

PDF Expert offers a free 7-day trial period that is simple to set up but does not require credit card information. The mobile version costs $49.99 per year, and yet if you would like the software on every one of your iOS devices (Mac, iPad, and iPhone), the yearly plan costs $79.99 per year, or $6.67 per month, and allows you to edit & add notes to PDF files, turn PDF to other formats, protect data, sign PDF documents, and pages can be added, deleted, or extracted from a PDF document.

A lifetime deal is also available for $139.99 but only allows you to use the software on a Mac. The monthly plan is $12.49 per month and contains all of the yearly plan’s features. The iPhone’s free edition has a fairly limited set of functions. On the mobile app, you can only annotate & draw on PDFs.


Interface and in use

The first thing that sees when you start PDF Expert is a document that instructs you to use the software. Anyone may know how the software works after reading this document. It has a really simple user interface, with 4 buttons inside the menu bar for annotating, editing, scanning, and exporting files.

Simply open the new tab & drag & drop files to import them. But if you’ve never used a PDF authoring tool before, PDF Expert is simple to learn in only a few minutes. You may also use the split view functionality to view papers in a two-page layout like a book and examine another document side-by-side.


Readdle PDF Expert Features

Readdle PDF Expert is primarily designed for business users, but because the PDF format becomes so widely used, anyone who works with a lot of PDF files may benefit from it.

Important Characteristic:

  • The capacity to open big PDF files in a matter of seconds.
  • Creating annotations on your other devices that sync with PDF Expert.
  • Text, photos, and links in PDF documents can be edited.
  • By redacting material you don’t want or securing the document with a password, you can protect sensitive data.
  • Using a variety of methods to organize pages in a PDF document. PDF documents can be rearranged, deleted, rotated, and even merged.
  • With only one click, you may sign PDF documents.
  • PDF files can be converted to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other formats.
  • Scan and improve the quality of documents.

As you’ll see, PDF Expert includes a lot of capabilities that make it ideal for anyone who works with PDF files frequently. It is, without a doubt, the most economical and convenient PDF program for corporate employees.

You can sync everything in the program to your Google Drive account, ensuring that any changes you make to a PDF file are saved throughout the cloud. The software also syncs updates across all of your iOS devices, so you may comment or draw on PDF documents on your iPad, and the changes will appear on your Mac right away.

Support and FAQ


You can access FAQ pages for almost all of Readdle PDF Expert applications on the company’s website. However, if you will be unable to find a solution for this issue in the articles or even the FAQ section, you may contact Readdle by providing your email address and writing to them about your problem.


Adobe Acrobat is, of course, PDF Expert’s main opponent. Adobe Acrobat is widely regarded as the greatest PDF program available, yet PDF Expert outperforms it in many respects. It’s easier to use, has a more intuitive user interface, and opens documents considerably quicker than Adobe Acrobat.

Another significant distinction is that Adobe Acrobat costs more than PDF Expert. Its monthly subscription is $24.99, while Readdle PDF Expert is only $12.49, making the latter significantly less expensive. PDF Expert is perhaps a better choice for iOS users. However, many firms do not have control over which device their employees use, therefore utilizing Adobe Acrobat makes more sense from a commercial standpoint.


Readdle’s PDF Expert is PDF software that lets you edit, organize, secure, annotate, and convert PDF documents. It’s an iOS-only app that performs admirably in the Apple environment. Also further it allows you to synchronize your documents as well as all changes you make to them all across your iOS devices.

You can easily move through papers with the software, and you can open enormous PDF files in a matter of a few seconds. Other PDF editors do not allow you to do this. So if you’ve been searching for a new PDF program for your business or personal usage, you should give PDF Expert a try!

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