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WinZip Registry Optimizer: Optimise your Windows registry for maximum speed!

WinZip’s Registry Optimizer
WinZip’s Registry Optimizer

WinZip Registry Optimizer Computing LLC is a famous software firm in Canada. It is owned by Corel Corporation, one of Canada’s largest software corporations. WinZip was purchased by Corel in 2006 for an unknown sum.

WinZip sells a variety of system optimization and security software solutions, including Registry Optimizer. Other important ones are WinZip Driver Updater, Malware Protector, and Privacy Protector.

Over a decade ago, WinZip launched the initial version of Registry Optimizer. It has made four updated versions since then, the most current of which was issued in 2022. Here take a look at WinZip’s Registry Optimizer to see if it’s the right tool for you. It is based on a number of factors, including features, affordability, user-friendliness, and customer service.

Quick Review: WinZip Registry Optimizer 

Quick Review: WinZip Registry Optimizer 

A new version of a useful program was offered with the goal of using the system registry of the operating system. However, the goal of this event is simple and well-known to everyone: to boost productivity and, as a result, improve Windows’ efficiency. If you’re not happy with the existing condition, you can get WinZip Registry Optimizer for free.

WinZip Registry Optimizer improves the performance and speed of your Windows registry by repairing, reorganizing, and compacting it. It cleans your Windows registry automatically which helps to prevent crashes and system faults.

Registry Optimizer, a two-in-one program that takes the labor out of cleaning, restoring, and organizing your PC’s registry, can prevent system crashes and optimize your Windows registry for top PC performance.

Reduce the amount of disc space used and the amount of memory used. With WinZip Registry Optimizer, you can improve your PC’s efficiency and keep your Windows registry clean, healthy, and efficient.

With a single click, scan for and remove unwanted registry entries. Reduce the number of problems that arise when installing new software programs. Reduce the risk of data corruption caused by incorrect registry entries.

Features of WinZip Registry Optimizer 

Features of WinZip Registry Optimizer 

WinZip’s Registry Optimizer’s main function is to examine your Windows registry for any invalid entries. A duplicate, obsolete, or corrupt entry could be the cause of an invalid entry. The app allows you to swiftly detect and delete them.

The Windows registry is a modular database that maintains settings that the Windows operating system and installed programs reference. Having a clutter-free database increases your operating system’s response time and, as a result, the overall performance of your PC.

The “Start Scan” button is the most visible feature when you first start Registry Optimizer. When you click this button, it launches the scan that swiftly detects and reports any unwanted registry entries. Then, with a press of a button, you can erase these entries.

Moreover, with the press of a click, you can delete the discovered registry entries individually or collectively. Users who are not on a paid plan must do so separately. Only premium users have the ability to delete them all at once.

In addition, you may schedule Registry Optimizer to scan your PC’s registry and display the results on a regular basis. It could be on a daily, weekly, monthly, or other bases. This functionality ensures that you don’t have to start the app every time you want to erase unnecessary registry entries.

Features of WinZip Registry Optimizer 

Features of WinZip Registry Optimizer 

Firstly, WinZip’s Registry Optimizer is a free program that comes in two flavors: “free” and “premium.” The free version can be downloaded and used by anyone, but it has restricted capabilities. The premium version, on the other hand, gives you access to all of the features.

An annual membership to the premium edition for one PC costs $32.20. You can pay for it using PayPal or a credit/debit card on WinZip’s official website.

Every purchase from WinZip comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. At any time, you can cancel your membership.

Simple to download and install

Interface and in use

Registry Optimizer is simple to download, install, and use. Users had no problems downloading the setup file from the official website. After that, it took less than a minute to install it, and were able to use the app.

The Registry Optimizer from WinZip provides a user interface that is both friendly and functional. WinZip creates the group of all of the features into three major menu bars, making them easy to find. The software is also global, with over a dozen different languages supported.


  • In one simple program, you’ll find a registry cleaner and a registry optimizer.
  • Improves the response time of your computer
  • Also, stops the system from crashing
  • Greatly improves PC performance dramatically.

The Windows registry, a set of entries for each and every hardware and software element installed on your computer, is at the heart of your PC’s operating system. Registry entries are created every time a component is added or updated, and they store important information and settings that help your system run properly. The Windows registry becomes filled with entries that may be obsolete or useless as more components and applications are installed, upgraded, or uninstalled over time. A cluttered registry might cause unpredictable system performance and make your computer run slower.

What effect does this have on the computer’s performance?

The registry is in charge of keeping track of all the programs you have installed on your computer. It’s possible that some of its registry entries will remain after you’ve installed it. This is due to the fact that most application uninstallers are not as effective as they claim to be. As a result, some of the registry’s space may be unavailable for newer entries.

Registry entries enable you to completely link a program to your machine. Additional gear, such as a printer, for example, uses it to adjust its settings to your machine. This is why it is so crucial and delicate in comparison to the rest of the computer.


In conclusion, WinZip Registry Optimizer is a data optimizer and cleaner created by WinZip Computing. WinZip Computing is a utility software company that makes a variety of useful tools for both Mac and Windows computers.
Lastly, The program is available in two versions: a free version and a premium, more advanced version.
The free edition allows you to try out the software, learn how to use it, run a scan, and correct up to 15 errors. However, the premium version offers you complete access to the program’s functionality.
The Registry Optimizer from WinZip is an excellent utility for maintaining your Windows registry. Thus, it ensures that any invalid registry entries are proven and erased, allowing your computer to run faster. It’s a beneficial tool.

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