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Skype – A beginner’s and user friendly guide !


Skype specializes in providing video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices, the Xbox One console, and smartwatches over the Internet. Additionally, you can also share messages, which include text, images, and videos. In today’s world, when everyone is looking for a connection online, applications like Skype turn out to be the day savers. In this beginners guide, find everything you need to know about the video calling application.

What you will see here:

  • History of Skype
  • All features.
  • Making regular calls on Skype.
  • Skype Credit
  • Device Support
Skype Complete Guide

History of Skype

Skype Logo

Did you know that Skype has been around for 17 years now? Also, nine years back, Microsoft acquired the video calling app, making it the primary video calling app from Microsoft. In 2019, Microsoft release a business version of it called Skype-for-Business. It is an enterprise instant messaging software developed by Microsoft for use with the on-premises Skype for Business Server software. Over the years, Skype has come a long way. Now it is not just a calling app but also a screen sharing tool, a messaging service, and a video call app.

All Features

Skype offers several communication services. The most used feature today are video calls and instant messages (IM). However, back in the day, it focused on paid international audio calling. But because most of the world has internet access today, the users are keener on video rather than audio calls. 

Features like video recording are useful for businesses. It also offers screen sharing, another excellent business tool. Companies can conduct quick presentations and showcase images and documents without the hassle of sharing the files beforehand. 

Skype Features

Additionally, a new feature added to the list is live subtitles, a helpful tool when communicating globally. Turn the live subtitles feature on, and subtitles will appear at the bottom of the live video. Not to forget that all the mentioned features are free; nevertheless, there is one feature where you will have to spend some money – regular phone calls.

Regular phone calls on Skype

Skype’s initial focus was regular calling; it remains a feature until today. However, it is a paid service that your desktop, mobile, and every other device supporting it can utilize. You also get your own Skype-number to make and receive calls. 

To make a regular call, you either have to sign up for a subscription or buy Credit.

The way the subscription work is very much like a mobile prepaid service, where you buy the subscription for a price and get free calling minutes lasting one month. Depending on your location and the place where you will be most likely be making the audio calls, it offers different subscription packages accordingly. For example, if you are in the United States and buy a subscription package for making audio calls in Japan, you will be paying $6.99 for 300 minutes while you get 1000 minutes for calling in China.

The best way to find the perfect package for you is to visit and find the best rates for you. If your calls are not limited to one location, it is better to buy Skype Credit and make calls anywhere until the credit lasts.

Skype Credit Guide

Skype Credit

Skype Credit is like a virtual currency for making landline and mobile calls from Skype. The credits are available for $5, $10, and $25, which you can buy as per your need. You make an international or a home call; your Skype credit is deducted with each call. 

The calling rates depend on the region you make the call; however, some calls can cost up to $1.74 per minute.

It makes sense to buy Credit and not the subscription for anyone who does make frequent calls. Moreover, the subscription needs renewal every month while the latter has no expiry date.

Device Support

Skype is available on devices like computers, mobile phones, smartwatches, and Xbox running on operating systems like macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Amazon Echo.

You can easily download it from the app store and play store on iPhones and Android phones, while MAC and Windows computers can grab Skype from their official website. For Windows 10 computers, chances are Skype is pre-installed on your device.

Conclusion of Skype Beginners Guide

Over the years, Skype has simplified its interface to make it as user friendly as possible. Even if you are new to the application, you can get hold of it pretty quickly. Hope this Beginners Guide was useful to you. Let us know if you are planning to use the video calling app anytime soon? If you have been using it already, let us know if you were aware of the plethora of Skype features.

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