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QR code-The Ultimate Guide to QR Code!


QR codes are all over the place: you can discover them imprinted on the bundling of your most latest gadgets, on business cards, remembered for introductions at meetings, and you can even see them painted on structures. Individuals and organizations use them to store and convey a wide range of data in a way that is rapidly open to anybody with a smartphone. What does it resemble? Did you scan one? Do you understand what it does and what’s the motivation behind this? In the event that you don’t, read this manual for get familiar with them:

What is a QR code?

The term represents Quick Response Code. These are square barcodes (two-dimensional barcodes) that were first evolved and utilized in Japan. Like some other barcode, this code is just an approach to store data in a machine-readable optical label. The data contained by this can be anything from straightforward content to email addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

What does these do?

These store data utilizing patterns of dark specks and void areas arranged in a square lattice. These examples can be scanned and translated into intelligible data, with the assistance of an imaging device, similar to a camera or a scanner. In any case, the most widely recognized approach to scan, these days is to utilize your cell phone’s camera and a specific application for using these.

Why are they useful?

These are not difficult to produce and utilize. They are an advantageous method to store a wide range of data in a little space. On the off chance that the data you need to store in a QR code is made of just alphanumeric characters, a solitary one can hold up to 4000 characters.

What are QR codes used for?

As they can store different types of information, these are used for many purposes. They are commonly used for holding data such as:

  • Simple text – welcome messages at conferences
  • Addresses – personal home address, business address
  • Phone numbers – personal telephone number, your company’s phone number
  • E-mail addresses – personal or business accounts
  • URLs – addresses of websites or specific web pages
  • Links to apps – found in app stores such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store
  • Payments – These can store information about your bank account or credit card
  • Online accounts authentication – websites can display a QR code which a registered user can scan with his or her smartphone and automatically log in
  • WiFi authentication – These can be used to store WiFi networks authentication details such as SSID, password, and encryption type: when you scan such using your smartphone, it can automatically join that network
  • 2-step verification passkeys – used during the configuration of two-step authentication security by various websites and applications
  • Other various uses – such as funerary or for transcripts and degrees (used mainly in India, China, Mexico)

Truly you can store heaps of sorts of data in this code and everything relies just upon your creative mind. For instance, you could likewise utilize this to direct somebody toward your Facebook page, or you could utilize it to show a sonnet you composed. It is all up to you.

Where are they displayed?

  • On business cards, containing contact subtleties, all things considered,
  • On the bundling of smartphones and different contraptions, containing links to applications, the support service for the gadget you bought, the item page with data about that device, etc.
  • Also On TV promotions, boards, online advertisements, and different kinds of commercials
  • On inventory tags in endeavors, containing data like serial numbers, part numbers, equipment specs, inventory dates, etc.

To put it plainly, you can put this on whatever can be seen and scanned with a cell phone: from a piece of paper to a piece of material, to a TV screen or a structure exterior. The prospects are interminable.

How do you scan QR codes? What is a QR code scanner?

The simplest and the most widely recognized technique to scan these is to utilize your smartphone and a scanning app. There are something other than a couple of QR scanning apps in Google’s Play Store, and there are likewise a lot of such tools in Apple’s App Store. Normally, you should simply direct your smartphone’s camera toward a QR code, and the QR scanning app translates it.

Two types of QR codes: Static and Dynamic


QR code-The Ultimate Guide to QR Code!

Static are free and lasting. This kind isn’t modifiable and accordingly can’t change the information put away in the QR code.

Its uses incorporate connecting email addresses, URLs, messages, WIFI passwords, social media links like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Static hold three after highlights:

  • It is a one-time reason thing.
  • The information that can be put away is restricted. On the off chance that you utilize more data in producing a static one, the propensity of trading off the nature of the QR code is high.
  • It is free to utilize


These are modifiable in content and can store more information even after you printed it into the paper.

This sort permits more access to real-time scans observing, areas of scans made. Dynamic bear 4 after highlights:

  • It is a multifunctional , for it permits multi-URL directories.
  • Editable and empowers you to make/eliminate URLs.
  • It utilizes a short powerful URL in putting away information on the web.
  • It requires an active subscription

Uses of QR Code

1. The URL QR codes

what is qr code
QR code-The Ultimate Guide to QR Code! 7

The generic and known usage these is for link directories. This use allows the user to scan the QR code using a QR code scanner app in the play store/app store or the built-in feature of their camera in their smartphone. 

These are for websites, papers such as brochures, flyers, and catalogs; business cards, education, and store windows.

2. QR codes for video e.g. Youtube video, Google drive video

You can use these in sending links of videos from Youtube, and Google Drive to your family, friends, classmates, and coworkers.

This way, by scanning and viewing without any hassle, you can automatically replace the burden of manually typing the video’s title. 

Video ones are useful to educators, influencers, business marketers, and students who are searching for videos that can be used in their skill enrichment and share it with their peers. 

3. QR codes for Social Media

With the rise of the game of social media domination, these are a helpful tool in raking more followers and subscribers. The social media ones comprise Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

By generating your social media QR code, people won’t have a hard time inputting your social media username in the search navigator of the social media sites. 

