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Best SEO Trends In The Market Right Now You Should Know About!


So what’s SEO? SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is one of the best and most cost-effective methods to attract customers and get more leads to your website or online business. To be on top of the SERP with the help of SEO is basically a very tough task nowadays. However, it’s highly beneficial if you use it in the right way, and with the help of top SEO trends, it’s definitely worth the effort. As per the research, 80% of the users who use implement SEO focus more on organic results and decline paid listings.

However, if you want to perform best in the market with the help of SEO you will be needed all the information regarding many metrics, the specific traffic you want to attract, backlinks, social shares and a lot more. In this particular blog, we will mention some of the most used SEO trends, which will definitely help you boost your online business & get more leads in 2023. Let’s dive straight into the 5 most used SEO trends.

Artificial Intelligence

SEO trends

Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI. It’s currently on the hot topic list in best SEO trends. AI is significantly changing how people interact with online content. Google’s AI algorithm is very good in this criteria, which RankBrain released a few years ago. It basically analyses & ranks the websites on the SERP which is known as the Search Engine Result Page.

A senior Google scientist named Greg Corrado who has helped to develop RankBrain has pointed out its unique ability to adapt & learn. This indicates that RankBrain will only improve over time, making AI a top SEO trend to follow. Now a big question arises how do you optimize your website’s SEO suitable for RankBrain? You won’t expect Google to share details of how RankBrain works. However, experts say that User Experience signals are the most important factor in this criterion. This includes factors like click-through rate all the way to the time that is spent on the webpage by the viewer. To initiate this you will need to attract and engage readers with appreciable and useful content on your website. Furthermore, to achieve this you can use an on-page SEO checker which will kindly help you build up your page strength.

SEO trends

It is said that Google’s Featured Snippets which was launched in the way back in 2017 is a great tool to achieve ranking in SERP. With the help of Snippets, you can generate brief and short content to gain an audience in SERP. So where do you see these snippets? When you put something into Google’s search bar, you may notice a box above the real results at the top of the SERPs. That’s called a snippet.

Snippets are known to be a great shortcut to getting on the top page of the SERP. If used correctly it can steal significantly more traffic than your competitors. Snippets show a short number of information in a box in various forms like Q&A, short bullet points or a how-to guide. However, it also features images, reviews, prices & short bits of information taken from your website’s webpage. However, if you want to create snippets, mainly focus on question-based queries.

Voice Search Feature

Voice Search Feature

Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri & Amazon’s Alexa are the best example of voice search software examples. As time passes voice search technology & software have gotten better and more popular. As per research, the percentage of houses that uses a smart speaker is about 55% in the last year 2022.

Choose your keywords carefully while optimizing for voice search marketing. Recognize lengthier sentences used in regular discourse. Longer, more natural-sounding wording does better in voice searches. As individuals type, they tend to shorten their sentences.

Long-Form Content

Long-Form Content

As per the report of State of Content Marketing Report, content that contains more than 3000 plus words gets more traffic & shares compared to containing less than 3000 words. As they contain more words they can handle more backlinks and achieve higher audiences & rankings. However, your content should be relevant and must maintain quality. That means you should write content that keeps the user engaged.

But how to convey the 3000-plus long-form content in a way that also pleases the viewer to read? Firstly, you should break your content into small sections. Make use of H2 & H3 subheadings to make your content easier to read. Continuing further, your content must be relevant & must contain a solid authority score. Last but not least, maintain your content in such a way that it must be easier to share with another platform. You can do this by embedding sharing links at the start & also in the conclusion.

Image Optimization

SEO trends

Image Optimization. Last but not least in the list of Best SEO trends right now. Nowadays, one can find anything by just using an image with the help of Google. It is expected that in the future people will be able to use images to buy products online, obtain information, and much more. Moreover, Google is also working on a long-term plan to improve its image optimization to make people easy to search.

But how to achieve great image optimization? Make sure to use high-quality images that are relevant to the information mentioned on your website. Also, you can sharpen the SEO by renaming the image’s file name relevant to the content on your webpage.

The most important thing to improve image optimization & SEO is by using alt tags, which are used by crawlers to index images when searched by any user. Moreover, you can also add images to your sitemap.

SEO Trends

Talking about AI, back in 2017 Google launched an AI-based search tool that doesn’t even require any input from users. So the question arises how it works? It’s pretty simple, the tool recommends the user the content based on his/her behavioral patterns by learning his habits over time. However, back in 2017, it wasn’t that accurate.

However, as time passes, Google has made significant improvements in Google Discover and registered more than 800 million active users to date. But how to get on the list of Google Discover recommendations? It’s fairly simple, you just have to allow Google to Index your page and Voila, now you can be found on Google Discover. But the most important thing is your content should be relevant and should have proper-quality images.

Nowadays, every digital marketing professional mainly focuses on primary keywords but not on secondary keywords. However, the fact is that secondary keywords are as important as primary keywords. There are several software which offers tools to find keywords easily like SEMrush & Google’s Keyword Planner.

Moreover, Google’s complex algorithms analyze not just word combinations. It examines the context of the search query & attempts to determine the user’s search intent, therefore the more keywords one uses in form of primary and secondary keywords, which basically describe your content more precisely and better.

Data & Analytics

Data and Analysis

The most important thing to boost your website or business online is to understand your buyers, the area in which you want to target the customers, etc. Analytics is also a most important part in terms of SEO, it helps to analyze which URLs on your website are getting crawled by Search engines. You can also check how much data is coming from backlinks, the data of indexing, the links that are broken and bounce rates, etc.

Moreover, you can also use analytics to disallow pages, URLs & Images which you don’t want to be crawled by Search engines, specifying unusual traffic sources & spam sites. There are several tools available right now like SEMrush SEO Toolkit which helps in link building, optimizing On-Page and Off-Page SEO & most importantly gaining traffic and ranking on top in SERP.

Google EAT Principle

We all know that content is the most critical thing to rank on top in SERP. But what’s quality content according to Google? Here comes the EAT principle which means Expertise, Authoritativeness, & Trustworthiness. There are various ways to optimize quality content.

But how you can achieve content that matches the EAT principle of Google? Firstly, you should what kind of content your customers or viewers actually want. Furthermore, you should map out the regions where your customer base actually lies. Last but not least, use the gathered info to make relevant content in a format that your customers prefer.

An Effective SEO Strategy Through YouTube

SEO through YouTube

Nowadays, YouTube is the best online platform to portray your work or website. But how you can achieve effective traffic from videos?

Make sure you choose a more SEO-friendly Youtube channel name & description. That doesn’t mean you stuff keywords in the description, but you should provide relevant info about your channel. However, if you’re confused about which content you should make a video, then you can use the auto-complete feature provided by Youtube. Just type your keyword on the search bar and auto-complete will suggest the related topics in your search field.


Coming to the conclusion, it’s crystal clear how SEO is important for all online business/activity. We hope that the above-mentioned list clears the concept of how important & complex SEO is for any online business. Using the above-mentioned trends and sharpening your skills in them will definitely increase your metrics throughout the SERP. Also, there are several software available like Ubersuggest & SEMrush which offer the best SEO trend tools to improve search engine optimization on your website.

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