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Contactless door opener by iSOUL-A must-have essential in this Covid-19 pandemic!


In a pandemic like a coronavirus, we have to be careful at every step we take outside! Whether it is touching anything or meeting anyone or eating anywhere or maybe just standing in a queue with dozens of people out there! All these activities might sound so normal before 2020, yes you heard it absolutely correct before 2020, what about now in 2020? It is found to be really dangerous in this Covid-19 era even to touch a door with the bare hands!

The findings suggest the virus might last this long on door handles, plastic-coated or laminated worktops, and other hard surfaces. Yes, there are now some familiar scenes in public places around the world – people are trying to open doors with their elbows, commuters studiously surfing their way through train journeys to avoid grabbing a handle, office workers rubbing down their desks each morning. That’s where the idea of contactless door openers arrived!

We can pick up Covid-19 by touching surfaces contaminated with the new coronavirus”

But you’ll be wondering, how can we open doors probably without touching them? There’s a way to every will. We found for you and introduced the contactless door openers just to ease your touching doors unnecessary. These contactless door openers help to reduce the need to touch surfaces like door handles, cash point keypads, and lift buttons where bacteria and viruses may live. You can get them in virus-resilient brass, on keychains, or even with stylus-style tips so you can even use them on your mobile screen. Touch-free door opener tools are relatively inexpensive and can be easily found online.

The idea goes like this- the tool resembles a jumbo key but is designed with an ergonomic handle, hook, and pointer tip. With no moving parts, it’s easy to use as a substitute for your fingertips when it comes to day to day actions like pressing buttons or opening doors.

If you’re ready to try out a contactless life for yourself, check out this amazing door-opening gadget we found on Amazon that is just waiting to be put to work…

iSOUL Copper Contactless Door Opener Tool

contactless door opener
Use the iSOUL Non-Touch Door Opener and Stylus Pen Feature with the Silicone Tip.

iSOUL Non-Touch door opener keychain is the modern contemporary tool designed to help you when you come in direct contact with the things that you touch daily in your day to day life. Let us see its features.


Contactless door opener design

Talking about the design, it comes in a unique ergonomic design perfectly handy, lightweight, and easy to carry. The size is L83 x W37 x D6.0mm.iSOUL designed the thumb grip & the finger hole, giving you a proper grip & making it more convenient to use. There’s a keyring loop as well, so you are able to attach it to your keys to ensure you always have it with you when you are out & about! The bottom two ends iSOUL designed in a way that, one can be used as a “door hook” & the other to touch or press objects or devices.

This contactless door opener helps to pull the door, drawers, carry bags and the other protective tip can be used for pressing buttons; to cover both the tips two soft silicone protective tips come in the pack. As compared to the plastic and steel the Alloy Zinc kills the germs faster. The door opener has a touch screen function, which can be used in mobile, iPhone, iPads, and some touchable electronics to prevent exposure to bacteria.

Composition -What it is made up of?

Contactless door opener by iSOUL-A must-have essential in this Covid-19 pandemic!

This iSOUL door opener is made up of antimicrobial material. This kind of material slows or kills the spread of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi. The material used in this keychain is Alloy Zinc. Alloys are commonly referred to as “anti-microbial coppers” and can inactivate the germs as compared to steel and plastic.


Contactless door opener by iSOUL-A must-have essential in this Covid-19 pandemic!

One can use this handy product in day to day life. It prevents you from coming in to close hand contact with objects that may be infected. You can use the two bottom protective tips from which the door hook can be used for opening or closing the door, carry bags, pull levers, drawers. You also can use the other tip as well in pressing buttons, touchscreen devices i.e store checkout, Credit card machines,. Elevator Buttons, Cash machine.

One easily can use this upgraded contactless door opener on iPhone, iPads, tablets, smartphones, and many other touch screen electronics. Because of the touchscreen function to prevent exposure to bacteria. The two soft silicone protective tips cover both the ends for soft use. The material used in this hygiene hook keychain is Alloy Zinc. Alloy helps to prevent rust and corrosion on it thus one can wipe it with a wet cloth.


Contactless door opener by iSOUL-A must-have essential in this Covid-19 pandemic!
  • Brushed Rose Gold
  • Matte Black
  • Pearl Silver
  • Rainbow Color Shiny Gunmetal.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Non-Touch contactless door opener keychain
  • 2 x soft silicone protective tips


Conclusively,iSOUL contactless door opener is a must-have essential, especially where you need to have the least of least touch contact with surfaces during the coronavirus pandemic. Amazon rated it the 1st Best Seller in door openers!

You can trust iSOUL as it provides the best quality with the budget as well! We recommend you to invest just a few pounds for your safety because health is wealth. We try our best as possible to serve and take care of you.

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Note *It is not advisable to fully depend on the keychain to get germ free. Zinc Alloy surface material reduces contaminations, but it does not necessarily prevent cross-contamination. Users must continue to follow all current infection control practices, do your part to protect yourself & others. It is not suitable or advisable to place it in the hands of children (Under 3 years). Or any other individual who can un-intentionally put it in their mouth.

*Prices was correct as on 4th August 2020.





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