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Samsung QN90B: Everything you need to know about this mega-monster Neo QLED TV!

One of Samsung’s flagship 4K TVs for 2022 is the QN90B, which retails for $1,097.99. This is Samsung’s second effort to combine quantum dots’ brilliant, color-boosting capabilities with the contrast-enhancing abilities of mini-LEDs.The second-tier 4K option in Samsung’s QLED portfolio, the QN90B Neo series, sits between the company’s flagship QN95B and QN85B models. However, people wouldn’t describe the QN90B series as affordable. It is substantially less expensive than the QN95B sets. We have here a Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV review defining all the aspects.

Samsung has created a technique called Light Adaptive Shaping. It uses the Neo Quantum Processor to analyze lines, forms, and surfaces of pictures on the screen to manage the quantity of light from the Mini-LEDs. This technology aids in controlling the TV’s brightness.

In practical terms, the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV sets have an Anti-Glare screen featuring Ultra Viewing Angle. Even if the screen’s anti-reflection technology isn’t quite as advanced as what you’ll find in the company’s new The Frame TVs, it still minimizes glare in spaces with overhead light.


Samsung QN90B: Everything you need to know about this mega-monster Neo QLED TV!

The Samsung QN90B is one of Samsung’s most costly models and is frequently significantly more expensive than the competitors.

Compared to the company’s previous Neo QLED models, this series comes in a more extensive range of sizes, with displays that measure anything from 43 inches to a massive 98 inches.  Unsurprisingly, the biggest QN90B costs $10,000 more than its 85-inch companion. This difference implies that, from a value standpoint, purchasing a projector/screen combination to attain that picture size would be a far better decision.

Audio excellence

Audio excellence

The Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV‘s audio output may be either soft or expansive. But a great TV requires audio to match, so you’ll probably want a soundbar.

Instead, the QN90B supports HDR10+, a royalty-free HDR that works with its dynamic metadata in addition to conventional HDR and HLG.

Despite the inclusion of HDR10+, Samsung’s continued absence of Dolby Vision support is disappointing, especially if you frequently view Dolby Vision material on streaming services like Netflix.

The television has several audio capabilities exclusive to Samsung, including an Active Voice Amplifier, Q-Symphony, and Object Tracking Sound. The built-in 2-channel, the 40-watt audio system may also be used in conjunction with one of the company’s soundbars.

It also offers a Bluetooth audio output allowing a wireless connection to a speaker or headphones and its HDMI eARC connection.

The TV’s sound is adequate for people who don’t want to spend extra money on a separate soundbar. You won’t dislike it immediately but still think there is some potential for improvement.

Outstanding Design 

Samsung QN90B: Everything you need to know about this mega-monster Neo QLED TV!

The black bezel that surrounds the display of the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED is so thin that it practically disappears while watching. The narrow, slightly curved rear panel of the QN90B fits the Samsung term “NeoSlim” for the set’s style.

It comes with a solid table stand that looks like an iMac and has space underneath the screen for a regular slim-format speaker.

Speaking of remotes, the Samsung QN90B includes the solar-powered remote that the company unveiled in 2017. When the old batteries run out, it simply charges by being put on a window near the sun. This is a convenient alternative to frantically searching for new batteries.

The lack of Samsung’s OneConnect box, which houses all the inputs and outputs and connects to the TV with a thin, tiny wire, is probably the most significant design regret. Instead, you’ll need to connect all your HDMI connections straight to the TV’s back and conceal the wires using the grooves.

Astonishing performance 

performance of Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV review
Samsung QN90B: Everything you need to know about this mega-monster Neo QLED TV! 7

There isn’t much to say about the QN90B’s appearance, but there is much to say about its performance. This TV is difficult to surpass in terms of brightness.

With its brightest HDR option, the Samsung QN90B measured at about 3,500 nits in a 10% window. That is not just a substantial improvement over the previous year. It also outperforms many other LED-LCD and OLED TVs from other manufacturers.

Then how is Samsung going about it? Mini-LEDs power the TV, Shape Adaptive Lighting,  and the Neo 4K Processor, which can reroute electricity to increase light windows by 10%. In less technical words, the processor of the TV determines which pockets of Mini-LEDs must be illuminated to display the material being shown, and it then distributes more electricity to those pockets.

It was difficult to determine whether certain darker features were being lost due to black level crushing. But when it came to vivid sceneries, the QN90B was unbeatable.

Nobody is anticipating that you would require 3,500 nits of brightness every time you switch on the TV; that would be blinding, especially if the TV is positioned in a room with low lighting. The extra brightness is there for situations where it is required, such as images of, say, the desert at noon and color flashes. In rooms with uncontrolled ambient light, it will also aid in reducing glare throughout the day.

Remote capabilities

Interface and Remote of Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV

Outside, the QN90B resembles the QN90A from the previous year, which is advantageous. Its stand, which Samsung’s website refers to as a “bending plate,” is its most striking feature. It is minimal and almost entirely picture-based. Its tiny footprint and centered appearance make it more streamlined and cleaner-looking than other TVs’ two legs.

The low number of buttons on the Samsung remote also contributes to the high click rate. The QN90B’s remote can be charged using light, the USB-C connector, or RF harvesting, an excellent new function that converts adjacent radio waves into energy. Samsung’s remotes are among the top picks regarding appearance and feel.

Returning to the positives, the voice control is reliable. A broad range of innovative TV applications is accessible, and the material is attractively displayed.


Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV review

In the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV review, we know that this TV is even better than its predecessor. Colors and forms should appear brighter and more special thanks to the increased brightness and Light Adaptive Shaping, and you’ll be able to zoom in even further on spectacular settings that could use a little extra touch.

Nevertheless, the cost of both displays seems excessive, given that the QN90B’s launch price was just half that of last year’s model. But for anyone who missed last year’s model and has the money for it, the QN90B does seem to continue Samsung’s history of establishing the gold standard in 4K.

How effective is Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV?

Mini-LED backlighting of the Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV provides unrivaled image brightness. The premium experience is completed with many intelligent features and a new eco-friendly remote. It’s one of the best-looking sets you can get, with a stunning one-inch-thin design.

What does Samsung’s Neo represent?

Neo QLED technology is an improvement on Samsung’s QLED, or “Quantum dot LED,” technology.

What distinguishes the Samsung QN90B and QN95B models?

The QN90B’s “Neo Quantum 4K” Picture Processor was introduced in 2021. Outside of NA, the QN95B boasts the brand-new “Neural Quantum 4K” CPU. The new one has 20 AI threads, whereas the old one has 16.


Concluidng the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV review, it is an excellent 4K UHD TV for HDR, thanks to quantum dot color and the incredible peak brightness. But it’s also expensive, and you can get great TVs from TCL, Hisense, and other manufacturers for much less.

Putting value incentives aside, the Samsung QN90B is one of the most attractive 4K LCD TVs, earning our Editors’ Choice. But suppose you’re going to spend this much money on a TV. In that case, you might want to consider stepping it up by a few hundred dollars for what is now the best 4K image quality: Samsung’s own S95B, an eye-catching, revolutionary OLED TV that blends quantum dots with OLED technology.

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