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Level Lock Smart Lock Touch Edition: Unlock your door with one touch!


Do you want to open your door with a touch? It may sound like something out of the Jetsons, but it’s not. Its Level Lock Smart Lock Touch Edition accomplishes this by integrating with the Level Home app to make it easier to unlock the front door. You could unlock a front door with the touch of a finger once it’s all set up, which sets it apart from the rest of the finest smart locks.

It can also be used as a regular lock (with two provided keys), function with smart cards, and interact including an Apple HomeKit and Ring smart home for those who aren’t as tech-savvy.

Price and Availability

Level Lock Smart Lock Touch Edition: Price and availability

A Level Lock Smart Lock Touch Edition is available for $329. $251 for a variant even without the touch feature. Satin Nickel and Chrome, Matte Black, or Polished Brass, are all options.

The Level Bolt ($199) is another Level product that replaces the bolt mechanism in your door lock while remaining entirely hidden.



So when Level Lock Touch is set, it seems to be a plain, modern deadbolt lock with no frills. You put the Satin Nickel finish to the older wooden door, and it looked great.

Apart from an inconspicuous Level logo on the end of the deadbolt, the smarts of the lock are completely incorporated into the mechanism which fits inside the door: there is no sign it is a smart lock. That’s a pleasant contrast from typical smart locks, which have a noticeable appearance and showcase their technology to passers-by.


Level Lock Smart Lock Touch Edition: Installation

An installation of the Level Lock Touch, like most locks, is dependent on the door. Most modern doors come with pre-cut holes for such a mechanism and the deadbolt, so all you have to do is follow instructions to place the mechanism, insert the battery into the lock, and screw everything together. So because the mechanism that fits within the door is larger than non-smart locks, older doors might require a little more labor. You may need to use a lock drill jig as well as a drill to expand the hole for such a mechanism if the hole through the door isn’t quite broad enough. That was the situation with the earlier door that placed the Lever Lock on, which had a hole drilled through it for a smaller manual deadbolt mechanism.

Before you buy, double-check the door’s measurements and existing holes: the Level Lock is only compatible with conventional 1 34-inch thick doors with a 2 38 or 2 34-inch backset (a distance between the door’s edge and the lock mechanism’s center). It is not compatible with thinner doors and cannot be used to substitute a mortise lock. The level has a handy guide that asks you a few questions to see if it will function.



After you set the lock, you need to download the Level Home app. This is is available for both iOS & Android) & connect the two devices. On Android, you will find it to be generally painless, with the exception that the Level Home app needed more permissions than usual. You must grant it access not to suspend on Android (so it can function in the background as needed) and to constantly access your location. This is because the app must be open and aware of your location to identify that you are approaching your front door.

Most smart locks utilize Bluetooth or similar technology, and this one utilizes your GPS location to ensure that it is you and it’s not an intruder. For example, if you leave the house and get into your car, the touch will not be willing to open till you have driven away from home but then returned home. That’s to keep someone from using the touch-to-open feature while you’re driving.

Touching the front of the lock to unlock the door is pretty cool, and it could come in handy if you’re carrying stuff or herding your kids. It does, however, take a few moments to work, which may be just long enough for you to believe it isn’t working and reach for your keys. You can deactivate this feature both for locking & unlocking the door if necessary: if you’re in a rush, being able to lock the door with a touch rather than requiring a key is far more convenient.

Level Lock Smart Lock Touch Edition: Key Cards

Level Lock Smart Lock Touch Edition: Key Cards

Key Cards, credit-card-sized NFC cards which used to unlock the door, are there with the Level Touch. Two(2) of these come with the lock, and there are extra keyfob variants available from Level. These are a good choice for youngsters who don’t have mobile phones yet or who frequently leave them at home: put one in their backpack and they’ll have a method to get in if they need to.

For those who have trouble remembering to take their keys with them, an $80 wireless keypad that can be set to operate any or all of the Level locks is also available. The lock works with Apple HomeKit & Amazon Alexa smart home services, and also Ring security systems. It doesn’t support Google Home. You can also give other users access by creating limited-time passes or introducing additional users from your contact. They will then receive an invitation to install the Level Home app as well as a one-time link that will add them to the user list.


Over other smart locks, the Level Lock Touch provides some wonderful new features: it’s definitely great to be able to open a door with touch without having to take it out of your pocket. For individuals without mobile phones, key cards/fobs are a valuable function. However, this comes with a higher expense and complexity: you’ll have to change the entire lock, and the new one isn’t reliable so everyone will need new keys cut (A-Level Lock Touch comes with two keys.). As a result, you lose part of the Level Lock’s benefits.

It’s also more costly: the Touch costs $329, that’s more than, the Wi-Fi Smart Lock, which costs roughly $249. The Schlage Encode Plus, which allows you to open your door with a simple tap of your phone or watch against the lock, is another option for iPhone or Apple Watch owners. However, there’s no denying the simplicity of opening your door with a fob or simply your finger.

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