Here is how a social media QR code works:

This works by scanning the QR code in the scanner app or built-in QR code camera in your smartphone and automatically directs the person who scans it towards the profile of the owner of the QR code.

In this way, you can lessen the struggle of scrolling through numerous profiles displays and automatically follow view, and interact with the content posted and shared by the owner of the social media QR code. 

4. QR codes for Email

These are for business associates with Emails.

The convenience of Email QR codes comes in handy by embedding your email address in generating your QR code.

By this means, you can easily let users scan your email QR code without letting them type your email address. 

In marketing, you can use the email one in marketing your campaign by posting it on your website, advertising posts, and social media sites, products, etc, as long as the surface is scan-able and has no tendencies in creating folds and creases.

5. QR codes for WiFi

what is qr code
QR code-The Ultimate Guide to QR Code! 8

In a world where people’s lives revolve around stable internet access, the means of keeping your WiFi access safe and secure is a troubling task to maintain.

By using WiFi , you can replace the hassle of jotting down your WiFi password on a piece of paper by scanning and enjoying the WiFi connectivity without any configuration authorization needed. 

You can use this in businesses such as WiFi access vending machine, restaurant and cafes, hotels, and more. 

6.QR codes for Files

Files such as PDF, audio, images, and videos are vital in business, education, health care, and more. Keeping track of download links of these types of files can be difficult to maintain and manage.

The pertinence of these codes for files varies to users and how they handle them. For a resourceful individual, the convenience of having a file one, helps him/her record the number of files by saving and share them with his/her peers, students, and affiliates with a common interest. 

These are for files are dynamic since it requires prompt of uploading/saving files that are heavy for static to bear.

The codes for files are useful in restaurants, hospitals, institutions with researches, online classes, and marketing campaigns. The codes for files are much needed in times of a medical outbreak, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, to maximize the urge for contactless interactions.

7. QR codes for Mobile Applications

what is qr code
QR code-The Ultimate Guide to QR Code! 9

Well, finding new means of advertising a mobile application on the digital platform can be stressful to do.

Since customers need to click for the link of your applications or search for it in the App Store (for IOS) and Google Play Store (For Android).

The implementation of applying these in your application can lessen the time a customer or user must interact with the application’s store, whether the App Store or Play Store.

This type for mobile applications is dynamic since it allows data tracking such as real-time monitoring of scans made, profiles of the device used, location of the scans, and date of scans made.

Information stored and gathered in dynamic is important to the developers for it represents the trends that the app embedded QR codes made in growing the application’s downloads made.

8. QR codes for multi-URL

what is qr code

These are valuable in marketing campaigns. It permits the infusion of the campaign’s topographical auxiliary sites. On the off chance that you are in China, you are diverted to what might be compared to the campaign’s site.

Thusly, the issue of utilizing distinctive URL codes diminishes. Also, the plans made for your marketing campaign will look spotless and satisfying to watch.

9. QR codes for Business Cards

Such on business cards are fundamental in associating with likely clients, financial backers, and business accomplices.

It is an indispensable piece of showcasing your organization’s credentials to the business local area.

As the battle for tasteful and rich business cards happens, these codes for business cards can be your most noteworthy instrument in stretching out beyond your rivals.

Since the data required in a business card is here and there extensive, the space gave in an average business card format isn’t sufficient.

To keep away from this issue, your fundamental data can be put away and produced into a QR code and connect them to your Vcard without consuming an excessive amount of room in the business card.

The sort of QR that can produce a business card is dynamic. It needs a great deal of data to encrypt and embed it into the QR code.

How do payment QR codes work?

QR code-The Ultimate Guide to QR Code!
QR code-The Ultimate Guide to QR Code! 10

Cashless transactions through these are generally adjusted in Eastern nations. This kind of payment advances contactless communication between the buyer and the seller.

With the predominant COVID-19 pandemic, this payment technique is appropriate in rehearsing social removing and following local area wellbeing protocols.

1.Smartphone scanning the beneficiary’s QR code.

After scanning this, ensure that your smartphone upholds the sort of payment bill you are scanning. Along these lines, these codes found in bills, transportation, and checkout counters can be handily examined with no problem.

2.Retailer scanning a QR code on your telephone screen.

This interaction is broadly found in films and special recordings of stores that utilization cashless payment.

This interaction works when the measure of bought things is recognized at the checkout counters POS system. After the total sum is distinguished, the retailer will incite you to open the app that partners with the exchange and make a QR code that they can sweep and transfer funds with.

3. App-to-app payments.

By utilizing app-to-app payments, funds stacked in a certain app might be transferred utilizing the equivalent app. An extraordinary illustration of app-to-app transfer of funds and payment is Venmo, PayPal, and Google pay.

App-to-app payments work when both you and the beneficiary open a similar payment app and transfer funds through contributing the measure of money you need to make payment with and produce a QR code that compares to the information of the sum contained.

After this has produced, the beneficiary at that point checks it and the app will inform the progression of the transfer.

Finishing Off!

Now you know more about the importance of these, which offer a neat way of storing data in a small space. As you have seen in this guide, you can store lots of different types of data and distribute it to others using all kinds of media. Do you use your smartphone to read QR codes? Are you also creating QR codes for yourself or your business? Ask any questions you might have on this subject in the comments section below.

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