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Make your Website Powerful with Best WordPress Directory Plugins!


There are many reasons why one would want to include a directory on your website, and we’ll go over a number of them in this list of the best WordPress directory plugins.

Directories are quite beneficial for locating new businesses or suppliers based on certain search parameters. Not only that, but a firm may utilize directories to give an online directory of its personnel, for example.

Directories function as user-friendly databases, including search bars, images, geographical information, and contact information. Most of the time, you’ll see a map, similar to how Best Buy and Target have public directories where shoppers can discover all store locations. Even Google and Facebook have business directories for individuals looking for high-quality goods and services.

One can use Online Directories in a variety of ways. Also, if your site is driven by the website builder & web hosting solution WordPress, you can add a directory by simply installing a plugin. But which should you choose? That’s always a difficult choice, here are some of the best on the market to help you decide.


WordPress Directory Plugins

It is a free WordPress directory plugin with the most user-friendly interfaces on the list. They make it simple for website users to locate exactly what they’re seeking without jeopardizing your website’s appearance and visual attractiveness. This plugin includes a front-end form that enables other companies and people to contribute listings, allowing your directory to grow indefinitely.

When a user searches for a company on your website, the results appear in order by proximity, so that consumers see the closest and also most relevant alternatives first. The plugin works with Google Maps. Every entry in the directory includes a huge, clickable map. Users may get directions to the place from the map without leaving your website.

While the majority of the functions are free, you may purchase add-ons such as:

  • Paid listings
  • Events
  • Option for businesses to “claim” their listing
  • Advanced search
  • Reviews
  • Multi-location support

If you’re starting from the bottom, you might want to consider acquiring GeoDirectory’s directory themes as well. However, because this plugin works with any theme, you are not required to use it.

Google Analytics data will be available to merchants with entries in your directory. This feature will demonstrate how much your website is assisting their business. If you want to charge for listings, you may use this to perhaps explain your price.

Overall, GeoDirectory is an excellent choice for anybody looking to create a large and scalable company directory.

Business Directory Plugin

Make your Website Powerful with Best WordPress Directory Plugins!

Business Directory Plugin is an excellent all-purpose utility. It’s simple to install & configure, and it’s incredibly configurable. It’s also connected with Yoast SEO for easy keyword association with Google searches. This plugin has complete image support, is readily expandable, can be monetized, and can even handle recurring payments.

However, not all services are accessible to everyone: there are 3 plans, and as is customary, the one above it offers more than the one below it. The most affordable version is Basic, which allows you to accept payments via PayPal, permits file uploads, and supports category photos. Pro allows you to incorporate Google Maps, provide discount vouchers to your guests, and enable search filters. Elite also includes Stripe payment functionality, access to all themes, and may be installed on an infinite number of sites.

Sabai Directory

WordPress Directory Plugins

Whether you’re creating a community service or simply need a means to display your locations on a map or grids, Sabai Directory can help. It’s very customizable, with options for custom fields, groups, user rights, view filters, and much more.

The feature list is great, but here are some extra features that you have complete control over using Sabai Directory:

  • Set listings’ rating and review criteria
  • 27 unique email notifications
  • 16 different Google Maps styles with custom map markers
  • Payment gateway options, including PayPal and Stripe
  • The custom pricing structure for paid listings

Although it is not as newbie-friendly as some, Sabai is simple to learn and use with only a basic understanding of shortcodes as well as the WordPress backend. And the plugin’s 12 shortcode options allow you to further modify it, allowing you to change the default presentation, listing priority, and much more.

Because of the numerous user-side activities accessible, Sabai is suitable for community-driven directories. Visitors may vote on whether or not reviews are useful, upvote good photographs and remarks on listings, submit thorough reviews with one to five stars, claim listings, and report problems or undesired products.

Sabai Directory costs $29 for a normal subscription that includes 6 months of Envato support. You’ll need the extended license if you intend to utilize Sabai as part of a product that you’ll sell, such as a website for a client. That will set you back $150.

Connections Business Directory Plugin

WordPress Directory Plugins

Connections Business Directory provides a terrific incentive to persuade you to use it: it’s free! At least in its most basic form. Depending on your needs, you may discover that paying for some of the other top WordPress directory plugins would better fit your website. However, if a simple directory is all you need, this dependable entry-level directory plugin should not disappoint.

The creators generate money by selling premium templates & extension packs. These include CSV import, a form where visitors may submit their information to be included in your directory. Also, the Custom Category of Entry order, allows users to arrange your directory in a method other than alphabetical order.

The Connections Business Directory offers outstanding developer assistance, including Github open development and over 180 action hooks & 300 filters. APIs are available for things like settings, email, as well as fragment cache, thus the customization and scalability possibilities with this plugin are limitless.

ListingHive WordPress Directory Plugin

Make your Website Powerful with Best WordPress Directory Plugins!

HivePress’ ListingHive theme allows you to construct stunning directory sites. ListingHive is perfect for generating independent listings that can be tailored to any purpose because it is a full site theme rather than a plugin.

This is the best way to build a place for guests to browse real estate listings, local beginner guide to food, drink, and hotspots, or almost anything else you’d need a directory for, with large thumbnails for each listing, classification marquees you can put at the top of the webpage, and a keyword/location search bar.

ListingHive may be readily shaped to meet your vision because it does not bind you to any predefined categories or other constraints.

This is particularly true if you or a member of your team has some coding knowledge. While you don’t have to be a dev to utilize ListingHive, it does have REST API endpoints for linking to third-party apps, Hooks API for establishing custom logic, and CSS or HTML ways for entirely customizing the theme’s look and feel.

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

WordPress Directory Plugins

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro is a rather powerful plugin that allows you to construct a directory on any subject you can think of.

What truly makes it one of the best WordPress directory plugins is the fact that it provides many of its features for free, like Custom Fields, Frontend Listing Submission, Email Templates, and, Featured Listings, to mention a few. With this plugin, you can easily construct rather complex custom folders.

If you want to generate money from your directory, you must pay for the privilege. In contrast to other comparable plugins, there is only one plan, which simplifies things significantly: an annual membership provides you access to all premium features, including PayPal & Stripe payment gateways, WooCommerce connection, and CSV import and export options.

What is a WordPress directory plugin?

Some social technologies and Google Maps are there in the WordPress directory plugin. Moreover, all email notifications may be customized, and listings can be managed from the backend. From the front end, website visitors may edit their own listings.

Where is the plugin directory in WordPress?

WordPress plugins that you download & install on your site are saved in the /wp-content/plugins/ subdirectory.


The two finest WordPress directory plugins are WP GeoDirectory & Directories Pro. They’re simple to use and allow you to construct whatever form of the directory you desire.

More complicated criteria, such as reCAPTCHA, advanced searching and filtering, and directory copying, are more likely to necessitate payment. In this situation, you should choose whether you want to pursue the add-ons way – where you pay for each individual function – or a membership system like Advanced Classifieds And Directory Pro, which gives all of its capabilities for one annual subscription.

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